Tallulah Grace- Spotlight on Etsy


If I had one word to describe Tallulah Grace Crafts on Etsy, it would be “charming.” Everything in this planner sticker shop just makes me feel quint and homey.  The feel of each and every set of stickers is full of love and a sort of cottage vibe.

Enough about how cute I think all of the Tallulah Grace stickers are (although in a shop review, that should play a huge part in everything), and lets talk shop offerings.TallulahGrace1

  • Weekly Kits: The weekly kits are simply beautiful.  With various themes including colorful, floral, and of course, seasonal, each kit comes with everything you need to theme your ECLP perfectly, including dots, flags, headers, checklists, and more.
  • Seasonal goodies: I love seasonal stickers.  With stickers for Halloween, Fall, Christmas, including bucket lists encouraging you to do fun seasonal activities, there’s a seasonal sticker for everyone.
  • Functional stickers: Of course a planner sticker shop needs functional stickers.  With stickers for sports (cheerleading, fishing, baseball, etc), fitness, birthday celebrations, cleaning, and even pizza night, Tallulah Grace has got your functional planning covered.
  • Lady specific stickers: I only mention this because when I saw some of these I giggled and immediately wanted them.  This shop caters to women by offering cute undie stickers to note gyno appointments, waxings, a period set for that time of the month, and even a cute lingerie set for “sexy time.”  I love and appreciate that these are offered, because they’re actually quite practical, but also really fun to have laying around.
  • and much more.


To really get a feel for what this shop has to offer you’re simply going to have to check it out and see for yourself.  If you head over there right now you can use code DIVAANDDEVINE (note the spelling) for 15% off of your purchase now through November 1, 2015!  Thanks to the shop’s owner, Courtney, for the generous code for my readers and for the lovely stickers. Using them in my planner is a real joy.


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