The Friday 5: November 1, 2013

Many things have happened since last week’s Friday 5, and I plan on telling you about all of them in separate posts, but here’s the Friday 5 to hold you over 😉


Apparently Halloween is a huge deal in Chapel Hill, specifically on Franklin Street. We’re talking several emails from UNC went out regarding safety rules and warnings.   We were originally planning on taking part in the chaos, but due to the fact Erik had to be out of the house at 5am this morning (for another career trek, but this time just to Charlotte.  he’ll be home tonight!) we decided a night in was more our speed.  We curled up with about half an hour of Scream before he decided it wasn’t captivating (I had seen it before), so our attempt at a horror movie turned into watching this past Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time.  That’s a win in my book.  All but one of my students chose Halloween over their lesson today, and no trick-or-treaters stopped by our place.  A low key Halloween for the win!  Today I will be raiding a few home decor stores for clearance decor 🙂

Illinois Trip

As some of you may know, last weekend I went back to Illinois to enjoy the awesome bridal shower and bachelorette parties that were planned for me.  It was an awesome time that left me feeling incredibly loved and blessed.  I even got up and sang at church Sunday with almost no voice just because it was good to be back.  I won’t say anymore because there will be a post on each of these events coming soon.

Controlling the Chaos

I feel like my apartment, body and life is in such disarray right now.  My parents were awesome enough to drive al our our amazing shower gifts down to Chapel Hill, and they stayed until yesterday morning.  This of course means an apartment full of boxes, lots of eating out, and time spent with them that would otherwise be spent doing things like blogging or working out or making healthy food choices.  Now that I have 3 days of nothing scheduled to recover, I finally feel like it’s time to get my sorry unorganized self back on the straight and narrow.  I have to do it soon because another wedding whirlwind is right around the corner.

Links I’m Loving

– I just ordered an AMAZING Erin Condren Life Planner (thanks to it being a birthday gift two from my aunt..bday is in 2 weeks).  I am SO excited to get my hands on this awesomely customized planner.  I know it will help keep me motivated and inspired to be a more organized person, which is good because come January I am in charge of keeping 2 lives organized.  Check out this amazing hand crafted work HERE

This video is adorable.  The baby (only 9 or 10 months old) feels the emotion in music better than most people, and her reaction is priceless.

– In honor of Wicked week, and the show’s 10th anniversary, which was the 30th, this song is a must listen.  See if you can catch why, Wicked fans.

-What does your coffee order say about you?

The Spell Block Tango

The Cell Block Tango (from the musical Chicago) as told by Cruella DeVille, Snow White’s queen, the Queen of Hearts, Ursula, and Melificent.  Yeah…just watch.

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