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Getting ready for a new year tends to mean the release of some new materials for Weight Watchers.  This year their member success kit received a makeover for 2014.  Being an employee of the company (I’m a leader in the meeting room), we were allowed to pick up this set for free, but I’ll be perfectly honest in saying I would have paid every penny for it anyway.  I’m a sucker for new materials.  I find they motivate me and keep me inspired, and even though I’m a lifetime member, I still need daily motivation to live the plan to its full potential.  This set is packed with materials that are there to help set you up for success on the Weight Watchers plan.  I am so excited about this kit that I wanted to give all of you a look inside.



First, the “Your Success” kit comes packed in this awesome bag.  Fear not, friends who aren’t a fan of the crazy bright colors pictured above, the kit also comes in two other colors (a zebra pattern with a brown flap, and a navy checkered pattern), so you aren’t resigned to get the super bright tote.  This bag can be used for several things, but the most logical and productive use of this bag is a lunchbox.  The tote is nicely insulated, keeping food cold for hours, which is great for people on the go like me.  When I carted my Suja juices around for my Suja Juice 3-Day Cleanse, this bag (surprisingly) kept the bottles cold the entire time I was at my music studio.  It’s a great start, and I haven’t even told you about what is inside yet!


No Weight Watchers kit would be complete without a cookbook to add to your collection.  This book has never before seen recipes for all different parts of your day from breakfast through dessert.  I like the added detail of having all power food ingredients highlighted in green (and the book is heavy in those power foods), and it offers 50 recipes for Simple Start, which is our 2014 orientation for new members.


Your success kit would not help you be as successful unless it provided you with the new and improved Plan and Track 12 week journal.  This paper tracker book contains all of the elements of the older one, as well as a place for you to plan out your meals for the week (and write the grocery list), you can jot down where to find your recipes, take notes, and have a weekly round up.  There is a lot of emphasis on the fact that those who plan ahead are more likely to succeed.


This is the part of the kit I am most excited about.  “Find Your Fingerprint” is the book/workbook by the same author of the handbook found in last year’s kit (which I also loved).  I’ve already started working through it and I can’t wait to see how it continues to inspire and motivate me.  In my opinion, this book would pretty much be worth the cost of the entire kit, and it’s just one of many elements you get in the kit.


In an effort to set up your spaces for success Weight Watchers gives you a collapsable vegetable steamer that conveinently  fits in your brand new lunch bag.  No more does eating healthy on the go have to mean soggy steamed veggies that sit around until you eat them.  Now you can bring your veggies fresh, add a little water to the bottom of this guy and pop the container in the microwave and like magic, freshly steamed veggies!


Weight Watchers also decided to excuse-proof your workouts.  This deck of cards can be treated like a game, making every day a different workout.  Each color represents a different body part, and every card has one exercise on it.  The card then explains what muscles the move will work, how to do the move, and repetition suggestions based on experience level.  Pick a specific type of card to work through or give the cards a shuffle and let fate determine what muscles get worked out.  They come in a nice little box as well.


These stickers are pretty self explanatory.  While there are some foods on the market that come with a Weight Watchers Points Plus label on them, many do not.  Now you can apply your own to the food already in your house or coming home from the store.  These stickers make it really effortless to track if the number is printed right on the box or bag of whatever it is you’re reaching for. Three sheets of these stickers are included.  Be sure to measure out your portion size!


Last, but most certainly not least, is $45 worth of coupons for various Weight Watchers products (and a few things endorsed by them).  Some coupons need to be spent in a Weight Watchers store, and others can be redeemed at the local grocery store.  There’s even a coupon for a free Points Plus calculator for new members.  Don’t need a new calculator?  Use that coupon to get yourself a free box of mini-bars ($7.50 value).  It’s a win-win for everyone!

There you have it!  All of this Weight Watchers awesomeness can be purchased at your local Weight Watchers store for $39.95.  Seeing how the coupons alone are worth $45 I’d say the price is pretty outstanding.  Weight Watchers really is trying to set you up for success in many different areas with this kit.

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