The Friday 5: October 25, 2013

Good morning, friends.  It’s currently 6:00 am and I’m settled into a seat at the RDU United terminal.  Why??


Illinois, Here I Come!

I’m headed back to the lovely Northwest suburbs of Chicago to see family, friends, and my puppies (this is a big deal.  I miss them SO much) because it is my bridal shower/bachelorette party weekend!  A few gifts have already been sent to our apartment, so that’s just kind of geared me up with an “OMG this whole thing is ACTUALLY HAPPENING” mentality.  You would think that after 4 months of being around Erik on a daily basis, my mind would click that this wedding thing is actually happening, but when it’s all talking and I don’t see anything that makes it real, it’s hard to believe.  At home there are things for the wedding tables, and other odds and ends that I haven’t seen yet.  After this weekend we are just about at 2 months to go, and it will definitely feel more real.


What’s the Plan?

A 7 am flight, which should start boarding momentarily (type fast, Bri, type fast!), followed by a reunion with my dogs!!  If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m kind of missing the love of my puppies.  I was a good girl and made an eye doctor appointment for today, and this evening I head over to the salon that my sister’s best friend works at, and she is my beauty-fyer for the wedding day.  Today I get a trial run of hair and makeup.  Ah, a glimpse of how I’ll look on my wedding day!

Tomorrow is the big day.  Meeting with my aunt’s friend, Eileen (who is basically family), who is designing our centerpieces, our florist is visiting the church, then Bridal Shower time!  I have no idea what to expect at either party happening tomorrow, which is kind of fun and a bit scary.  Tomorrow night is my bachelorette party!  My almost mother and sister in-law are flying in this evening. I’m so glad they can come and be a part of this time with me.  Sadly, Erik won’t be joining me on this journey due to school conflicts, but we are going to try and Skype him in.

Sunday I fly home, but not until I go to church (yes, the morning after my bachelorette party) and sing in choir.  That completes the feeling of home 🙂



That’s the abbreviation for the music school I teach at.  Last night I taught my first studio class; a rhythm lesson and masterclass.  My rhythm section used the Cup song made famous by the movie Pitch Perfect.  Expect the video to be on youtube soon, as our admin recorded several parts of my class.  I also have 22 students now.  22!!!  I am so blessed to be able to earn money by passing my love of singing on to kids.


This week was also my last week at Kohls 🙂 🙂


Wicked Week!

This next week is what I call “Wicked Week,” as the 30th lands in this week.  On that day my favorite musical will celebrate 10 years since the day it opened on Broadway.  It is still performing strong every single night.  I knew that show was something special.


Popular Song

And now, a video from a pop singer who is enough of a Wicked fan to put a piece of it in his song.  LOVE this.  Can you tell where it is?

Sorry this post feels rushed.  I board in 3 minutes, and wanted to get this up before I’m bombarded by the 4 fuzzy dogs waiting for me in IL.   Have an AMAZING weekend.  I know I will.

Don’t worry, you’ll hear all about it 😉


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