Why I’m Hitting the Weight Loss Reset Button

Weight Loss Reset

Starting over…


Square one..

Let’s be honest: when it comes to weight loss, these are probably not terms you want to hear.  When you think about going back to square one on your weight loss journey, you typically think about how you ended up back at the very beginning because you failed at losing (or keeping off) the weight.

After 6 months of constantly changing life and living situations (living in Japan, living with our friends, living with my in-laws, and finally, living where we currently are staying for about 6 months), it is no news that I have failed to maintain my weight loss.  I’ve gained, and I hate it. I’ve gained enough where some of my clothes don’t fit right, and my husband has clearly noticed (although is being kinder to me than I am being to myself). It’s made me feel slow, unattractive, and all together pretty crappy.  I’m sure there is someone out there who can relate.

Despite my consistent “efforts” to get back on track, it seems none of those efforts amounted to anything that changed my body or the scale. I’ve pretty much avoided the scale, except for a few times a month to check in, while I cross my fingers hoping the number goes down (it didn’t). A few days ago, after finally feeling settled in to our new, temporary home,  I stepped on the scale in our housemate’s downstairs bathroom, saw the number, cringed and decided enough was enough!

I decided to throw in the towel on the last year’s worth of weight maintenance efforts, which mostly failed, and decided to take a new (but not so new) approach to my current problem.

I’ve decided to start over.

I took that reality check of a weigh in and sadly entered it into my Weight Watchers app, recording my failure to maintain my goal, and decided the sad number was my new square one.  I am not back to where I started the first time, thank goodness for that, but I am back to needing to truly focus on this journey, and that means I need to treat it like a new adventure

Why? Think about it.  Anyone who has decided to lose weight, improve their life in some way, or maybe even someone who has found a new hobby to love, knows the feeling of starting a new adventure.  It’s energizing, uplifting, and exciting.  You get new stuff to work with, make plans, and start your journey.  When you walk into Weight Watchers for the first time after you’ve made that mental and emotional change and commitment to yourself (which is a huge component that not many people think about), you feel empowered and ready to change your life for good. That power can make you feel incredible and unstoppable.

That’s what I’m going for again.  I’ve felt it before: that thrill as I start to make more healthy choices than unhealthy ones; that sense of accomplishment for every Active Link goal met and every pound lost; the unbelievable joy of feeling comfortable and even (*gasp*) sexy in my own skin.  I’ve gotten there once, and knowing how good that feels, I’m driven to feel that same sense of empowerment and finally, after so much life chaos, get myself back on track.

Despite trying to spend as little money as we can on unnecessary things, I told my husband that I truly felt that I needed to go get a food scale and body scale since ours are still in the storage pod.  He agreed, and now I have two of my essentials for weight loss back in my arsenal.  I also went and rejoined Planet Fitness at the same location that I lost all the weight before.  My first workout back in that gym felt so good, because I could already remember what success in that room felt like.

Hitting reset rather than dwelling on the gaining is, in my opinion, a healthier approach to this journey.  As I help the scale move back down, I will feel the sweet joy of success in a whole different way.  Feeling the victory of putting my favorite “goal weight clothes” back on, having my husband around (rather than being a long distance man that I saw every 6 weeks or so) for regular encouragement, and maybe seeing my body transform in a different way as I play with my desire to be strong rather than skinny, are all things I didn’t have the last time around.  While I am still tracking Points Plus values, I also want to be more aware of what I’m putting in to my body.  Rather than eating pre-portioned and pre-packaged everything, I want to make sure I incorporate more home cooked, whole, and even healthy fat foods into my diet.

This time, when I hit goal, I will already know what the challenges of maintenance will be, so I can embark on this journey with a “this lifestyle will be my life” mindset, which means being kind and forgiving to myself, allowing myself to indulge and enjoy food without guilt, and learn how to make the journey back to goal a journey that I can keep up for the rest of my life.   Losing weigh might be the result of a diet, but maintaining weight loss can only be achieved by making those habits a permanent lifestyle.  There’s no doubt about it.  The second people come off of their latest fad diet they are so surprised the weight comes back.

The reality is this: health, fitness, and weight loss/maintence is a constant, life long journey.  Some days it is a piece of cake, and some days its the most difficult task in the world.  Some days will feel like failures, but the good news is there is always tomorrow.

This time, I’m ready for “life after goal.”  First, I have to work my way back there.  It is with a feeling of excitement and joy that I start this not so new journey with a new start.  Sometimes you just need to start over.

Time to forget failure. Time to move forward. I’m hitting the reset button.

Have you ever felt like this?  Weight loss or otherwise?  What did you do?

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Hitting the Weight Loss Reset Button

  1. Judy Salmon says:

    Thanks for your transparency. I too – lost weight on WW. I have maintained that loss for several years. In the past few months – I do not have the motivation nor the interest that I once did in the program. Slowly (but surely) the pounds are coming back. I am 10 pounds heavier than I was at goal. I need to restart again too. It’s a journey – not a destination.

    • divaandthedivine says:

      It is a journey. Health and wellness is a life long journey. We need to focus less on skipping to the goal and more on the lessons we learn along the way.

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