5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without A Man

Valentine's Day Without A Man

Valentine’s day might be the holiday where we all celebrate love, but who says you need a significant other to enjoy it? I won’t lie, I’m excited to be spending Valentine’s day with my Mister, but the only reason I get to do that this year is because it happens to fall on a weekend, otherwise he’d be off and away somewhere out of state working like he is every week.  If my husband wasn’t around, I would definitely still make the day great and choose to celebrate love without my man.  Crazy? Not at all!

Here are a few ways that we can show ourselves the self love we deserve, whether you’re single, taken and can’t celenrate with you love, or maybe you’re in a relationship but you simply hate Valentine’s Day.  Whatever the reason you’re not out on a date, make a date with yourself and spoil yourself just a little bit.  Self love is something we all need to work on.

  1. Head to the salon. Whether your treatment of choice is a mani/pedi or a fresh blowout, there is no shame in glamming yourself up a little bit for no one other than yourself. I know I always feel special and a little more fabulous after taking a trip to my favorite nail salon to give my feet a little TLC. Upgraded option: book a spa appointment for a massage or facial.  Nothing says self love like indulging in those treats.
  2. Buy yourself a Valentine’s Day gift.  While getting something from your significant other is nice, there’s no rule that says a Valentine’s Day present has to be from anyone but yourself.  My Valentine’s Day gift guide is full of items I’d be more than happy to buy for myself and they don’t seem ridiculous to purchase for yourself either (one item I already did buy myself).  Some things feel even more special when you know you got them as a treat for you.
  3. Spa Night.  Pop a Lush bath bomb in the bathtub, put on a luxurious face mask for whatever ails your skin, and pick up your latest book (“The Champagne Diet” is currently free on Kindle all weekend long!) for a relaxing experience that is sure to make you feel loved.
  4. Order your favorite food.  Whether you take yourself or get together with a group of gal pals, go to your favorite eatery for a meal that fuels your soul.  Do they offer takeout?  Then go the Netflix and chill route (okay, maybe not that kind of Netflix and chill).  Order your favorite, plate it on some of your pretty dishes, and curl up on the couch in your favorite PJs so you can enjoy a movie or your favorite TV show. Pro tip: Don’t forget dessert!
  5. Get a little sexy.  You know that feeling you get when you wear a lacy bra or a pretty pair of undies underneath your everyday clothes? No? Well you should.  I find that having that sexy little secret on, even if it’s under jeans and a sweater, and even if my husband has no chance of seeing it because he’s 4 states away, I feel a little more confident just knowing I’ve got a little bit of sexy going on for myself.  Buy yourself a new bra and panty set to wear all day or a sexy little nightie to wear (after your spa night, while enjoying your takeout and Netflix. See what I did there?) for no one other than yourself.  Bonus tip: put on a bold lip color and take a look at your sexy self in the mirror.  No negative self talk here.  Only love. You are one hot lady!

There you have it. 5 ideas for making the most of your Valentine’s Day even if you’re celebrating alone.  After creating this list, I know I wouldn’t necessarily mind a day where I show myself a little self love.  In a world where we ladies are super women and girlbosses, it’s very easy to get critical of ourselves, put the rest of the world first, and forget to give ourselves the self love and care that we all deserve.  The good news about a post like this: it doesn’t just apply to Valentine’s day.  These are some ways you can treat yourself any day of the week, any time of year. So, even if you have a date this year, I still suggest putting one or two of these on your calendar anyway for sometime in the next month.  You are worth it.

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