The Diva District


The Diva District is a private community of women supporting women. It is a place where all are welcome to come as they are to find others from all different walks of life in pursuit of the same thing: going after their goals and becoming the best version of themselves

A sense of community with other women

How does this sound?

An affordable price point making it accessible to many



 How does this sound?

More access to Brianna, the diva behind Diva and the Divine


Accountability, encouragement, and support from people rooting for you to succeed


Flexible month to month membership with no commitment and easy cancellation


Join the Diva District

A place where members of the Diva and the Divine community can dive deeper. Led by me, your resident Diva, we are a group of women ready to celebrate one another in our victories and support one another in our struggles. 

We hold each other accountable to our goals, troubleshoot our action plans, and have plenty of fun conversation.

Welcome to The Diva District

Ready to join this amazing group of women?

Reach their goals! That's right, science actually tells us that being involved in a community of people with the same goal or mindset can actually help you in reaching your goals faster and more efficiently than going at it alone. 

That those actively engaged with a community...

Let the diva district be that community for you. we would love to have you.

Studies Show

Health and nutrition discussion as we strive to improve our wellness without diet culture's influence

Personal goal setting for our individual life paths, complete with ideas, action plans, and support

Faith-based conversation and goals for those looking for it, with no obligation to join in that specific area if it's not for you

Fun conversation ranging from sharing pet pictures to in depth Harry Potter talk

Challenges specific to our group  based on what the group needs

Silent co-working sessions where we get together just to be productive together, no need for conversation

Some of the work we do inside the group


"I've figured out the sevret to happiness... It's extra frosting!


I'm Brianna, your new get-a-grip friend.

I love sharing my journey through life with my community, and over the years my sharing has turned into the opportunity to work with people and have a direct impact on their lives.

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You need more accountability

You don't want things to change

You're ready to make a change


You want to be in a community that supports you

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You don't want to reach your goals



It's probably
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I completely understand. Every dollar invested in yourself is an important one! Feel free to reach out and I'll answer your questions.

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