The Influenster J’adore Voxbox



I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of Influenster’s latest VoxBox, full of fun and exciting things for me to try.  Thank you Influenster for all of the free goodies!


What was inside?  Well, let me tell you..

My Influenster haul started off with an epic family sized bag of Hershey’s Kisses (Valentine’s Day colored of course valued at $5.29).  I’m not at all sure why they would have put this in a box of products to review, but I’m definitely not complaining.  I LOVE Hershey’s chocolate, and the kisses are some of my faves.  They’re small, so I can have one (or a few) in controlled numbers and the colors of the foil always look classy and fabulous sitting out in a dish.  Rating for these is an A+++.  Thanks for feeding my chocolate addiction..

Next up I discovered KISS Looks So Natural Lashes ($3.99).  Now, I don’t normally use falsies on a regular basis, but being the theater person that I am, I will inevitably be on stage again, and any theater nerd knows that false eyelashes are common in glomming yourself up for the stage.  I will be saving these for when that happens.

Frizz Ease is a brand name I’ve known about for years and have purchased on more than one occasion.  3-Day Straight is a spray that you spritz through wet or damp hair and blow dry straight.  Run a straightener through when dry and this product promises you straight hair for 3 days.  I did in fact try this.  Showered and styled on Thursday and didn’t wash my hair again until Saturday, only using some dry shampoo to touch up some oil roots on Friday, and my hair actually did stay looking fabulous the entire time.  Win from Frizz Ease.  ($9.99)

As I write I am currently enjoying a cup of the Red Rose Creme Caramel tea ($4.49 for 20 teabags).  It definitely has a sweet caramel taste to it.  While it isn’t as powerful as some other sweet teas I’ve tried, it has a nice subtle flavor to it.  Perfect for a sweet pick me up.

Influenster sent me a new face mask to try! Boots Botanics Shine Away Iconic Clay Mask ($9.39) is supposed to remove access oil and deep clean the skin.  Apparently the clay exhibits a negative electrical charge which is supposed to aid in drawing out skin’s impurities.  I have not had the chance to try this yet, but I certainly look forward to it.

Added bonus for my husband: Influenster sent me Vaseline Men Spray Lotion to have my man try.  Honestly, we both tried it. He said it burned his skin a bit, which I guess is typical of aerosol products and his skin.  I noticed a cooling sensation more than anything with an added “men’s cologne” smell to boot.  It dried quickly, like the product promises and left my skin smooth.  I think Erik was too hung up on the slight burn to say anything really positive about it, but I’ll have him continue to use it and see what he says.


Thank you Influenster for this awesome VoxBox full of goodies.





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