Thinking out Loud Vol 3

This Thursday is definitely for thinking out loud.. there’s a whole lot of random going on in this post.  It’s nice to actually be encouraged to think out loud and type it out every so often.  I think it gives readers a better look into my every day and who I am.  Maybe? Maybe not?.. anyway, read on.


Last night a sad thing happened.  I got home from teaching a little early and was thrilled to sit down and start working ahead on some blog posts (this one included) only to open up my computer and discover that the hard drive had crashed.  As far as my computer was concerned there wasn’t even iOS software on it.  Luckily I had backed up my computer about a week ago, so I decided that I’d simply restore it.  Well, it decided the hard drive was locked and thus nothing could be restored.  I know I’m just starting out in this whole blogging business, but isn’t this type of situation basically a blogger’s worst nightmare?  Needless to say I was so depressed last night that I threw on sweats, cried a little bit (PMS and this just sort of sent me over the emotional edge), made a chocolate chip pumpkin mini cake and watched TV.  No work got done…

Thankfully, my darling husband was already planning on getting me a brand new MacBook Pro once his tax refund came in, so in the grand scheme of things it’s not such a big deal I guess, but getting my plans of actually being efficient and putting forth effort shot down by unforeseen circumstances has always been discouraging to me.  When I actually get motivated to do something like work or clean, I need to strike while the iron is hot (trust me, I’m working on getting that iron to stay hot more often…work in progress), and last night the iron burned me bad..  *sigh*  I also like to work on things that are mine, so currently sitting and typing on hubby’s MacBook, which is much larger and heavier than mine, is not nearly as enjoyable as I’d like it to be.  I think a little extra time with God is in order today to help get my heart and head straight… Sometimes my mood is so stubborn that I feel like even if I try, a major case of the grumps and negativity just longs to stick around..

Here ends the “woe is me” part of my thinking out loud session..

Speaking of time with God, how is your season of Lent going (for those who participate)?   I’ve been subscribed to an interesting little blog series that’s happening on the website of Good Shepard Lutheran Church in Old Bridge, New Jersey entitled “40 Things to Give Up for Lent and Beyond.”  Every day we get a new email about something we should give up for Lent (and forever), and while I haven’t had the time to actually sit and do the Bible study and fully read the daily emails (that’s part of what spring break is for), I at least check the email to see what the subject is.  In this blog series you won’t find that they ask you to give up things like Starbucks, chocolate, alcohol or potato chips, but this goes down much deeper on an emotional and spiritual level.  They discuss giving up things like going through the motions, guilt, negativity, and the pursuit of happiness.  It’s a really interesting thing to think about.  I mentioned that I found a blog post by this pastor on my Lenten post when I discussed why I’m not giving up chocolate this year, but Good Shepard is really making this Lent one to truly think about.  Check it out for yourself.  

Spring break is coming!  At least it is for me.  The music school I work at is on spring break next week, and since today is my last day of teaching for the week, I will be on spring break by the time I get home this evening (I just realized that as I started this paragraph, and I’ll admit it brightened my mood a bit).  I’ve really been looking forward to spring break, not because there’s a big trip or event planned, but actually quite the opposite.  Outside of leading my usual Wednesday Weight Watchers meeting, I have nothing I have to do.  Nada!   Thank goodness for that.  Erik is back in school too, which basically means he’s away during the day (and has a lot of evening things next week, sadly) leaving me alone to be productive.  Now, I’m not at all a fan of sitting around and doing nothing, so obviously that’s not going to happen, but I’ve made big plans for my spring break that will make it productive and rejuvenating. A few things on the spring break to do list are:

  • If all goes right, get my new computer (cross your fingers and say a prayer.  I’d LOVE to be able to get my new computer up and running while I have the time to sit and organize it)
  • Get ahead on blog posts
  • Spend quality time at the gym (not obligated time, but extra, work hard, sweat more time)
  • Start working on the music theory workbooks I purchased with good intentions back in December and haven’t even opened  yet
  • Practice the music for Easter’s church service (I get to go back to IL and sing with my church choir) that I’ve touched a whole one time since I got it
  • Get a massage
  • Try and spruce up my blog on a more technical level.  I’ve still got a LOT to learn and will finally have a little time to do it.
  • Read, read, read.  I’m in the middle of Insurgentthe second book in the Divergent series, and my student gave me homework (yes, I let my 12 year old voice student give me homework).  She had “The Fault in Our Stars” with her, was done reading it, and insisted that I take it home to read over break. 
  • Catch up on a few TV shows.
  • Do some cleaning and organizing

You know, all that productive good stuff that you can never manage to find time to do.

And on the TV watching subject, Hulu Plus has given me access to Master Chef: Junior Edition, which is totally blowing my mind.  The oldest kid in this competition is 13 and the youngest is 8…and they cook better than I ever could.  These kids are so knowledgeable in food, technique and things of the like that it makes me feel ashamed to call myself an aspiring housewife who can rock the kitchen.  True, when you try to make meals Weight Watchers friendly it takes  a lot of things (such as frying things and using scads of butter and cream) out of the mix of what I commonly do, but seriously…these kids are blowing my mind.  If you can find access to it, please watch it.  Also, watching Gordon Ramsay, the super mean and scary chef from the TV show “Hell’s Kitchen” be amazingly wonderful and kind to these children is seriously heart warming.

In an effort to  better my blog I’ve been trying to find different ways to present my information, widgets and things of the like.  I joined Shopsensse, which lets me create fun little widgets to show of content in a slightly different way.  Below is just a bunch of products I’m currently loving ( and a few, like the Kiehl’s serum, that I’m wanting).  Of course the Cinnabon coffee managed to get on there.  As I’m writing I’m currently sipping away.

As I strive to make my blog better, I want to ask all of you: what kind of things would you like to see on Diva and the Divine??  Comment below and let me know!!

Spring is trying so desperately to show it’s pretty face here in Chapel Hill, but when mornings like this (mornings that clock in at 27 degrees…brrrrr) are common it makes me wonder when I can actually expect it to show up.  Nevertheless, technically spring is here.  Wishing everyone a happy spring break, warm weather and sunshine and a blessed week!

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