Walgreens: Balance Rewards, Way to Well Tour, and Awesome Opportunities

Thanks to Fitbloggin, I was given the opportunity to work with Walgreens to bring you some awesome information about a few things this frequently seen drugstore is offering .  I have found that in most areas that I’ve been, Walgreens stores are quite abundant.  I have used Walgreens pharmacy for my prescriptions for years, I am a huge fan of their Balance Rewards Program, and I often find exactly what I need when I stop in.  I wanted to take a second to tell you about a couple of really cool things that Walgreens is offering.


Balance Rewards Program

Now, some of you might know about the Balance Rewards program that Walgreens offers.  I’ve been signed up for it for quite some time and have been able to use the rewards on multiple occasions.  Basically, it started as you earning points for purchases on eligible products  Certain sales might give you bonus points (like buying two bottles of a certain brand of vitamin and earn an extra 5,000 points), which makes it really easy to rack up points.  The points can rack up quickly and what they’re worth is generous.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • 5,000 Points = $5
  • 10,000 Points = $10
  • 18,000 Points = $20
  • 30,000 Points = $35
  • 40,000 Points = $50

When you make a few eligible product purchases in one trip, it’s easy to hit the 5,000 or more mark when you go.  You also earn 500 Points every time you pick up a prescription.  This program makes me feel not so guilty for some drugstore beauty buys because I can use my Points to get $$ off.  I also might have used 10,000 Points on my day after Easter candy shopping and gotten a massive haul that ended up costing me $1.64.  Thank you Walgreens Balance rewards.

But wait, it gets better!

Did you know that you can hook up your FitBit to you Balance Rewards account and it will actually reward you with points for how many steps you take.  Once you link the accounts you don’t have to do anything except make sure your FitBit syncs to your computer or smartphone.  Each mile earns you 20 Points right into your Balance Rewards account (up to 1,000 Points each month).  It’s awesome that Walgreens wants to reward its members for being active.  If you go onto you Balance Rewards account online, there is a dashboard where you can also earn Points for logging your weight and blood glucose level too.  It’s fantastic.  I have earned over 7,000 Points (That’s $7 for doing nothing extra!) with my FitBit being connected to my account.


At Fitbloggin there was a session all about using activity monitors and how they really do help you track your activity levels.  I love that my Fitbits (I wear two: a Flex on my wrist and a One on my bra) and my Active Link (for a total of 3 Activity monitors..I know, I’m crazy) all track my steps and make me feel like I’ve had a successful day,, or encourage me to move a little bit more before the day is over.  Do you wear an activity monitor? Why or why not?


 Way to Well Tour

Walgreens is doing something even cooler than offering the Balance Rewards program.  Fitbloggin had the opportunity to be a stop for the Walgreens Way to Well Tour bus.  This tour bus is going all over the country offering free basic medical testing to people who stop by. I’m serious! FREE testing! Insurance isn’t billed or even necessary because these tests are all free.   Walgreens has partnered up with AARP to bring this tour to a Walgreens near you.  The tests that the Way to Well Tour administer are as follows:

  • Total Cholesterol Levels
  • Glucose Levels
  • Blood Pressure
  • Comprehensive Weight Assessment
    • Body Weight- Body Mass Index
    • Body Fat Percentage- Skeletal Muscle Percentage
    • Body Age- Resting Metabolism- Visceral Fat

When you get on the tour bus (which is air conditioned and quite cozy) you see 3 little curtained off areas, which is great for privacy.   In the first one I had my blood pressure taken and my finger pricked for a blood sample.  Then I moved on to what was behind curtain number 2, which was a scale that did my comprehensive weight assessment.  Behind curtain number 3 was a printout of my results and a Walgreens person there to explain to me what the results meant.  My results were well explained, easy to understand, and I got to take my results home with me to do with as I chose.



In addition to having my personal numbers for each of the tests, the sheet also provided reference numbers for what the heathy ranges for each test are,  so I could clearly see and compare my actual results to where they should be.  Thankfully, I came within healthy range for all of my results.  I love that they’re offering these tests and making sure everyone understands what their results mean, because the numbers on these tests could throw up red flags for bigger health issues that you might be unaware of if you haven’t had any testing done recently.  In an effort to increase our level of health and wellness, Walgreens decided this was an important thing to call to people’s attention.  I don’t know about you, but I really appreciate this special effort that Walgreens and AARP are putting into us.  Free testing to help us make sure we are on the path to a healthy lifestyle.  What’s not to love about that?

Now, since I live in the state of North Carolina, Walgreens gave me the responsibility of informing my fellow North Carolina residents of when the Way to Well Tour would be near them.  Below is a link that will take you to a PDF file of all of the stops in North Carolina.  The tour started its run in good old NC at the end of July, but there is still time to get out there and check out the tour bus.


You can also head over to the tour’s website to check and see when the Walgreens Way to Well Tour is coming to a city near you.



I highly recommend everyone check out the tour schedule and take advantage of the opportunity if the tour bus will be at a location near you.  The tests are so informative and you even earn Balance Rewards points for doing them.  There’s really no excuse to not go.  It is so important that we are aware of our current state of health, and knowing some of the things that these tests tell you could help you look out for health issues that could end up being a bigger deal.  Diabetes runs in my family, so even though I’m not overweight, I know I should have my blood glucose levels tested regularly, but I don’t have the equipment to do that here.  I was very excited to have that checked on while on the tour bus, and I am happy to report all of my results were normal 🙂

Check out the tour schedule and see if you can pay the bus a visit.  If not, I still suggest you head over to Walgreens and enroll in the Balance Rewards program and hook up your FitBit if you’ve got one.  Walgreens really has been my drugstore of choice for years, and with their continued program and reward development, I certainly have no intentions of changing that anytime soon.


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