That Time When Eating Got Easier

I wasn’t entirely sure how to title this, but I wanted to sit down and write about it anyway.  While this isn’t a weight loss tips, tricks, or advice post, it still involves my weight loss journey in a very major way. I just have no way to explain or classify it.

Eating magically got easier 

The past few weeks I have experienced this weird phenomenon where my appetite has seemed to disappear. Out of nowhere, I have noticed that I’m no longer craving sweet things (I will sing a loud Hallelujah to that!), and in general, I don’t really have the desire to eat much anymore.  Before any of you panic, don’t worry. I am most definitely not starving myself.  I’m making sure I eat enough and supplementing plenty with protein bars, but I legitimately don’t have the desire to run to the pantry or fridge and hunt down something to eat.

Okay, let me modify that a little bit. I do in fact give in to the urge to go to the pantry and fridge and browse for something to eat, but after looking around for 15 seconds, I see nothing that jumps out at me as something I want, so I close the door and walk away empty handed.  That’s the significant detail here.  Nothing is sparking my interest enough to motivate me to make a poor choice. 

Just the other day I was at my parents’ house at 7:30 pm to drop something off. At that point in time I still had 17 Smart Points (out of my daily 30) left for the day and had not eaten dinner yet.  As I was leaving to head home, I was going through the list of options I could drive by and pick up something special since I had so many Points left.  I considered Mariano’s for a 7 sp Poke bowl and a single serving of a brownie (which would have likely put me over 30, but I had the weeklies to spare).  I also knew I’d be driving by Panera and could have a perfectly satisfying meal of soup, salad, and bread for 13 sp.  So as I drove, I thought about what I wanted, and then something weird happened.  I said out loud “You don’t actually need or want any of these things, Brianna. Just go home…”  and I did…

Now, to many of you, my telling you this might seem totally ridiculous and like the most unnecessary over share ever, but then there will be the some of you who get it.  You understand why this is a big deal.  You know how hard it is to drive by your favorite food places and how impossible it sounds to keep on driving simply because you didn’t feel like eating it as you rode past. You wish that you had the same “problem” I have of not having much of an appetite, because to those of us trying to lose weight this isn’t a problem at all, but it’s the solution to our problems. 

Keep in mind, this is the point in a weight loss journey where things can get out of hand, so if you are experiencing the same lack of appetite that I am but are using it to eat next to nothing in the hopes of moving your weight loss journey ahead faster, I beg you to stop right now and get help if necessary.  While it is a wonderful thing to go from wanting to eat all the things to not wanting to, you need to make sure you’re getting the right amount of calories into your body.  Just last night I went through my Weight Watchers tracker and counted the calories of what I ate (not the Smart Points, but the actual calories), just to make sure I had consumed a healthy amount of food for the day.  Starving yourself will get you nowhere.


I can’t begin to tell you how much easier it is to stay on plan when I have no appetite to work with.  I go through a lot of “well, I don’t really want anything, so I will make the good, healthy choice.” when it comes to lunches and dinner (breakfast has never been an issue for me).  I’ve never intentionally grabbed for celery over everything else in the fridge without telling myself I had to eat it.

It’s weird. It’s confusing. I’m trying to take advantage of every moment that I feel this way.

So what is causing this awesome lack of appetite?

The short answer is I don’t know. 

There’s a really good chance that I have finally crossed that line in my journey where actually reaching my goals takes priority over everything else. That happened my first time down to goal, because without an incredible amount of self-control and putting myself as the priority, living in a house with 4 other people not focused on healthy eating should have sabotaged me severely, but it didn’t.

Maybe I’ve finally come to the understanding that because I can eat any food whenever I want, no food is worth going totally crazy over because I can have it anytime. 

Maybe I’ve come to accept that this journey is all about balance, and if I go out and spend 60 Smart Points on one amazing meal, I can get right back on track and likely see a loss on the scale at my next weigh in. 

Maybe it’s the fact that I have let go of the emotional weight food can have on so many of us going through this, and letting go has made everything so much clearer and easier. 

Maybe the fact that I’m actually seeing progress on the scale and in the way my clothes fit is motivating me to do more than before. 

And maybe I will wake up tomorrow and my appetite will be back with full force, causing me to want to eat all of the things, and bringing the struggle right back to the forefront of my mind. 

This journey is a day by day, little by little, step by step road to goal.  If your current place is onboard the struggle bus, that’s fine, just know that you will eventually get off. If you’re currently in a place like me, don’t take it for granted, because tomorrow you could end up being picked up by the struggle bus and not even realize it.  

Have any of you noticed a point in your weight loss journey where everything just clicked? Where you finally felt totally in control and made great decisions without too much of a struggle?  Let me know your story down below.

2 thoughts on “That Time When Eating Got Easier

  1. Juli Almanza says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful! It really DOES get easier, the cravings really DO lessen, and everything eventually becomes HABIT! Even the foods you choose over and over, maybe initially because they are lower in points, or because they are the healthier option, they eventually become your FAVORITE go-to foods and things you crave! You just turned a big corner, girl – enjoy it, you earned it with your hard work and perseverance!!

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