Happy New Year!

Well hello there!  It has been a hot minute (or 5!) since I’ve sat down to write a blog post on here! A lot has been going on in my life the last few months, and with my show, the holidays, some family changes, and other life things that just get in the way sometimes, I haven’t been good about dedicating time to sit down and create blog posts.  While this site hasn’t been very active, I have been doing quite a bit over on my YouTube channel doing Vlogmas.  I’m happy to announce that my hiatus is over and I’m back and ready to hit the ground running with my blog and channel for 2017. First, let’s recap what’s been going on. 

  • I managed to achieve my goal of getting myself back on stage in 2016 by being in a production of Pippin in November.  It was so much fun and made me feel great, but it definitely messed with some of my routines, especially on the weekends.  Great times for me, not so much for my blog.
  • We’re homeowners now! On 11/30/16 we closed on the condo we’ve been renting for the last year.  Now we’re plotting and planning some of the organizational changes we want to make now that it’s ours to change. 
  • I traveled to Florida for Christmas to spend time with my husband’s family.  You can see all of my adventures in December in my Vlogmas videos on YouTube. Again, tons of fun for me, but no time (and no desire, if I’m being totally honest here) to sit down and dedicate time to creating content on here. 
  • Biggest change: we got a puppy!  Our newest family member, Gracie (a 2 month old Yorkie) joined our little family on 1/1/17. Anyone that has had a puppy probably knows how we’ve been spending our time.  While pups are adorable and so much fun, they are a TON of work ad require constant supervision if you’re trying to potty train them.  Since we live in a condo and it’s currently single digit temperatures in Chicagoland, we decided that pad training Gracie is the way to go for us.  My husband actually took a week off of work for “paternity leave” so he could bond with her before he starts traveling again, and while she’s loose, one of us has to be watching her.  So not only has all things Diva and the Divine suffered this past week, but house chores and such have as well.  
  • The icing on top of the crazy cake is that I’m also suffering from a cold. A big deal? No, but it does complicate things just a tad.  Thank goodness for Sudafed, NyQuill, and a puppy that now sleeps through the night. 

That’s the quick life update, and honestly, that’s probably all you need.  Now that Gracie has been with us for a week and Mister goes back to work tomorrow, it’s time that she and I learn how to balance our lives together.  It’s time to get back to work on my body, my home, my blog, and my life back in order. I’ll be training my pup, working on losing weight and creating content, and making 2017 the best year yet.  Stay tuned for a lot of exciting things starting with some discussions on 2016 reflections and 2017 goals.  

Happy New Year, friends. I hope your holidays were amazing and I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us!


XO Marshmallow Kickstarter


With the weather cooling down I start to appreciate hot beverages even more than normal.  Along with my hot coffee, there’s tea, apple cider, and of course, hot cocoa. The perfect addition to hot cocoa is obviously fluffy, delicious marshmallows.  

Why am I telling you this in mid-September? I’m glad you asked!

I want to tell you about a Kickstarter that went live today by a local to me (Chicagoland) marshmallow company, XO Marshmallow.  I happen to know one of the two lovely ladies that runs XO Marshmallow (Lindzi from The Trendy Sparrow), so I jumped at the chance to get a sneak peek at their latest creation and give it a try.  Meet XO Marshmallow’s latest creation: the Monut!


The monut is XO Marshmallow’s delicious recipe transformed into a doughnut shape.  Now, some of you may be asking “why do I want a marshmallow shaped like a doughnut?”  Well, it just so happens that the size of these monuts happen to fit perfectly inside a mug, which means you can take your hot cocoa and marshmallows to a whole new level.  

Since I didn’t have any hot cocoa laying around to have with my new treat, I decided to make some decaf coffee (my new thing if I want coffee in the afternoon. All in the effort to get better sleep.), although if you wanted an extra shot of sweetness in your morning cup, I say go for it. I made the coffee, added some chocolate salted caramel creamer (yum!) and put the cocoa dusted marshmallow monut on top.  After a few minutes, it started to melt and the result was an amazingly delicious cup of afternoon coffee. It also gave me a very Instagram-worthy photo. ūüôā


I ate the vanilla one on its own to get a true sense of what XO Marshmallows tasted like, and I was quite pleased.  They were soft and delicious; not overly sweet, but they had a great flavor. I was quite impressed and immediately wished I had more flavors to try. 

While this is their latest creation, XO Marshmellow has some awesome designer sounding flavors of their regular marshmallows too, such as salted caramel (which I really need to try), Kaluha coffee, matcha, honey lavender, and more.  


Seriously, how amazing do all of those sound?  Boozy champagne is perfect for a girl’s night out (or in!), and there’s even a beer flavored one, which would make a really interesting and unique gift for any beer lover in your life  

XO Marshmallows are egg free, gluten free, dairy free (except salted caramel), and contain no high fructose! The ladies choose only the finest local ingredients to include in their marshmallow making, so it’s will truly be a gourmet experience.  What a treat!

As I mentioned, today they launched their Kickstarter to help fund not only their Monut but their desire to become bigger and better.  Lindzi and Kat are looking to get a bigger kitchen space as well as upgraded packaging, and equipment to help send XO Marshmallow to the next level, and you can help.  Head over to their Kickstarter campaign and consider backing their project.  They’ve got some great rewards for backing XO Marshmallow, which include Monuts and their original marshmallows in whatever flavor you want. I know that’s the route I’m going to go, as I’m now dying to try some other flavors and I can support these amazing lady bosses at the same time.  It’s a win-win all around.  

What flavor of XO Marshmallow would you be most interested in trying?

I was sent my monuts, but only after I expressed interest in helping these ladies get the word out.  There should be more spreading the love and the word, don’t you think?


September 2016 Goals

September is here!  It’s the end of summer and the start of the fall season which means cooler weather, sweatshirts, and pumpkin spice everything. While I’m sad to see summer go (I know we technically have until the end of the month), I’m excited for the fall season to begin. 

First lets check in on how I did on my August goals:

Break through my weight loss plateau: Sadly this was a no go.  While I’m close, and haven’t gained above the plateau, I technically I still haven’t busted through it. We’ll be adding this to the list of September’s goals.

Establish a better nighttime routine: I’ve gotten really good at getting ready for bed and even getting in bed at a reasonable hour, so I’ll consider this a win, but of course things like routines are always changing and improving.  Even though I’ve gotten good at the routine, that doesn’t mean my body cooperates and lets me sleep… that’s a whole different situation.

Read 3 books: I finished 2.  Not too shabby.

Start blogging daily: I’d say I’m 80% there.  I don’t post daily (not yet anyway), but I sat down and did something for the blog or channel most days.  Still working on this one. 

September Goals

Break through my weight loss plateau

Rolling this one over from last month. It’s pretty self explanatory.

Read 2 books

Because clearly 3 was a little too ambitious. Granted, if I applied myself to a little more reading and a little less evening tv or poking at a game, I could do it, but still…baby steps.

Find and buy a standing desk

I don’t necessarily want a whole new desk, but I want a computer stand or something that I can put on top of my desk or a table that allows me to stand for a bit while I work.  I told my husband this, and he’s 100% on board because he wants one too.  It’s really difficult to be a blogger who should be sitting at a computer working and someone trying to lose weight who should be active and moving all the time, so this would be a great happy medium.

Establish an official work schedule

I am very good at procrastination.  When I don’t have anywhere that I need to be at a certain time, it’s very easy for me to get distracted by social media, or a youtube video, or whatever, mainly because it ultimately doesn’t effect me much…except it really does. This month I want to work on my daily schedule, and establish more of a routine in my work, working out, and housewifing duties day to day.  If I know that I have to have my butt in the chair to work by 10am (workout done, showered, etc), then I have to figure out what has to happen to get me there.  This has been an ongoing battle, but back to school season really helps me put a fresh label on things, so September means its time to buckle down.  

Put out my video on my CMT story

Fun fact: September is CMT awareness month. While I’ve talked about it on my blog, I have only mentioned and briefly described it on my channel, and I really feel compelled to dedicate a whole video to my life experience with the disease, as well as talking a little bit about what life is actually like with CMT.  It’s a video where I will literally expose my weaknesses and show people what’s normally well hidden on camera, but as the biggest disease that no one knows about (1 in 2500 people have it), I feel like this video needs to happen. 

Make a pumpkin cake

It’s September.  It’s time to whip out the canned pumpkin and make a yummy, moist pumpkin cake.  Don’t worry, this will happen closer to the end of the month when fall actually starts. 


What are some of your goals for September?  Do you feel like September is a fresh start month (kind of like new years) like I do? 

A Monday in the Life

Welcome to my very first “a day in the life” post.  I wasn’t sure what exactly to write about today (it’s Monday), so I thought it might be fun to let you in on how my day usually goes. Here’s a little insight into what this week’s Monday looked like for me. 

5:40am: I get awakened by a kiss from my husband, as I do every week, before he leaves for the airport.  A kiss, an “I love you/have a good week” and I roll over to try and fall back asleep.  He’ll be gone before I’m up.

7:10am: I’m awakened by my alarm, but after the really crappy night’s sleep I got my body really didn’t want to get up, so I turned off the alarm and left it up to my body as to when I’d get out of bed.  A risk, yes, but on Mondays that sometimes happens. 

8:03 am: I’m awake!  That’s not so bad.  Feeling better than I did when my alarm went off, it’s time to get up.  Bathroom, make bed, open curtains to let the sunshine in, and head to the kitchen. 


8:16am: With my cup of fresh coffee in hand (is there anything better on a Monday morning?) I head to my office. Time to start this blog post (so I don’t lose track of my day) and get today’s post published.  

9:16 am.  After final edits, linking, social media, and several distractions, I finally hit publish on my new post, 20 Tips for Getting A Better Night’s Sleep. I’m obsessed with the image I made for it.  Now, it’s definitely time for some breakfast. 

9:18am: Just realized I forgot to take my morning pills.  Supplements, vitamins, and an allergy med down the hatch! Okay, now I can have breakfast.


9:37am: Breakfast of protein pancakes and berries is made and ready to be devoured.  4 Smart Points total. Yum!  Also, switched to high caff tea to help get me pumped for today’s workout. 

10:23a,: Realized my iPad (my elliptical buddy at the gym) is almost dead, so I popped it on the charger.  Doing misc tasks (Facebook, blog social media, cleaning the kitchen, etc) to pass the time. 

10:56am: Time to start my workout.  While my ipad is charging I’m using an app called Sworkit to get my sweating started while I wait for it to complete charging. Ab workout for the win.

11:55. 20 minute ab workout done.  Caught up on Snapchat and IG stories (because I am a master procrastinator), and downed an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Quest Bar for 4 Smart Points.  Now it’s time to head to the gym with a warmed up and fueled body and a charged iPad. 


3:15pm: Walked in the door after a great (long and hard) workout consisting of weights and cardio. After the gym I ran to Walmart to pick up a few essentials for the week (bread, fat free cheese, and bananas) and treated myself to a glorious dose of caffeine from Starbucks.

3:26pm: Made myself a quick open faced sandwich for a late lunch. Looked at Facebook while eating.

3:43pm: Time for a face mask and some stretching.  Mask Monday is something I do almost every week. Today’s choice is Kiehl’s clay mask. My skin has been such trouble lately. 

4:30: Showered, stretched, and ready to get to work.


6:10pm: I just spent the last hour and a half playing with a DSLR camera on loan from a friend trying to update some of my blog photographs.  I can’t decide if I was successful or not.  Note to self: take DSLR photography course if you’re serious about this blog photo thing. 

6:15pm: I suppose I should make dinner. 


7:03 pm: Sitting down with a delicious plate of Zoodles with chicken, homemade sauce, and fat free cheese for a whopping 4 Smart Points.  I was listening to the Pippin soundtrack (I want to learn it before I audition for the show in September) while I cooked, so I ate and surfed YouTube to see what Pippin related things I could find. 

7:35pm: Cleaning up my cooking disaster.  Why does cooking always make such a mess?

7:56pm: Sat down at the computer to update this post and order a few things from Amazon.  Printer ink and a new garbage disposal drain cover.. not so exciting.  Also ordered new tool for singing, which is much more exciting. 


9:04pm A sweet craving hits and my energy is starting to fall.  I make myself a protein doughnut for a dessert, grab my laptop and head to the couch to do some misc work (read other blogs, answer emails, etc) and watch the olympics. I also decide to chug some water, as maybe dehydration had something to do with this sugar craving. 

10:12pm: I have auditions and musical theater on my mind, so I sat down at the piano with a few song books to see if I could figure out an audition piece for an audition that’s a month away.  I think I found one!

10:28pm: Okay. Time to get ready for bed. 


11:07pm: Intense skincare routine done.  Before getting into bed a do a little light stretching to help get my body in relax mode.  Phone call from the Mister: check! Essential oils: check! Tonight’s reading: Check! Alarm set: Check! Time to get into bed and read my Women’s Health magazine.

11:42pm: Lights out!  Goodnight friends.



Thinking Out Loud #15


I haven’t done a Thinking Out Loud post since October, but I felt one was due. 

  1. I’ve been suffering from some major blogger burnout lately, and between that and life getting in the way (vacation and weddings are a positive thing, but still mess up my routines), it’s been a hot minute since I’ve published anything.  Do you ever suffer from burnout? What do you do to cope?IMG_2547
  2. Vacation not only feels like it messes with routines, but boy does it mess with my diet too!  At the end of the day, the key to living a healthy lifestyle is balance, right?  Some days, I did a great job, like when I started my day with my favorite green juice from a local breakfast place in Florida. It’s very similar to this juice, which is available online.  I get green juice every time I visit. It’s refreshing in the Florida heat, and it makes me feel like I’m doing something healthy for myself while on vacation.13566910_10154373500542755_7470224330840985296_n
  3. And then there’s the day that I started off with Cinnabon… Delicious? Absolutely!  Worth the 36 Smart Points?? (Yes..I said 36..aka more than my entire day) Not at all. That was just for the “center of the roll” treat.  Not even an entire bun.

Read more

2017 Erin Condren Life Planner & Accessories

The 2017 Erin Condren Life Planner Walkthrough and Review

The countdown is almost over and planner addicts everywhere are on the edge of their seats waiting for this moment.  The launch of the Erin Condren 2017 Life Planner is tomorrow!  I’m here to tell you a but about hat you can expect from the updates to the planner and some of the new accessories. 

As you probably know, one of the many joys of getting an ECLP is that you have options to choose from like what cover you want, how you want it personalized, and even what layout you want the insides to have.  This year, there are more ways to customize your ECLP than ever.  Read more

The one thing that can make or break you

I am your constant companion.  I am your greatest helper or heaviest burden.  I will push you onward or drag you down to failure.  I am completely at your command. Half the things you do you might as well turn over to me and I will do them- quickly and correctly. I am easily managed- you must be firm with me.  Show me exactly how you want something done and after a few lessons, I will do it automatically. I am the servant of great people, and alas, of all failures as well.  Those who are great, I have made great. Those who are failures, I have made failures. I am not a machine though.. I work with the precision of a machine plus the intelligence of a person. You may run me for profit or run me for ruin- it makes no difference to me. Take me, train me, be firm with me, and I will place the world at your feet. Be easy with me and I will destroy you. Who am I?


Think about that for a second.  I heard this in a sermon one day.  I promptly looked it up when I got home, as when the pastor gave us the answer, it was an honest to goodness blow and a kick in the you-know-what that I needed at the time.

Do you know the answer yet?



Ah ha! ¬†Now you know where this post is going ūüôā ¬†Seriously though, read the quote again. ¬†Is that not the truest statement you’ve ever heard?

This has been on my mind lately simply because I am struggling with a severe lack of motivation, passion and desire to do anything as of late. ¬†I watch myself do things like not track my Points, make up excuses to cut my gym time short, reasoning with myself as to why I don’t have to hop out of bed when the alarm goes off and then take an insane amount of time to get moving, and while at the time I let it be, every single night ends the same way: with me kicking myself for the lack of productivity and passion in my day. ¬†It’s a debilitating feeling.

I often sit and wonder what the hell happened. ¬†Where did that fire for everything go? ¬†I used to have these amazing habits. ¬†Healthy¬†habits, productive habits, etc, and all of these habits filled my happiness. ¬†Right now, it’s like I’m living day to day, going through the motions, not feeling fulfilled and my habits are being shaped based on that feeling…and my feelings get worse as my built over my bad habits grow. ¬†So then what do I do??


I am in desperate need of a habit makeover. ¬†The only approach I can currently think of is to start listing out little habits that I can get back into today. ¬†While I work on that list to post later this week, I would love any little suggestions you have as healthy habits you have that keep you motivated and happy. ¬†They don’t have to be just diet and exercise related. ¬†I need a habit makeover for my entire life right now.

It’s kind of crazy how one 5 letter word completely controls 99.9% of what you do? ¬†Habit really is the one thing that can and will make or break you. ¬†Right now, my habits have made me an unmotivated and unhappy and pretty unproductive person. ¬†It’s time I tell these habits who is in charge here.

What are your habits doing to you?

2014 Summer Beauty Favorites!


2014 Summer Beauty

Since my monthly favorites posts never got done over the summer I decided it was time to throw together all of the summer months into one post. ¬†Don’t worry, it isn’t too long. ¬†I’ve been busy traveling for most of the summer, so there hasn’t been enough time or money to go truly crazy every month. ¬†Instead, I want to show you the products that I have been using all summer long. ¬†Each one of these has been a beloved piece of my daily collection for the last several months and my summer was made just a little bit more awesome because of it. ¬†It took a lot of effort to earn a spot in my summer beauty favorites list, but these 10 items made the grade.


Smell Bent St Tropez Dispenser

I hauled this in the one Popsugar Must Have box that I treated myself to back in May, and I’ve been addicted. ¬†Basically, it is the scent of a perfect summer day all bottled up. ¬†It smells like sunscreen and the beach with notes of jasmine, aloe, coconut and summer breezes. ¬†I wore this basically every day that I wore a fragrance all summer long. ¬†It’s summer perfection in a little glass bottle.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face SPF 30 Sunscreen

I always hesitated to put straight sunscreen on my face and looked for makeup products with SPF in them instead, but for my honeymoon cruise this summer I knew I was going to have to suck it up because I’d be out in the sun all day. ¬†Thankfully, this product was exactly what I needed. ¬†Hawaiian Tropic came up with an oil-free facial sunscreen that actually has a light, matte finish! ¬†I wore it daily and it kept my skin hydrated, sunburn free and it didn’t break me out. ¬†Amazing product for my annoying, acne prone ¬†skin.

Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Endless Weekend

Here’s my shower gel of the summer. ¬†The shea enriched formula of the Bath and Body Works shower gels are rich, lathering and leaves skin silky smooth. ¬†Their summer scent “Endless Weekend” was another perfect summer scent for me. ¬†With notes of raspberry lychee sorbet, magnolia, and vanilla, this was a great summery ( but not overwhelming) scent to wash with.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub

Tree Hut scrubs are wonderful.  With ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil, safflower oil, and whole grain sugar, they are thick and incredibly exfoliating, smell amazing and leave your skin feeling great.  The summery smells made them a great addition to my shaving routine, as I like to exfoliate before I take a razor to my skin.  The best part is the price: $7.49 at Ulta, and I found mine on BOGO 50% off sale. Great value and a great product.  Win!

¬†Whish Body “Flawless” Ingrown Hair Serum

Okay, so summer is the time for really keeping that bikini line in check. ¬†As if the problem skin on my face wasn’t enough, I happen to have a very sensitive bikini area too, which means one wrong move of the razor and its red bump city. ¬†That’s not comfortable, nor is it attractive, and it seemed really difficult to find something that would actually help relieve the problem. ¬†I happened to find “Flawless” on clearance at a local shop, and after trying it, I ended up going back and buying 2 more while it was still on sale. ¬†Willow Bark, papaya, wheat germ and yeast extract all combine to make this serum a natural and effective way to beat the bumps. ¬†It smells like cucumber and it doesn’t sting. ¬†This is an epic find in my book.

Zoya Nail Polish in Dillon

Zoya’s nail polish in Dillion has easily been what my nail color was for at least half the summer. ¬†This minty green with shimmer sums up one of my favorite colors ever. ¬†While mint green is a more springy color, I happily wore this all summer long feeling bright and beautiful. ¬†I also would put Zoya Monet (a multi colored cellophane special effect polish) on my “bling finger” (aka my ring fingers) to add a subtle but awesome pop of something special to Dillon.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation

I’m obsessed! ¬†I love how evenly this wonderful powder goes on and how natural it looks. ¬†Just yesterday, in the middle of my crazy breakout session that my face is going through, I actually had a friend compliment how great my skin looked. ¬†This foundation is completely to blame because without it my face is a nightmare. Amazonian clay, Tourmaline, pearl powder, and Camellia leaf extract are the ingredients that turn this foundation into a full coverage skin saver. ¬†Application is so easy and it looks really natural. ¬†The packaging is also genius. ¬†There’s a net over the opening that keeps product from spilling out. ¬†Brilliant! I’m loving this and recently repurchased it because I don’t want to run out. ¬†Highly recommended!

Sephora Bronzer in Los Cabos

I went into Sephora trying to find a matte, light bronzer to add a little glow to my summer look. ¬†I’m really picky with bronzers because most make me look fake and orange. ¬†I wanted to try the Chocolate Soleil by Too Faced, but I couldn’t bring myself to put the $30 into it. ¬†The woman at the store led me to Los Cabos instead, and it was just what I needed: lighter, matte and a price tag of only $17.


Pixi Shea Butter Balm in Pixi Pink

Thank you, Birchbox, for this one.  This hydrating balm has a great (but not overwhelming) bright pink pop of color that is perfect for summer.  It kept my lips hydrated and in style.


TheBalm “How ’bout Them Apples” Lip and Cheek Palette

I did an entire post on this product, so I won’t bore you with the details again. ¬†This palette was a go to for me this summer with its wide variety of sheer and beautiful shades for the lips and cheeks. ¬†Buildable coverage lets you go anywhere from super natural to bright and bold by slowly adding more layers of whatever color you choose. ¬†I loved this all summer long.


Those are the products that I have been loving all summer long and many of these I plan on taking with me into the fall season as well. ¬†What products did you love this summer? Let me know in a comment below ūüôā


Post contains affiliate links

Birchbox: August 2014

It’s that time again: Time to take a look and see what I got in my August Birchbox. ¬†Enjoy!


Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy

With summer’s humidity dominating the air, my hair has been a frizzy mess lately, so I’ve been using creams and oils to try and tame the beast. ¬†Ojon’s oil comes in 3 layers that you shake to mix before application. ¬†The source of Ojon oil is the ojon tree located in Central America. ¬†This oil was blended with 6 others making this product full of antioxidants, proteins and minerals that will help smooth flyways, protect hair from heat and leave it soft and manageable. ¬†Just shake, put a little in your hands and work it through damp or dry hair.

Full Size: 1.5 fl oz @ $35.00

Sample Size: 0.07 fl oz

Sample Value: $ 1.63


SeaRX Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream

This moisturizer contains ingredients straight from the sea (algae and Dead Sea mineral salts) that help bring anti aging to the face in a kind, citrus scented way. ¬†It’s supposed to gently help rid the skin of wrinkles, crows feet and uneven skin tone while shea and cocoa butters moisturize. ¬†Supposedly this cream leaves the skin shine free and non-greasy, which is something I always look for in a moisturizer. ¬†While I don’t need anti-aging quite yet, the benefits that skin gets from these types of products are the reason people my age are already using them.

Full Size: 1.02 fl oz/ 30 ml @ $34.00

Sample Size: n/a ¬†I couldn’t find anything with the information on the sample. ¬†Lame..

Sample Value: n/a


Harvey Prince Ageless Body Cream

Harvey Prince’s Ageless fragrance also comes in a ¬†body cream. ¬†This grapefruit and mango scented cream hydrates skin with shea butter leaving it soft and smooth. ¬†It’s a great summer scent and the formula doesn’t leave me feeling greasy.

Full Size: 12 oz @ $22.00

Sample Size: 15 ml

Sample Value: $0.95


ModelCo Bronzer

This product is a Birchbox exclusive. ¬†It is an oil controlled powder that comes in a shimmer and a matte formula. ¬†It’s supposed to be suitable for all skin types and tones, and while the swatch on my hand leaves me wondering whether or not it will actually work for me (most bronzers tend to look orange on me), I’m hopeful that this will be a nice bronzer for the back to school evenings out.

Full Size: 0.35 oz @ $22.00

Sample Size: 0.12 oz

Sample Value: $7.54


Hello Breath Spray

This is a great little lifestyle extra in this month’s Birchbox. ¬†I mean, who doesn’t need a little breath pick me up every now and then? ¬†Hello breath sprays are all natural and alcohol free, so there’s no burning. ¬†The sprays come in 3 fabulously fun flavors: Mojito Mint, Prink Grapefruit Mint, and Supermint. ¬†I got the pink grapefruit to try, and while I am not a fan of grapefruit, the spray has a great and refreshing taste that is more mint than grapefruit, so I’m loving it. ¬†Perfect to toss in your purse or keep in your pocket.

Full size: Pack of 3 @ $11.50

Sample Size: 1 pack

Sample Value: $3.83

Total Box Value: $13.95¬† and that is without counting any value for the anti-aging face cream. ¬†Birchboxes are frequently worth a lot more than you pay for them ($10/month), so they are a great value and a fun way to try new beauty products every month. ¬†If you’re interested in getting a Birchbox subscription for yourself or as a gift for someone else, head over to the website and sign up. ¬†It’s a great treat for any beauty addict.