You have to WANT to Change

This weeks’s thinking out loud Thursday (Thanks Amanda for the link up) is brought to you by a woman I encountered at Weight Watchers this week.


I encountered someone recently who wanted to join Weight Watchers.  She was among a group who seemed highly motivated when they all joined, and this amazing group of people has seriously knocked out 70 lbs among themselves in the last 4 weeks.  This is totally the type of meeting a Weight Watchers leader loves to run.  They’re fired up, taking it seriously, fun, and seeing success on the plan, even with setbacks like snow days preventing us from meeting a time or two.  Excellent!  I got an email from someone expressing concern about how she doesn’t think Weight Watchers was the right decision for her.


“I didn’t realize how heavily this plan relies on produce.” She flat out refuses to eat fruits and vegetables.  Like…won’t even try.

I sat at my computer seriously mind blown.  Being someone who never really liked veggies as a kid..or as an adult for that matter, I still knew that in order to make my weight loss successful I was going to have to change my habits to help me out.  I didn’t necessarily like the veggies at first, but I would add some spices or do something to make it so I could eat at least some form of produce often because my fruits and veggies didn’t cost me any Points.  When you only have 26 Points a day to spend, there are days you really need to make them stretch so you don’t feel like you’re starving.  The easiest way to do this is to toss in my 0 Points Plus fruits and veggies as often as possible.  So, I did…and over 50 lbs lost later, I still do.  I made the change because I know it would ultimately get me to the result I wanted.  I was willing to sacrifice what I wanted to eat (bring on the baked goods, sweets, and things covered in cheese!..i wish) and exchange them for things I didn’t necessarily want to eat.

Then, like many others, I discovered a wonderful thing: Balance.  Okay, so while I really didn’t like veggies (and I’ll be honest..I still don’t love them.  Carrots are great, but I pretty much eat them simply because I know I have to and I’ve learned to tolerate and even like some) I’ve always loved fruit, so filling my diet with lots of fruit has never been a difficult task as long as it’s in the house and prepped for eating.  The change came with learning to like (tolerate..) eating vegetables regularly.   I also learned that I can still eat my cheese covered pizza or my brownies, but I made changes to them to make them better for me, less Points and more filling.  I just don’t see a loss in my situation here…except on the scale, of course 😉

I was fed up with how I looked and felt, decided that my desire to change my situation outweighed my desire to avoid veggies, and I made the change.  I had to get to the point where the desire to change was stronger than anything else.


The psychology behind the entire process of weight loss is truly a fascinating thing.  Back in Illinois I would get into discussions with my members all the time about how weight loss effects us psychologically.  One of the biggest discussions we have is what triggered us to walk through the door to the Weight Watchers center.  I’ve seen many times people would join with their friend or family member to support them, and I’d see one of two outcomes.

  1. Both members would flourish because the support of one another kept them motivated
  2. The member that came along for the ride would do alright for a bit then fall off the wagon.

I see things like this all the time.  The truth is this:

No one can get you to change except you!  The day you wake up and decide enough is enough and join Weight Watchers (or go to the gym, start a different diet, etc) because you are 100% committed to changing your life..THAT day is the day the magic starts to happen.

I listen to Jillian Michael’s podcast quite frequently, and she has people call in with their questions.  One day a woman who was probably no older than myself called in and told Jillian she was overweight and wanted advice on what to do.  No specific question, just “what do you think I should do?”  Well Jillian of course started talking to her about her eating habits and how she should exercise because the basic weight loss formula is “calories in must be less than calories out” and all that jazz.  The listener heard everything she was saying, and her responses the entire time were very noncommittal “Yeah…i guess I should/could do that” comments.  After Jillian hung up the phone, the first thing she said (with a heavy, sad sigh) was “she’s not ready.” and you could tell by listening to the girl’s responses that Jillian was 100% right.

When it comes to losing weight, most people know the basic idea of what needs to be done.  That isn’t the issue.  The issue is having the self-discipline and the desire to be that healthier person outweigh your desire to stay stuck in the habits you’re currently stuck in.  I’ll say it again:

You have to WANT to change!

I’ve even seen all of the varying degrees of this idea within my own family…heck, I’ve seen them all within myself..

You’ve heard the quote “Be the change you want to see in the world,” right?  Well that idea applies here too.


Nothing is going to change unless you decide that where you are is not where you want to be anymore and you put forth that effort to make your life different.

While this entire rambling started due to the topic of weight loss, I don’t want you to think for a minute that health and fitness is the only area of life that this applies to..

  • Wish you knew how to dance or play the piano?  You won’t learn unless you sign up for a class and practice.
  • Are you an alcoholic?  YOU have to want to change that and seek help.  Without your desire to change fueling the fire, you won’t have the willpower to not pick up the bottle.
  • Hate your job? If you don’t quit your current one and look for a new one, guess what..nothing will be different!

Get the idea?

This post is also serving as a reminder to myself.  I’m currently striving to be this unrealistic superwoman with housewifing, organizing, teaching, my blog, and of course, living on Weight Watchers successfully.  There are so many elements of this that I wish would just happen, but as we all know, that’s unrealistic.  I need to not go to the snack drawer and go to the fruit bowl when I get home from work (unless I have Points left..then the ice cream is totally fair game..) to keep my eating on track.  I need to go to the gym rather than sit on my butt in the morning.  I want my blog to be successful, so I’m getting involved in ways to help me to so.  I’m consciously trying to get little cleaning and organizational things to happen at home..

I want these things to change, and I need to regularly remember that I am the only one that can create my own path in this change. Be it success or failure, my desires  (and my willingness to pick the right courses of action) will create one or the other.


Okay, I don’t even know if this ramble ended up making sense or not, but I’ve been meaning to say something about the fruits and veggies thing for almost a week… Sorry that it spiraled into this :-p  I guess this is exactly what Thinking Out Loud posts are for!


Happy almost-Friday, friends.

One thought on “You have to WANT to Change

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    You raise such a good point, Brianna… and I love how you stretched it to relate to other areas of life as well. I’ve never had to apply this to weight loss, but I can absolutely relate when it came to recovering from my eating disorder. I toyed around with recovery for a good long while before finally committing to it, simply because I didn’t want it bad enough. And I feel horrible when people ask me about tips on how to recover because I don’t want to be straight up honest and say “you won’t recover until you’re ready,” but it’s true… When you want a better life, you’ll make it happen.

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