Facing the Munchie Monster!

 Munchie Monster

Today is a day I just want to eat everything.  I feel like even if I stuff myself to the point of being uncomfortable that I will still not be satisfied.



When something like this happens, it is really easy for me to throw up my hands and say ” Well, forget it.  I already screwed my day, why not just eat what I want and start fresh tomorrow?”  We all know there is a huge danger in this.  First we stop tracking for the day, then we make excuses for the rest of the week, and before you know it the scale starts creeping up.  Perhaps that’s a slight over dramatization, but many of you will agree this is a cycle that we face all to often.  When it feels like the easiest thing to do is give up and quit counting the rest of your day (week, month..whatever) you need to be stronger than the little, dessert carrying devil on your left shoulder and do what might be the hardest thing instead, and no..the answer is not stop.

The answer is track!

Track what you’re eating anyway.  Even if it is the worst lack of self-discipline day you’ve had in months and your binge continues, write it down!

What does this do?  It keeps you accountable!  I have found that accountability is a key component to my personal success.  When I had to weigh in in front of my Weight Watchers leader, it gave me a really good extra bit of motivation to make the decisions that get the scale to down, or at the very least, stay the same.  Now that I don’t have to weigh in every week, it’s really easy for me to avoid stepping on the scale and facing the possibility (and sometimes reality) of the scale going up.  I finally got over myself and decided that my avoiding and denying it won’t change the truth, and I started facing my monster on the scale regardless of what it said.

I decided that I had to try that tactic with my “I want to eat the world” day that I’m having today.  Instead of throwing in the towel and giving up until tomorrow, I decided to track everything that has gone in my mouth.  Sure, the reality might be it’s before 7:00pm, I haven’t eaten dinner and I technically only have 1 Point left to spend today… but the reality also is I have 45 weekly Points still sitting in my “savings account” (I use banking terms to describe earning and spending Points in my meetings) since my weigh in day (therefore weekly Points reset day) and therefore I am still doing just fine.  I have a Hungry Girl soup recipe cooking and even if I enjoy that AND a snack later, odds are I will still have some weekly Points left!

I’m not doing as bad as I thought:-)

What else might holding yourself accountable for your “mistakes” do? Well, writing them down just might be the wakeup call you need to motivate you put a stop to what you’re doing right then and there.  Learning to face those little demons can also help your self-discipline and self-confidence in much bigger ways.

I know that’s what I’m starting to experience.  Since I want to get more self-diciplined in so many ways, facing my Munchie Monster today certainly gave me a dose of confidence to help me know I can succeed in other areas as well.


Face your demons and beat that Munchie Monster!

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