Thinking Out Loud #6

Happy Thursday!


1.  Two days until Erik leaves for Atlanta for the summer, and needless to say my emotions are not handling it well.  Thanks to all bummer emotions being heightened by an expected visit from my monthly visitor (yay PMS… ) I had a freakout when I got home from work on Monday and Erik wasn’t home from getting drinks with some friends.  I think my mind registered that this is what my nights would be every night very soon.  My heart is very sad, but at least it’s because Erik will be trying his hand at a career he has wanted and been working for longer than he’s known me.  Great summer for him, depressing one for me.


2. One thing that put a little sunshine in my otherwise emotional disaster of a week was my trip to Starbucks the other day.  I checked the Points Plus values of a skinny iced vanilla latte to see if it was the same as the hot and I discovered that I had been cheating myself!  I’ve been counting my grande lattes as 3 Points when in actuality, both hot and iced are only 2!!  I did a big old happy dance knowing that I can save an extra Point every time I head over to Starbucks for my coffee fix.  It’s the little, 1 Point things that make the difference 🙂


3. Speaking of Points Plus, I was so well behaved on Tuesday that I had 8 PPV left to spend AFTER my post-dinner ice cream treat!  I couldn’t even believe it?  The solution: 1 chocolate covered Peep (3), 2 Russell Stover Cookie Dough mini eggs (4) and 2 strawberry Peeps (1).  It was a very happy evening for my sweet tooth.  When I actually stay on track awesome things like that happen.  Imagine that…



4.  One of my student’s moms loves keeping me posted on the Broadway happenings.  Yesterday she brought me this amazing chunk of the New York Times titled “The Tony Issue.”  Broadway’s Tony Nominees for best actress are pictured right on the front, and among them are two of my favorites: Idina Menzel and Sutton Foster.  Heck YES!  A special shoutout to the lovely mom that brought that in for me.  I can’t wait to devour it before the Tony Awards.



5.  We were on an airplane this weekend and I saw something that I’ve never seen before.  When we landed, steam started pouring into our plane.  I thought it would only last a few minutes, but it was still coming in after we taxied to the gate and while we were unloading.  The older woman next to me was really huffy about it.”I have flown a hundred times before and this has NEVER happened.  Something is very wrong!”  We are all still alive, so I’m thinking it was okay, but it was still really odd.


6. Erik and I binged on the last of LOST last night.  I woke up still thinking about the series finale and what the heck it was supposed to mean.  One aspect of it I understood and appreciated, but the other…what the heck???  If anyone has favorite books or articles about LOST, feel free to link them below, as I will be looking things up later.




7.  I woke up to this on my whiteboard this morning.  Apparently Erik wrote it yesterday and I failed to see it before going to bed.  I know it was yesterday because he’s still in bed after our binge watching of LOST last night.  It’s the little things, like finding love notes on the fridge 🙂  Have I mentioned I’m going to miss him?


8. I love days when I get fun boxes to open, don’t you?  Packages just make me happy 🙂


9. I mentioned we went to Florida last weekend.  We ate out pretty much every meal, and this was one of the highlights.  It’s a S’mores cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.  Run, don’t walk!  It’s AH-MAZING!



10.  And lastly, this is the sunset in my in-laws back yard.  That back yard is probably one of the most peaceful places I currently know of.  Just looking out the window makes me so happy and relaxed. It’s always a joy to go spend some time at that house.  Stunning!



Wishing you all a happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Okay that bit with the plane is seriously freaky! I probably would have started panicking and barrelled over people just to get off — I’ve never seen that happen before either! And can you believe that I’ve never seen Lost? It’s one of those shows that I keep meaning to commit to, but I have such a hard time sitting down to watch TV that it just hasn’t happened yet. I keep hearing good things, though!

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