Weekend Update | Day 4-6 of 90

Happy Monday, my friends! Okay, so clearly daily blogging doesn’t work for me, but here’s what I’m learning about myself. I don’t want to do work on weekends. Quite frankly, since I am in complete control of my work hours, I have officially decided that I don’t work on the weekends. End of story.

Since our move to MN, my weekends have become such a sacred time for my husband and I. Sometimes our weekends are just housework and chilling in front of the TV. Sometimes it’s crazy errands, a fun date night out, or some sort of adventure. Whatever the case may be, I don’t reach for social media or my vlogging camera nearly as much as I would during the week, and I rarely sit down at my computer or even go in my office, simply because I don’t even want to. I’ve finally decided it’s okay, and my weekends are now whatever level of work I feel like doing with no real obligation to do so. That being said, daily updates won’t happen on the weekends. You’ll just get a weekend update on Monday.


Sadly, I don’t have many photos to share because of the whole not picking up cameras thing, but I tracked every bite this weekend, so that’s something.

Breakfast: Quaker weight control oatmeal (4) with PEScience Protein 4 Oats (literally protein powder meant to go in oatmeal) (2) with microwaved apple pieces (0) and 2tsp real brown sugar (0). Total 6/27

Lunch: The same turkey & cheese wrap from the other day (5) with a bag of Quest Chips (3) and 🥕(0) Total: 14/27

Dinner was 1/2 C of my chili (2) with cheese (2) and roasted broccoli (0) 18/27

My snacks and sweet treats were a Built Bar (3), a TJ’s mini peppermint ice cream cone (2), 7 mini peppermint meringue cookies (1), and 2 Lindt truffles (4) Today’s total: 28/27 (used 1 weekly)


Breakfast: Avocado toast topped with eggs. 1 egg(2), 9 tbsp egg whites (1), TJ’s Sprouted Sourdough bread, 2 slices (4), Wholly Guacamole cup (technically 3, but I count as 0) 7/27

Lunch: Nature Valley Almond Butter Biscuit while at the mall (5) 12/27

Dinner was an impromptu date night where we checked out a new soft launch of a local restaurant. Erik and I split various tacos, which I tracked as 13 and I had 1 oz of Mezcal (it’s a tequila bar with smoked meats) for 3. 16 (unsure of accuracy, but tracking some is better than none) for dinner bringing the total to 28/27

Desserts: TJ’s biscotti (3), 2 gingerbread men (2), and a Lindt truffle (2)

Total for the day: 35/27 (8 weeklies used)


Breakfast: Apple Pie Quest Bar (5) 5/27

Lunch: Same wrap as before (5), Quest Chips (3), and Biscotti (3) 16/27

Dinner: TJs Turkey Corn Dog (4) 20/27

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Treats: 7 Mini Peppermint Meringues (1), Mini cheesecake cone (6), 3 frosted gingerbread men (3), 4 Lindt truffles (8) 18 points of goodies….yikes that’s a little intense to see in writing, but I tracked it all. Yay for weeklies, am I right??

Total for the day: 38/27 (11 weeklies used)

This means I start Monday with 29 weeklies left in the bank. I did earn 25 activity points so far because of my Saturday gym trip which included Bodypump and an elliptical workout, followed by a ton of steps around the Mall of America.

Overall, I indulged, I enjoyed, and I don’t feel guilty because I’m still completely on track. Happy day!

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