Well…That Sucked… | Day 2 of 90

Well, for as amazing as things went on day 1 of my magical journey to the best shape of my life, day 2 went to the same level in the completely opposite direction. 😫😖

Allow me to elaborate with a bunch of excuses.

First, I had to get up early to take my husband to the bus for work so he wouldn’t have to bring his car since he was headed straight from the office to the airport. Usually, getting up at 5:20 am isn’t a problem and is close to my new normal wakeup time, however, since we got back from Thanksgiving vacation I’ve been trying to get my body to feel normal, and usually, that means more sleep. Well, I don’t know how it got to be so late, but it turns out I ended up getting 4 and a half hours of sleep. This girl needs at least 6.5 to even consider functioning. Awesome.

Then, to top it all off, the day I have been anxiously awaiting finally came and I got my period. 🩸(why yes, I did just use the blood drop emoji). My natural cycle always, without fail, comes a day or two after my app actually says it will. Well, this month was an extra special month and while PMS and all of its glorious symptoms came right on schedule, the event that comes to relieve me of said symptoms came especially late and hit me like a brick wall.

I was beyond exhausted. A trip to Target and to my PO box took literally all of the energy I had in me. I managed to get to my step goal by discovering a new season of Younger on Hulu and told myself I could watch it only if I was stepping. I ended up binge-watching the entire season!! Yes, I got to my 14.5k steps, by I also sat on my butt a lot. I didn’t vlog, I didn’t write up this blog post, heck I didn’t even go upstairs more than twice the entire day because my legs were so tired. UGH!

The other major issue I had was that I was insatiably hungry. No matter what I ate, my desire to eat never went away. Breakfast and lunch actually went well and on plan. The issue arose the more tired I got. I didn’t photograph everything, but I got the main meals down and a few of the random things into my tracker.


I actually started my day with a Quest Protein Shake in the salted caramel flavor. If you haven’t tried them yet, they’re amazing and they’re at Target! I had one that I previously opened and hadn’t finished, so I tracked it as 3pp rather than 4. Then when I got to Target for my grocery shopping I had my fave egg white bites from Starbucks (4pp), making my total for breakfast 7pp. Okay, not too shabby of a start.

Lunch was also an on track situation. I had a turkey (2) wrap on an Ole high fiber wrap (2) with 1tsp of Primal Kitchen avocado mayo (the best mayo ever! (1)), mustard (0), and a slice of reduced fat cheddar cheese (1). I also had 4pp worth of Popcorners chips. My actual lunch was 7pp.

That’s when things started going downhill. I did opt for a dessert of Smart Sweets fish. Only 2 pp. Not bad.

Then I couldn’t stop thinking about this little $1 dark chocolate and sea salt bar I purchased while at Target. I ate that too… Another 5pp gone. Current running total: 22/27

This is where it gets blurry. I don’t think I consumed anything else, but I could be wrong. Oh wait!!! I just remembered I ate today’s and yesterday’s pieces of cheese from my Aldi cheese advent calendar. There’s 4 pp that were definitely not accounted for.

I finally decided to have dinner which was a Healthy Choice steamer bowl in their new cauliflower rice option. Only 5 pp and actually quite good! I added a little extra pasta sauce (0) and some parmesan cheese (2) to the bowl and ate every bite. New total for the day: 33/27

but wait…there’s more!

As a special “hubby isn’t home, let me get myself a treat” treat, I picked up my favorite MN Target discovery, Angie Marie’s edible cookie dough. I might have grabbed 2…

One of them is 8pp, which I planned on enjoying every bite. I realized as I was eating it that it didn’t taste nearly as delcious as they did when I first discovered them and was bringing them home. I don’t know if this was due to the fact my nose was still a tad stuffy, my body’s hormone levels being out of whack, or if they changed the recipe and it was not an improvement. Regardless, I ate it all anyway… THEN I decided to try the other one to see if the less-than-mind-blowing taste in the first one was a fluke. Of course we all know it wasn’t.

I managed to eat half of that container before I came to my senses, audibly said to no one but myself “You need to STOP! You’re not even enjoying this!” and I got up and threw it away. I managed to stop myself, but 12 pp of cookie dough damage was done.

Oh, I think there was a Lindor truffle in there somewhere too: 2pp

My total for the day was 47/27. Ouch

At least I quit after the cookie dough, gave up on the day and went to bed at a reasonable hour. *sigh*

It’s definitely a low blow when day 2 ends up being a really rough one. Thankfully, there’s always tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Well…That Sucked… | Day 2 of 90

  1. Lissa Kristine Jorgensen says:

    I feel like Day 2 has always been the hardest. I also feel like I always have the unfortunate timing of making sure that starting or recommitting to health goals lines up (im)perfectly with my period. Seriously. It happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. Sometimes, it’s a good thing because I’m in that fresh, extra-motivated mental state. Other times, it absolutely sucks because it means that things get off to a rocky start.

    I’m sorry yesterday was so rough, but I’m hoping today was better… and I’m praying your sleep gets back on track from vacation soon.

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