Thinking Out Loud- Vol 4.



1.  Erik is currently headed to his last day of school! I remember the excitement of the last day of school, and while this one isn’t even my last day, it means both of us survived the chaos that is the first year of being in an MBA program.  Go us!  Last night as we were laying in bed trying to fall asleep I made an excited comment about the last day of school, and he was sweet enough to thank me for coming with him for the experience.  Little moments like that make me happy.   For those of you that don’t know, our entire relationship was long distance (I was in Chicago while he was in Florida) and when he found out he was going to be moving to Chapel Hill and he decided to move us forward and take me with.  Then he ended up flying up to Chicago and proposing a week before the move!  While that’s a story for another day, today we celebrate surviving MBA first-year hell.

What’s really funny as just as I had the first two sentences of this written down, Erik walked up to me with a pout on his face and whined “It’s the last day of school….” at me with a sad look on his face.  Once a school nerd, always a school nerd.  lol 🙂


2. I need to take a spot of this post to give a shoutout to a friend of mine, Brooke Birmingham, the blogger behindBrooke: Not On A Diet.    She has had amazing success with Weight Watchers and has been getting some publicity thanks to her story.  Well, her most recent opportunity actually ended up turning into a much bigger one.  She was going to do an interview for Shape Magazine online, but when they didn’t want to take the “after” photo she sent of herself in a bikini top, she declined going through with the interview.  This is a woman who is proud of who she is and has worked hard for her amazing body.  She’s got an amazing heard and a solid head on her shoulders.  Want to know more about my friend Brooke? Check out why she refused to put a shirt on for Shape, and is now on Good Morning America (today!) because of it!  You are an inspiration, my friend.




3. While I feel like I have barely had time to think about my blog this week (okay…lots of thinking, but not a lot of time for doing) I did at least get one perfect little hour long session to write in on Monday.  I parked outside of a Starbucks on a perfect day.  Partly cloudy, 70 degrees and the lightest breeze.  With the cafe music pouring out of the outdoor speakers I sat relaxed and content as I worked on my May Goals post.  Of course, the icing on top of this perfect little blogging cake was the iced coffee and chocolate chip cookie that served as my afternoon pick me up before I went to teach.  I love little moments like that.  I really should strive to create them for myself more often.  What are your little moments of perfect contentment and productivity?



4. Monday was Cinco de Mayo!  Did you celebrate?  While I was out on errands, I ran into this little set at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I texted my husband and said I’d be bringing this lovely sugar free, 0 Points Plus margarita mixers home and it was his job to get the tequila.  We each drank one and watched LOST.  I know, we party like crazy people…



5.  I am so pleased with my beautiful new baby!  This is my Erin Condren address book.  They recently had a sale on the new and improved address books (now with tabs) and I quickly went and snagged one for myself.  I am a huge fan of the Erin Condren brand.  I love how all of her stuff is so bright, colorful and personalized just how you want it.  The customer service at Erin Condren is wonderful too.  Some of you might know that I’m a little obsessed (okay, a LOT obsessed) with my Erin Condren Life Planner, and rightfully so.  Erin Condren products are not only beautiful, but totally functional.  As a woman striving to get organized and balance the roles of music teacher, blogger, housewife and Weight Watcher, it was imperative that I started with something that will keep me motivated to be organized.  Well, Erin Condren products all do that for me.  The address book was just too cute to pass up.  Now I’m on the hunt for quality multi colored erasable pens to accompany my beautiful book.  Check out Erin Condren’s awesome lineup of fun and functional products.  If you use my link and sign up with your email, you’ll get a $10 coupon to help you with your first order (and I do too, which means more Erin Condren products for me to review 🙂 ).  So what are you waiting for?  You KNOW you need something from there.  Seriously…you’ll find something.  It’s a soul sucking experience and I am a victim.


6.  I find a lot of joy in spring and summer nail colors.  It’s always so fun for me to sport just a classic baby pink or a mint green during the summer months.  Currently I have on Zoya “Dot” on and Zoya “Monet” iridescent glitter on my bling finger.  I don’t know if it’s just me, but I get super happy looking at my freshly painted nails.  Am I the only one that gets regularly excited by this?


7.  Random fact I learned this week: Green Skittles are actually no longer lime flavored, but green apple flavored.  Apparently I really missed the news flash on that.  A student brought in a big tin of Skittles for me and as we were munching we were talking about the flavors and when I was talking about hating lime flavors her response was “Umm, green hasn’t been lime in at least a year..”  That just shows you how often I eat Skittles.  Mind blown.


8. Because Erik is leaving in a few weeks for the summer he and I have already started the planning process behind our honeymoon cruise that is coming up in August.  Yesterday I went to the Container Store (aka one of my favorite places ever) and found this awesome carry on bag for our flight to Italy and home from Spain. The purple roller is from Macys, and is equally as awesome, but I needed something that would prevent me from having to ask Erik to get the purple bag down from the overhead bin every time I needed something.   I’m super excited about it.  What are your tips, tricks, and favorite products for packing.  We’re going on a 12 night cruise.  Since packing is one of my least favorite things ever anything that makes it easier and more enjoyable is always welcome.

9.  Have you ever been in desperate need of a lazy day?  Like, a sleep in until 10 (or whenever) then lazily curl up and read books or watch movies until it’s time to go back to bed day?  I think my body needs one of those, but my mind won’t let me do it.  I have this severe disappointment with myself if I sleep in too late or don’t log activity on my Fitbit and ActiveLink or do something productive.  Maybe if I try and balance the two?  Take a leisurely midday walk and have my reading be productive reading?  How do you do your lazy days?

10.  Mother’s day is Sunday!  Are you ready?

2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud- Vol 4.

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I read Brooke’s post last night and omigosh… so much love for that lady. It’s so refreshing to see someone sticking their guns and not sacrificing their beliefs for the sake of exposure. I’m glad that her REAL story is going to be getting some more attention. We need more things like that in the world. And seriously about the green skittles? Mind.Blown 😯 I’m thinking I’m going to have to go out and buy a bag for myself. Now if only they switched over the yellow ones from lemon to banana. I was never a huge fan of those.

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I agree with the lemon Skittles. I’ve never really been a huge fan of citrus flavors (except for little orange clementines and lemon bars) so I literally went through the tub my student bought me and picked out the red ones. Red/pink flavors are my favorites. Seriously, try the green. It’s crazy! The things I learn from 12 year olds..

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