You know I love sharing all of my favorite things with my community. I finally managed to put together a page where the all stars can shine! Below you will find links to many of my favorite products, brands, books, and more, all in once place for your shopping pleasure,

Let's get to it...


Personal Faves

I love shopping! Once I find brands and products I adore, I am a loyal customer. With that loyalty comes sharing the things I love most with the world. Below is a collection of many of my favorite products, companies, and things.


The ONLY hair care brand I use. It makes my hair look (and smell) amazing with very little effort. I stopped using Loma once, and when I went back, I vowed never to stray again.

Soul CBD

This CBD brand has changed my anxiety, sleep, and occasional pain.

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The New Primal snacks

Grass-fed & finished meat treats that are macro friendly and delicious
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Wildgrain box

Clean, simple, DELISH artisan sourdough & baked goods, all in a monthly, customizable box!

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Non-MLM, much less expensive, and the same quality as those other brands!

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My Favorite bras

Third Love is the best bra I've tried and quickly becoming the only bra that I will wear. Great for whatever size and support the girls need.


Quality meats delivered right to your door. Grass fed beef, pasture raised chicken. wild caught fish, and more.


My favorite goal planner! I've been using it for years, and it has helped me stay productive and focused as I work towards goals that matter.

Cultivate What Matters is my go to for goal planning and faith based journaling.

Qula drink mix

Kombucha in powder form! This drink mix provides pre/probiotics and tastes great. I have been a fan for years.

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I love Amazon, so naturally, I have an ongoing list of things I love to buy. Check out my faves.

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