Valentine’s Day 2015 Gift Guide- Spoil Yourself


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When you hear “February” I’m sure one of the first thoughts to cross your mind has something to do with Valentine’s Day.  For some, it’s a romantic day to spend with your significant other, and for others it is a day of dread.  This year, my goals for the month involve a lot of self care.  It’s time to put a little extra effort into showing a little extra love to yourself.
Since Valentine’s Day is the annual day to celebrate love, I decided to create a gift guide that embodies an extra touch of luxury.  These are things that feel a little extra special, so whether you send this list to your special someone as a little hint, or you plan on spoiling yourself a bit..or a lot (hey, I’m married and I still plan on doing a little something for me), these things are sure to help you feel loved and luxurious.

My List

Laura Mercier Body Souffle– I’ve heard so much about the Cremé de Pistache scent, and I finally got to try it walking through a department store.  It is as heavenly as it was made out to be.  The product was rich and hydrating and the smell was to die for.  Want to try more than one scent ( I hear they’re all pretty great)? The Petite Patisserie is a collection of body souffles in all 6 fragrance options.  Perfect for the woman wanting to try something new.
Victoria’s Secret Lacie Set– This perfect and intimate gift is a collection of the famous VS Lacie in a cute heart shaped box for Valentine’s day.  We could always use some new, cute undies.  Am I right?
Urban Decay Naked on the Run– The gift that gives an entire face of makeup in one beautiful palette.  This set contains 6 eye shadows, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and lip color that match one another perfectly for the coveted Urban Decay Naked look.  It’s a great value and limited edition.
Smashbox Contour Stick Trio– Spoil yourself by learning one of the latest and greatest trends in beauty: contouring! This Smashbox set makes it really easy for the beginner to learn how to contour their face to slenderize, shape, and highlight like a pro. It comes with a contour color, highlight color, and warming bronze color.  I know this is something I want to learn this year.  Why not play a bit before your big date?
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush– These blushes have taken the beauty world by storm.  Due to the price, I feel that it is safe to say this is a little luxury to have one in your collection, so Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to pick one up for yourself.  I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Hourglass blushes. The fine mill of the powder, the color selection and payout, and the packaging are all getting two thumbs up from beauty bloggers everywhere.  Pick your shade for the perfect date night flush.
Compartes Chocolate Bars– What is a Valentine’s Day gift guide without chocolate? I heard about these luxurious chocolate bars from Ingrid Nilsen from YouTube.  While these are a tad on the pricy side, the flavors sound to die for, making them a luxurious and fun treat.  With flavors ranging from dark chocolate s’mores, waffle cone, and deep milk chocolate to crazier flavors like cereal bowl, donuts and coffee, and ginger and lemongrass, there is seriously a chocolate bar for everyone.  I’m dying to try at least 10 of these bad boys.  It’s so hard to choose just one!
DVF Wrap Dresses– Okay, so these are top of the line “treat yourself” gift ideas, but I had to mention them because they’ve recently appeared on my radar.  I’ve been listening to the podcast by the writer of The Simply Luxurious Life blog (and am currently reading her book as well) and she mentioned these in her 10 wardrobe essentials. These wrap dresses are flattering and sophisticated and come in so many different looks you could wear them for anything.  The two I posted pictures of above were the two that caught my eye the strongest.  The Riviera is fun and playful, but still has a business-like look about it, and the Amelia halter looks like an amazing date night or party dress.  I know that I’m for sure adding this brand to my “save up for” list.
These are just a few of the things I’ve found that I think would make amazingly luxurious “treat yourself” gifts for Valentine’s day, or any day for that matter.  There are even more options out there.  How about a new Valentine’s Day cover (yes, she has themed ones now!) from Erin Condren for your life planner, or a gift from one of your favorite Etsy shops?
My point is, Valentine’s Day might be a day where people celebrate their love for others, and while I definitely am not suggesting you skip that part (I love an excuse for a night out with my man!) I’m saying that you need to remember to love on yourself a little bit extra too.  That way, whether you have a date or not, you have a perfect reason to celebrate the day of love.

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