The Friday 5 | April 26, 2019

Why hello there blog, my dear friend. I’m sorry I am not a good blogger and have been neglecting you so much for so long. I promise I am actually trying to rebuild our relationship. It’s not you, it’s me. It’s going to take some time, but I think we’ll get back to the place we once were and maybe even be stronger than before. I promise. 💗

1. A Brand New Computer

My husband is an amazing man. His personal computer has been failing him for a long time, and he kept talking about getting a new computer and this week he finally did…sort of. Since he really only uses his personal computer to do our finances and to maybe browse the internet, he actually decided that he would take my 5-year-old MacBook Pro and I would be the one to get the shiny new one. I mean, who actually does that?!

So here I am, listening to the keys click-clacking away as I type on my new MacBook Pro. Stronger memory, storage, and processor to make my job of creating video and blog content easier and faster. I’m not going to lie, the fact I really enjoy the feel of this different keyboard is one of the things that inspired me to sit down and start typing out a blog post this morning. Watch out world! I feel like this new computer will help inspire me to get things going even harder.

2. A Weird Struggle For a Child-Free Woman

The other day one of my favorite YouTubers announced she was pregnant with her first child. While I am thrilled for her, as this is something she and her husband have been wanting for over a year now, I need to admit that a part of me actually was very bummed out to hear this news for one very selfish reason: I liked the fact that she was also living the life of a child-free Youtuber. I feel like we (the child-free homemaker/online content creator type) are so few and far between that I treasure when I find someone like me who I actually enjoy watching, and now I’m losing that person.

Is that weird? I know it’s totally selfish, but it’s how I feel. I guess that is just the reality for someone like me who is in the minority by choosing not to have children.

3. Springtime Joys and Woes

Spring is here..well, kind of. As I write this we actually have several inches of snow in the forecast for tomorrow night, which is ridiculous, but sadly seems to be the way these last few weeks have been going for us here in Chicago. On Palm Sunday we got pummeled with 5 inches of thick, heavy snow that no one saw coming. Then, exactly one week later at Easter, it was 80 degrees and we were outside running around in shorts having a grand time. What the actual heck is wrong with Mother Nature and how do we get her back on our side?

Another not so joyful thing about spring: allergies! 🤧Those hit me hard the last few days and it has been anything but enjoyable. All I want to do is go outside and enjoy the beautiful day and sunshine, and instead I have to stay inside while the pollen settles so I’m not totally miserable, which seems to be moot at this point anyway.

4. The End is Near

Several big things launched in terms of entertainment that I’m very excited about. First, the final season of Game of Thrones started. GOT is one of those shows that my husband and I started, and while it isn’t exactly the type of content we love (strong sexual content in a not so loving way, so much violence and betrayal…just intense, unhappy stuff) we are in so deep that we have to know how the “game” ends, so we’re in it to the end, my friends. We have several thoughts on how this whole thing might go down, but I don’t like committing to a single prediction, mainly because I don’t like having my hopes shattered, and if there is anything that GOT has taught me, it’s that I will have my hopes shattered…over and over and over…

Avengers Endgame also premiered last night. I am pumped to see this movie like you wouldn’t believe (okay, if you’re a Marvel fan then you can totally believe it). I was never into super heroes as a kid, teen, or even early 20 something. My interest in the nerdy superhero universes all started after I got married (much to my husband’s delight), but I am invested, in it, and can’t wait to see what happens. Since my husband is home this coming week, we are actually going to take in a matinee showing on Monday. All children will be at school, tickets are cheaper, and we are likely to be surrounded by a smaller volume of humanity than if we opted to go with the rest of the world this weekend. I. CAN’T. WAIT!

5. New In Food

I launched a new series on my YouTube channel today called “New In Food.” I wanted a place where I could review different new products I’ve tried and share the 4-1-1 with everyone. Is it good or bad? Worth the Points or not? I can’t wait to do these videos more regularly. Today’s video is below. If you have any food products that I should try, let me know!

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