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Teas have proven time and again to be a very healthy thing to incorporate into your lifestyle.  There are teas to soothe the throat, calm the digestive system, and cleanse the body.  Not to mention there are teas that simply taste amazing and are enjoyable to drink.  Thanks to the lovely people at Teami Blends, I have chance to try out their 30 day Teami Detox.  Not going to lie, after the food and weight gain from my 10 weeks in Japan, a nice little detox could do my body good right about now.

As an into to this detox, I wanted to give a basic run down of the program I’m following.  The 30-day detox comes with 2 teas: Teami Skinny and Teami Colon.  I also got a super cute tea infuser to use with my skinny tea.


The directions for use are simple:

  • Teami Skinny is meant to be taken first thing in the morning.  It will help you wake up and get your body and metabolism moving. There’s enough in the bag for every morning (5 g servings).  Put 5g in the infuser, steep in water for a few minutes and enjoy.  If you forget to drink it first thing, it’s okay.  Just drink it as soon as you can.
  • Every other night, starting day 2, brew a cup of Teami Colon (Comes in tea bags.  No infuser needed) to drink right before bed.

This cleanse is meant to help rid the body of toxins and anything else it’s holding in, which should help digestive function, energy levels, and help you feel better in general. The cleanse is completely free of sugar, GMOs, gluten, and dairy.

The colon tea is supposed to do exactly what you think it’s supposed to: clean out the colon.

The 30 day detox is supposed to help change the way the body looks and feels in that period of time.  The website says that the 30 day detox will:

• Boost your metabolism
• Start burning stored fat
• Suppress appetite and cravings
• Naturally raise energy levels
• Detox your internal organs
• Reduce bloating
• Improve skin complexion
• Flush out harsh toxins
• Fix digestive issues
Let me just say, I sure hope that’s true.  This body of mine could use a step in the right direction in every single one of those areas.
Teami also has an eating plan that is suggested for the period of your detox.  It simply consists of a list of “definitely” and “definitely not” foods.  Pretty standard stuff:
Good food: Fresh fruit and veggies, unsalted nuts/seeds, lean fish/poultry, oats, etc
Bad food: Alcohol, sugar, red meat, white flour, etc
I’ll be completely honest, I’m not following those eating rules 100%.  I just got back to the United States, so I am enjoying having my normal foods back, BUT I put myself back on plan with Weight Watchers and am tracking everything.  Since WW requires all of the “good foods” on Teami’s list anyway, I’m sure that getting back on track with my diet, even if I opt for lean red meats or a sweet treat, the detox will help get my body back to where it needs to be.  As of this post I’ve got 20lbs to lose to get back to goal (ouch).


The 30 day detox is available on the Teami website for $49.99.  There are also a ton of other tea offerings, including Skinny and Colon sold on their own, Relax, Energy, and Profit.  If you’re really gung-ho about the thought of a cleanse, they also offer one that is called the 30:7 detox.  You do the 30 day detox, then take a week off and drink the Profit tea.  Repeat 3 times total. That long term detox is $139 ($39 saved!).


I have a little bonus for you.  The amazing team at Teami gave me a discount code just for my readers:-)  Use the code DIVINE10 at checkout and you’ll get 10% off of your Teami order.  Whether you want to try the 30 day detox or just buy one bag of tea, this code will make it a little cheaper.  There’s also free shipping for US orders.


I’ll be doing a check in post 1/2 way through my detox and then a recap of my experience when it’s all done.  Have you ever done a tea detox before?  What was your experience?


I was sent the Teami 30 Day Detox by Teami Blends for review, but I’m getting no additional compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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