Thinking Out Loud: Easter Edition

This week has completely flown by!  I can’t believe that it’s already Thursday.  We went to Illinois for Easter weekend and have been moving full speed since we returned home.


We arrived at O’hare on Thursday afternoon where we went straight from the airport to the allergist since the North Carolina pollen seemed to be destroying me. Chceck out the picture of my car.  See the powder particles? That would be the pine pollen that is taking over our world.   She sent me on my merry way with 4 new prescriptions.  Score!



Candy!  Oh the Easter candy!   My family was awesome and bought me an abundance of chocolate covered Peeps because I mentioned they were my favorite find of the season.  Needless to say, between the haul they gave me and my hitting up Target and Walgreens on the day after Easter (hello candy that’s 50% off!) I am set on those guys for quite awhile.



Here’s one of my other Easter candy favorites.  The Cadbury creme eggs are disgustingly sweet, but there is something about the oozy gooey, not quite sure what it is, filling that is just oh so delightful to me.  It’s a good thing these bad boys only come out once a year.


I got to see my dogs!  As always, I was much more excited to see them than they were to see me.  I was a very exciting thing for a whole 60 seconds when I first came in, but after that they really didn’t care.  It was nice to feel some puppy love again, as I am without a pet of my own in Chapel Hill (and for those thinking it, no, my husband does not count).  Pictured above is Killer, an obese Chihuahua with a tummy like no other.  Half blind, mentally not all there, but a huge source of joy in my parent’s house.  I could not resist taking a picture of the ridiculous fatness.


Friday a group of us (my mom, aunt, youngest sister Deanna, Erik and me) went to Woodfield mall.  My aunt and I would frequently shop together and since my move we haven’t had the chance.  Awhile back I was in White House Black Market and saw this awesome green jacket.  Since prices in there are so high, I waited for something I really wanted to spend my gift card on.  Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about this freaking jacket, so I decided to see if it was in the store at Woodfield.  There was one left and it happened to fit me perfectly.  I decided I was meant to have this jacket and used my gift cards for my awesome new wardrobe addition.  How do you guys decide what clothing and accessories are worth the splurge and which ones aren’t?  I figured since a month went by and I STILL wanted the jacket, that was a sure sign it was worth it.


On Saturday we watched the Blackhawks play and colored Easter eggs.  It seemed like a much bigger deal when we were kids, but it was still a fun thing to do.  We had to use birthday candles to draw on the eggs since the coloring kit failed to have a crayon in it.  How pretty!


Erik and I went to breakfast with my grandfather and his girlfriend to a place called Eggsperiance.  I decided to enjoy my breakfast and not worry about the Points Plus and ended up getting strawberry crepes with Nutella.  O..M..G.. the deliciousness was overwhelming.  Worth it!  Erik decided he was going to be all healthy and got an egg white omlette loaded with veggies.  To our surprise, this is what showed up..



Look at that madness!!!  That’s seriously 4 days worth of breakfast for me.  The waitress said she loves seeing people’s faces when they order that and don’t know what they’re getting themselves into.  It looked like a giant pancake or something.


The weekend went by fast.  Lots of family time, singing at 5 church services, and a trip to O’hare later we were back in Chapel Hill Easter night, exhausted and wishing we had an extra day off to recover from the long weekend.




Of course I went out on Monday to see what sort of day-after-Easter sales I could find.  Picked up even more chocolate covered Peeps and went to see what was on sale at Pier 1.  That cute candy bowl now houses some of our candy haul form Illinois.  I’ve been loving picking up holiday specific wreathes too, and Pier 1 has some cute ones!


I got sent this surprise from a secret sister from a very special group of ladies I’m in.  I love that instead of an abundance of candy, she sends my a ton of little fun flavored alcohols.  Party time!


One of my students went to Paris over spring break, and knowing my obsession with French macaroons, she bought be a box of them from THE bakery to get them from, Ladurée.  They were ridiculously priced, so I am flattered that she felt I was worth spending that kind of money on and they were absolutely delicious.  What is your favorite food splurge?


SO yummy!


Spring is here, my friends!  I’ve busted out my lovely crocheted TOMs and am ready for sunny days and walks outside.  May is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about new goals, spring cleaning and summer!  What are you looking forward to ?

That’s all for my thinking out loud today.  Wishing you all a very happy almost Friday!

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  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Glad to hear that you had such a lovely Easter weekend! Mine was filled with lots of family time and more chocolate than I care to think about 😆 But can we just talk about those crepes for a second? Crepes have got to be my absolute favourite breakfast/brunch food, and while I usually take mine with cream cheese and jam (mostly because I can’t eat Nutella 😕 ), the thought of an ooey gooey chocolate spread with strawberries has me weak in the knees…

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