How Intuitive Eating Changed More Than My Health

When I started intuitive eating, I wanted freedom from diet culture. What I got was so much more…

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Diva and the Divine started as a blog and even as my brand grows and changes, maintaining a blog is something I want to continue to do. Here you will find posts all about my healthy homemaker lifestyle, nutrition, weight loss, disability, and more. 

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It’s time you finally learned the REAL secret to staying motivated

The Secret To Staying Motivated

Habits + Goals

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This is an old post from the Diva and the Divine archives. While it does discuss Weight Watchers, I no longer do or endorse that program.

What No One Tells You About Hitting Goal Weight

Health + Wellness

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I recently had my annual physical, and when I say that doctor’s visit blessed me in a way I didn’t even see coming, I mean it.

You’ll Never Believe What My Doctor Said About My Weight

Health + Wellness

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*I brought this post over from my old blog even though my weight, philosophy about food, and pretty much everything else has changed in the almost 10 years since I wrote this post. I felt it was still worth sharing my feelings about being a lifetime member of WW, even if WW is not what […]

Confessions of A Lifetime Weight Watcher: It’s STILL Tough

Health + Wellness

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Macro tracking can be a bit daunting to start, which is why I've put together a basic grocery shopping guide to help you out. The best part? It's my gift to you! Just click the button and get your free guide and you'll be on your way to macro-friendly grocery shopping ASAP!

My Macro-Friendly Grocery List

Better than Free Ice Cream!