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Today is an entirely different Spotlight on Etsy post.  I stumbled across the Humbled Hearts Daybook when Cori (aka The Reset Girl) happened to mention it in a video.  The mention was quick, as she was just showing what she kept in her extra wide Foxy Fix notebook, but because she said it was a prayer book, I was intrigued and researched more.  It turned out that the book was available on Etsy through Hazel Berry Design, so I reached out to the lovely owner, Jillian, and she offered to send me a book for review.  To say I was excited would be an understatement.

The Humbled Hearts Daybook is a simple, yet brilliant way to guide your prayers to God. It covers a lot of bases, touching on everything from forgiveness, goals and dreams, to giving thanks.  Christian friends, this book will inspire, encourage, and motivate you every step of the way during your quiet time with God.



The Humbled Hearts Daybook is a 4 month prayer book and has 4 identical sections containing prayer prompts for all areas in your life.  The cover offers 3 patterns (blue stripes, black dots, and floral) each with a stunning gold foil label.  The book is simply beautiful on the outside, but inside is where the true beauty happens.

Inside the prayer book you find prompts and guidance to help you lead youur prayer time with God. I started using mine this morning, and I found that I had an urge to fill out most of the sections right away. I decided that the way I will use the Daybook as a sort of script.  I’m writing down my thoughts, needs, etc, and then can flip through them as I pray to make sure I remember to pray for what I need.

There are quite a few sections in the book, and I feel that each one is absolutely brilliant.  Jillian really covered all of the bases with this little beauty. I find a specific importance in each and every section, and it’s great to be reminded to bring each one of these topics to God daily.

  • Prayer Requests: 2 pages of a list where you can pray for those around you (friends, family, foes, or anyone).  Yu fill in their name (or “sad man I saw at the coffee shop today”) and what they need so you can pray for them each individually.
  • Daily Prayer Needs: This is a section for me to write a line about what I need on any given day.  There are enough lines for every day of the month, and they all say “Date:” and “Today I need: ” and you fill it in according to your specific needs that day. Today, I prayed for my personal focus and motivation to be productive, as that area of my life has not been too great lately.
  • On My Heart: 2 pages to brain dump anything and everything weighing on your heart that you want to bring to God.  Fill it all in at once, or do a little at a time.  It’s free space for whatever you need.

Daybook 2


Following those pages are a set of two pages which I’m loving.  These pages are filled with simple lists of things we might forget to bring to God and most definitely should.

  • Struggles and Fears: Write them down and pray about them.  God will guide you through.
  • Forgiveness: Whether you need to forgive a friend or even yourself, it’s important to give that forgiveness.
  • Goals and Dreams: No dream is too big or too small to bring to God.  What are you dreaming about lately?
  • Intentional Living: List the top 3 things you want to be intentional about this month.
  • Joy Stealers: 3 things that steal your joy.  Wrap them up and give them to God.  You don’t need them anymore.
  • Don’t Give Up: 3 things you won’t give up on.
  • Gratefulness: on the next page is a list of 10 things that we’re grateful for.  No matter how bad things can get, everyone has something they can be grateful to God for.

I’m sure many of us make lists similar to these already, but there is a huge power in remembering to address these things when in prayer with God.  Telling God about all of this is an action, a first step to being one step closer to your dream or further from your fear.  I love that feeling.

Following the guided sections is a Bible verse and then you move on to section 2.  The book isn’t long or difficult, but it’s a simple way to help your mind and heart get everything that it wants to and needs out to God.  I’m looking forward to seeing how something as simple as this little book will help me grow closer to God, stronger in prayer, and maybe even change my life a little.  Nothing is impossible.

If you’re interested in getting your own Humbled Hearts Daybook, make sure you check out Hazel Berry Design’s shop on Etsy. There are a few cute art prints and stationary in her shop as well, but the Daybook is definitely what brought me over there.

Do you use any type of prompted journal similar to this one? Let me know in the comments below.

*The Humbled Hearts Daybook was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own*

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