Top 5 Holiday Nail Colors


I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 nail colors for the holiday season.  I love deeper colors and holiday sparkle, so here are my top choices:

**note: I tried to take swatches, but my camera was really not cooperating with lighting and such (I use my old iPhone at the moment..working on that) so a flash kind of allowed you to see the color, but not without seeing a reflection as well.  Sorry..*


OPI Diva of Geneva

This is my first of three OPI polishes that made it into the top 5 from the 2010 OPI Switzerland collection.  I think “Diva of Geneva” embodies my idea of the holiday red.  I’ve never been a fan of the really bright, true red on nails and lips, but this color takes the edge off while still being a festive way to wear the color being slightly on the plum side instead of a full on true red. Great when combined with “My Favorite Ornament” which is discussed below.


OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

As you can probably tell by the name, this is also from the 2010 Switzerland collection. This is a combination of silver and a slate grey.  It’s too dark to be considered a silver on its own.  Whatever you choose to call it, it’s brilliant.  It has a great sparkle, but not enough to be overwhelming.  Subtle and festive.


OPI’s My Favorite Ornament

If you like glitters for the holidays run, don’t walk, to the store and get this polish.  This is from the 2013 Mariah Carey holiday line and I think it’s stunning.  “My Favorite Ornament” is a full on sparkle in really light gold.  It’s perfect for the holiday season. Put it on all 10 nails, or use it as a bling finger.  It matches a wide variety of nail polish shades.


Sephora Formula X in Heroic

This is the first of 2 Formula X nail polishes that I purchased.  “Heroic” is considered one of their shifters, meaning the shade kind of changes as you move.  It’s primary shade is sort of a copper bronze and then I see hints of a plummy purple peek through.  I was really impressed with this nail polish and its staying power.  I’m not sure if that was due to the polish itself for the Formula X manicure set (nail cleanser, base and top coats) that I bought with it.  I think this color is great for the fall and winter season.


OPI Cuckoo for This Color

The last of the list and the third pick from the 2010 Switzerland collection, “Cuckoo for This Color” is a really festive turquoise shade.  It definitely leans more toward the blue spectrum of things, although I see it looks a bit more green on the screen.  It reminds me of Christmas dresses and outfits when you want to go with a blue theme rather than traditional red.  The darkness of this shade makes me feel seasonal and alluring.  This is a great one to wear with a pop of “My Favorite Ornament” as well.

Tell me about your favorite holiday nail colors.  I’m always looking for new ones.  Happy Holidays!!


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