Thinking Out Loud: May Day!

1. It’s May!  I love the start of a new month.  I get to set new goals (the post that I will start after I type up this one) and I just feel a renewed sense of motivation.  Not to mention that May (usually) means the official end to the winter weather.  April was a bit sketchy on that for a few weeks.


2.  I exclusively drink Starbucks iced coffee when the weather is hot. While I was out the other day I was able to pick this beauty up.  There is something so amazingly refreshing about an iced coffee.  Perhaps the extra strong caffeination has a little something to do with it?   Either way, this was the first of many that I will enjoy this spring/summer.  It deserved a photo 🙂


3.  This month I decided is “No-Weigh May.”  I find myself regularly ruled by the stupid number on the scale and I have decided I’ve had enough.  I thought this was the perfect opportunity to banish the scale for 4 weeks and just focus on all of the other, more important things on my wellness journey.  You can find my post on this idea here.  Do any of you feel ruled by the scale?  How do you cope?

4.  The one bad thing about May is that my husband leaves for his summer internship at the end of the month.  He’ll be in Atlanta, busy being a business man and leaving me behind.  I want to think that I will handle this with grace and ease…but I really think I’m going to struggle it.  Even staying busy all summer I just have this fear that I won’t handle things well emotionally.  The lingering cloud of doom looms on the end of this month.  I best make sure I enjoy the time that I have left with him..  Advice?


5.  THIS is what I found in my bedroom on Tuesaday morning.  I have an unreasonably strong fear of spiders (well, bugs in general, but especially spiders).  Like, this guy almost made me cry several times.  I tried to poison him by spraying him with my home made disinfectant (just rubbing alcohol and water) and he ran behind my dresser.  After not seeing him for a long time I kind of assumed he died under there, so I went about my day (very cautiously every time I walked into the bedroom) and asked my husband to please remove the bottom drawers of the dresser and get rid of the body when he got home.  Well, he did part of what I asked…except when he removed the drawers there was NO BODY!  Which means he got away somewhere.  I now am terrified he will come back and I am still extremely on edge every time I walk into the bedroom.  This has been going on for 2 days.  I don’t know when my fear of this disappearing giant will subside.. *shudder*

6.  I joined that Netflix for Books site, Oyster.  While they don’t have every book I’m looking to read, they do have a TON of awesome, newly released books.  Best part? $10 a month!  Okay $9.95 if you want to get specific.  It’s really quite awesome.  I’m in the middle of a book called “The Slight Edge” and wow is it a motivational book.  Fabulous!  When I decided I wanted to talk about this site I went to look just to see if there was some sort of referral link for members, and of course there is.  I will shamelessly post the link here, but for a good reason.  Apparently if you sign up through my link, we BOTH get $15 in credit.  Now, by my math that’s a free month and a half for us both.  Lovely.  So, if you’re interested in trying it out, head on over and get reading.  I’m really enjoying the unlimited access thing.  One of my goals has been to become more of a bookworm anyway.  So far, so good.  

7.  As I begin to work on setting my goals for May, I would love to know what some of yours are.  Feel free to tell me if there’s anything in particular you want to achieve this month.  I love hearing about other people’s goals.

8.  I have become addicted to the app BitStrips.  I should probably be ashamed of this, but I’m really not.  It got even more entertaining when I created an avatar for my husband and now the app puts us in comic strips together.  Clearly I need something better to do with my time..

9.   I found a pair of PJs that I am dying to go and find.  Apparently they’re at Forever 21 which means they are really inexpensive and, lets face it, being the coffee addict that I am, they’re perfect for me.  Do you know of any fun coffee themed things that I might not know about?  I’m kind of obsessed.

10.  I don’t really have a #10, so I will leave it at that.  Happy May, my friends!

One thought on “Thinking Out Loud: May Day!

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I need those PJ’s in my life! I’ve seen that shirt floating around, and I had no idea it was from Forever 21. And I think giving up the scale for May is a great idea! I stopped weighing myself years ago and it was seriously one of the best things I ever did. Nothing quite like the freedom that it brings 🙂

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