Too Faced Merry Macarons Palette | Holiday 2016


The second edition of my Too Faced holiday 2016 review (I also reviewed the Grande Hotel Cafe set) is the Merry Macaroons palette.  This is an Ulta exclusive and retails for $39.  Of all of Too Faced’s holiday palette releases, Merry Macarons is hands down my favorite.  

The packaging of the entire line is stunning, featuring a Christmas in NYC theme. All of the palettes feature packaging decked with beautiful pastel pinks, purples, and mint, and is accented with gold foil.  Merry Macarons takes place ice skating next to a pretty famous tree in NYC, only this one is made of colorful macarons.  Next to our skater is a deluxe mini of Too Faced’s best-selling Better Than Sex mascara.


The 12 eyeshadows ( 0.03 oz each) are an excellent balance of mattes and shimmers in a mostly neutral color range (aka my perfect palette), save a purple shade. I’ve had to resist using this palette in order to focus on using the other palettes from the line to review for the blog.  




Coconut: Matte beige

Champagne Rose: Champagne Rose gold shimmer

Praline: Gold shimmer

Dulce de Leche: Matte milk chocolate brown

Mint Chocolate: Matte,  cool, dark mauve

Honey Lavender: Lavender purple shimmer


Banana Cream: Dark brown shimmer

Tiramisu: Deep peach nude

Violet Cassis- Bright purple with shimmer

Almond Mocha- Dark chocolate brown, satin 

Chocolate Raspberry- Maroon shimmer

Cookies and Cream- Matte black with silver micro glitter

As I said, the Merry Macarons palette is my favorite of all the Too Faced holiday releases this year.  I find that the quality of these shadows is somehow better than the quality of the shadows in the other two sets.  Seeing how this is the least expensive set of the 3, that is both a positive (for those wanting to buy only one of the sets) and a negative (for those that spent more money and got poorer quality).  Granted, this is just my personal opinion, but it is an opinion formulated after using all 3 sets pretty thoroughly. 

Like the other Too Faced sets, Merry Macaroons is scented (vanilla), but like my statement in the Grande Hotel Cafe review, don’t let the scent be a big selling point for you, as it isn’t very strong to begin with, and it fades over time.  The real stars in Merry Macaroons are the shadows themselves.  I love the neutral shades and the variety of finishes this palette offers. It’s very easy to create many looks suitable for every day with this palette.

I always use an eyeshadow primer before applying shadows, and I find the longevity of the shadows in the Merry Macarons palette reasonably substantial. These shadows are also soft and blendable.  While some shades are powdery, none of them are dry. Overall, I really have been enjoying this palette, and it’s something I’ve been reaching for frequently since it’s arrival.  

The Too Faced Merry Macaroons palette is an Ulta Exclusive for $39.  

Have you purchased any of the Too Faced Christmas in New York collection?  What are your thoughts?

*I purchased all Too faced Holiday 2016 with my own money. All opinions are my own*

Too Faced Grande Hotel Cafe Review | Holiday 2016


I’m a sucker for the holidays in pretty much any way, shape, and form, and the holiday releases from my favorite beauty brands are most definitely my weakest spot.  Since I wasn’t overly impressed with Too Faced’s releases from holiday 2015, I swore I wasn’t going to get hooked this year..and then I saw the holiday collection.  Christmas in New York is like a dream to me, and with the stunning shades and adorable packaging, I quickly broke my vow. I knew the collection had to be mine.  I ended up buying all 3 eyeshadow sets, as I couldn’t decide on one.  Today, we’re taking a look at the Grande Hotel 3 palette set.  

The Too Faced Grande Hotel is a collection of 3 individual eyeshadow palettes (Eggnog Latte, Peppermint Mocha, and Gingerbread Cookie) that can be given as gifts (there’s even a To/From label on the back of each one) or can be kept as a set and includes a deluxe mini of Better Than Sex Mascara.


First, let’s talk about the packaging.  Grande Hotel Cafe comes in a gorgeous box that’s shaped like a hotel you’d find in the heart of NYC.  When you remove the roof and open the doors you see the stunning interior decorated with Christmas trees (complete with famous Too Faced products underneath them) and you’re clearly meant to be sitting at the hotel’s coffee bar, where you would order one of the holiday beverages the palettes are named after. It’s genius packaging, and I’m not going to lie, the packaging definitely helped sell me the products.   Read more

My Beauty Obsession – A History

Beauty Obsessed

I have been a beauty product obsessed girl ever since I can remember.  That being said, I am still the woman who pretty much only puts makeup on if I need to go out in public or film a YouTube video.  I think it’s important for readers to get an inside look at the blogger behind the website, and while you all know quite a bit about me, I wanted to take a minute and tell you exactly why I got into beauty blogging. It all starts with 3 brands you might have heard of.

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Too Faced La Belle Carousel- Holiday 2014


The Too Faced La Belle Carousel is an amazing holiday gift set for any Too Faced fan.  This kit contains 12 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 2 bronzers, and a deluxe mini mascara for $49.00. It is available at Sephora, Ulta, and on the Too Faced website.


A fun aspect of this set is that it actually comes as 6 separate palettes all in a glittery pink carousel.  On the back of each palette is a little  To: and From: label, meaning that one suggested use for this is to gift the palettes as little stocking stuffers or something.  Of course, you could also be like me and keep them all for yourself 🙂  I love the variety of shades that the eye shadows offer making it very easy to experiment with some festive holiday look.  Let’s take a closer look at the shades.



  • Luminous Peach Blush– This is an orangey-peach with some golden shimmer.  Color payout is high, so a little goes a long way.
  • Sun Bunny Dark Bronzer– This is a frosty, medium/dark brown with some yellow undertones and golden shimmer.  I like a natural bronze look, so I will probably be saving this for summer.  As you can see, color payout is very strong so blending is a must.


  • Who’s Your Poppy? Blush– A warm, rosy pink with gold shimmer.  At first glance it reminded me of NARS Orgasm blush, just a bit more on the pink side.  Good color payout.
  • Chocolate Soleil Bronzer– I have heard so much about this bronzer.  This matte, medium/dark brown goes on smooth and blends well.  Color payout is strong, so use a light touch.  The best part is you can smell the cocoa in this product.  Delicious!




  • Frost– A sheer, shimmery white.  I found it hard to get a solid color payout off of this, but it is great for a wash of shimmer for that wintery look.
  • Tin Soldier– A metallic silver grey.  The consistency is smooth, application is nice and color payout is strong.
  • Christmas Tree– Dark Emerald green with green shimmer.  Slightly difficult to apply, but with a little layering it looks great.  Definitely a Christmas color.
  • Santa’s Boots– Black with subtle silver sparkle.  Strong color payout and smooth application.


  • Nutrcacker– Frosted white.  Beautiful color that gives light to the eyes without an abundance of shimmer.  Good color payout and nice application
  • Nude Beach– Light golden beige with gold glitter.  There is fallout from the glitter and the consistency is a tad powdery, but the color payout is good.
  • Boxes & Bows– Bright, warm toned pink with gold shimmer that makes it almost two-toned.  Beautiful color with nice payout and smooth, buttery application.
  • Sugar Plum Fairy– Deep plum purple with blue/silver shimmer.  The color payout of the base is great and it blends really well.  The glitter tends to fall out.


  • Tufted Suede– Light, warm beige with a matte finish.  Great for an all over lightening shade.  Application is smooth and color payout is strong.
  • Angel Hair– Light brown with some gold and copper metallics.  It’s a little powdery, but applied pretty smooth on my lids.
  • Haute Chocolate– A dark, warm brown with a metallic finish.  Smooth application and great color payout.  I have been loving this shade as a crease/outer corner color.  One of my favorites in the set.
  • Yule Log– Very deep, dark brown with a satin finish and subtle gold glitter.  This one was not nearly as smooth as haute chocolate and I found it more difficult to blend.  Color payout was still strong.

Also included in the set was a deluxe mini of Too Faced’s “Better than Sex” mascara, which has a collagen filled formula that gives you volumized, intense lashes.

This set is a great dose of Too Faced products all packaged (beautifully, I might add) into one amazing holiday gift set.  You can create an endless amount of looks or use it to spread pieces of Too Faced joy to others. Also available is the  Under the Mistletoe La Creme lip set.

Jingle Bell Welcome Box Offer


Product was purchased by me.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Too Faced Rock N Roll Palette


This is the second of the two music themed palettes that Too Faced released in June 2014.  The other was the Country Palette featuring eyeshadows in “Nashville Nude” shades.  Both of these eyeshadow palettes are Ulta Exclusives and can only be purchased there or on the Too Faced website.  They retail for $36.

The Palette

The Rock N Roll Rock Candy Eye Shadow Collection features 9 different eyeshadows that create many amazing looks.  Like most of the Too Faced palettes, they come with 3 different looks: day, classic, and fashion.  The 3 larger shadows are 0.07 oz each and the 6 smaller shadows are 0.03 oz each.

The packaging is thin and easy to use and the look suits the palette’s name very well.  The palette has a magnetic closure, which makes opening and closing very easy, yet still secure, and there is a mirror on the inside, along with a few diagrams of suggested looks for the various shadows. I love the cute musical names for each color.  The musician in me is pleased 🙂 You’ll notice that the words are printed in white.  I did this because you couldn’t make out most of them in the photos.  The packaging itself is gold print on the black tin.


The Eyeshadows 

Rockability- A neutral, matee beige color that’s on the lighter side.  Great for an all over neutralizing color, the color payout is high and the application is pretty smooth.

New Wave- A baby pink with white sparkle, however it looks more sparkly in the pan than when applied to the skin, so the glitter doesn’t really show up much on the eyes.  This leaves you with a matte pink shade that has the same use as Rockability.

New Romantic- This is a more golden beige color, still on the neutral side, with a pearly, luminous (without being overwhelming) finish.  The color payout is strong and the application is smooth.



Rap- Yellow gold with a metallic, bright finish.  The color payout is very strong and it’s staying power was also strong.  The formula was quite powdery as it gathered on the brush and int he pan, but the application itself was pretty smooth aside from a little fallout.

Pop- A frosted, deep plum.  The pigmentation isn’t quite as strong as some of the others, but the color is beautiful.  With a good base and an extra layer ( my swatch was two layers) the color is stronger.  It blends nicely making it easy to work with.

Glam Rock- A taupe with white glitter.  While it looks shimmery, the shadow itself is matte.  Application is soft and easy with decent color payout, and the glitter shows up more in the pan than on the eye.


Ska- Warm brown with a metallic finish.  The color payout is strong and the application is soft and blendable.

Heavy Metal- A deep, dark royal blue with shimmer and a pearl finish.  It’s slightly on the powdery side, but pigmentation is strong and the application is smooth.

Punk- Deep forest green with green shimmer.  As you can tell, it took a few layers to get this color to appear dark and solid, as it fades out without a good primer.  The pigmentation is initially strong and the shadow is slightly powdery.

All in all, this is a wonderful palette, especially for people who like to play with darker colors.  It definitely gives off a Rock and Roll vibe with it’s smokey eye potential and deep, metallic tones.  I wanted to thank Too Faced for giving me the opportunity to play with and review this beautiful palette.  I recommend it for any eyeshadow lover.

I was sent this product for consideration for a review, but I was not paid.  All opinions are my own.

Too Faced Under the Mistletoe Gift Set – Holiday 2014



I have been dying to try the Too Faced La Creme lip colors for quite some time now, but at $22 a piece and so many glorious shades to choose from, I kept putting it off, that is, until this gift set was released.

Behold, the Under the Mistletoe La Creme lip set for holiday 2014!  This adorable set has 3 full size La Creme lipsticks in shimmering versions of the top selling shades (Naked Dolly, Marshmallow Bunny, and Spice Spice Baby) and for only $28!  You better believe I jumped at the chance to order this simply for its value alone.


Of course, I ended up falling in love with the La Creme lipsticks because of this purchase.  The formulas are so smooth and hydrating that my lips feel like they’ve been given a lip balm, not a lipstick.  I really like hydrated feeling lips, so this product was right up my alley.  There’s white lotus flower extract in the formula for lip conditioning benefits and power peptides to offer a collagen boost.  Before we even get into the “holiday” part of this set, lets establish that I think the products are great.  Now, on to the holiday features.

“Under the Mistletoe” comes in an adorable pink glitter case that is the perfect size to hold some lip essentials in your purse.  It’s a festive and functional piece to have to help keep things neat and organized.  Definitely a nice little bonus.


As I mentioned before, this kit contains limited edition versions of the 3 top selling shades of the Too Faced La Creme lipsticks.  What makes these limited edition is the gold shimmer in the holiday formula.  At first glance I thought that the shimmer was going to be overwhelming and look a little childish, but it actually adds just a little something extra without going overboard.  The shades are amazing.  I am very into more natural and nude tones, and all 3 of these cater to that sort of genre while letting me feel a bit more on the festive side.

  • Naked Dolly- A nude satin pink that’s definitely a “my lips, but better” shade.  The formula is a little thin.
  • Marshmallow Bunny- A playful light pink with gold shimmer.  This one I found to go on a little streaky, but with a hydrated base (put chapstick on first and/or make sure lips are exfoliated) the color gives a nice pop.
  • Spice, Spice Baby- Sort of a rosy coral color with a gold shimmer.  In my opinion this is the most “dressed up” of the 3 shades. It appears slightly redder in the photo than in real life.  This color applies smoothly and isn’t streaky.

Bottom line, this is a great set and an amazing value (I mean, $22 for 1 or $28 for 3?? You do the math..).  As long as you don’t have any dry flakey patches on your lips (exfoliate and/or apply lip balm) , the colors apply smoothly and last for 2+ hours (especially Spice, Spice Baby).  This is a great little gift to get the beauty addict in your life or, of course, to get for yourself.  Too Faced did an excellent job with this one!


I purchased this with my own money and all opinions are my own.

Too Faced Country Nashville Nudes Palette


Country Palette

I have not purchased a Too Faced eyeshadow palette recently (within the last 3 or 4 years, I think), so the first thing I noticed when I got my hands on this is the change in packaging.  Not only is it a bit sleeker than what I’m used to, but the new metal container has a magnetic closure.  I LOVE this feature.  It makes it easy to open yet secure when closed.  Good job on that update, Too Faced.

The Too Faced Country Nashville Nudes eye shadow palette contains 9 different shadows, 3 large and 6 small.  I have found this palette to be incredibly wearable on a daily basis.  I love the natural look of these shades.  All fall within the nude-ish spectrum while some offer a nice, but not outrageous, pop of color.  The pigmentation, formula, and staying power of the shadows very a little bit, but all in all the quality is pretty great and I have been loving wearing these shadows.



Let’s start with the larger shadows.  Each of these shadows are 0.07 oz.  Generally they are meant to be the all over color, so having a bit more of the base shadows is a nice touch.  This is a trait of many of the Too Faced palettes.

Cowboy Take Me Away- This shade is a beautiful peach color that goes on smooth and stays on quite nicely with a satin finish.  The shadow is soft and not powdery or flaky.  At first I worried this would be too pink toned, but it turns out to be an amazing all over lid color.

Famous in a Small Town- This is a warm toned white with a frosted finish.  If you’re going for a little more shimmer and brightness all over, this shadow is great.  The pigmentation is strong and the application is soft and smooth, with a great staying power.

All American Girl- You might notice that you can barely see this one swatched on my arm.  I thought it would be more pigmented but the only thing I really get is the shimmer, rather than the natural ivory tone that it looks like should come with it (my photo makes it look a little more taupe than flesh toned).  The application is still nice and smooth, but unfortunately the color payout isn’t there.  Of course, a shadow like this can still be useful when it comes to adding a little bit of frost to the over all look or as a brow highlight.



The smaller shadows are 0.03 oz.

Y’all-   A brownish gold.  Super high pigmentation, but a less smooth application.  This one seems to gather on my shadow brush and crumble a bit in the pan at the same time, making it easy to have some fallout on your face if you aren’t careful.  The color is nice though, once you get past the consistency of the shadow itself.

Paper Roses- A warm pink with gold toned frost.  I’ve always been afraid to put pink on my eyes.  Part of me just feels like it’s going to end up aiding in the look of red, tired, or irritated eyes.  What I like about this color is that it blends nicely with the other gold toned colors in the palette making it look (somewhat) natural and not overwhelming.  This is one of the few deeper pink shadows that I’ve been in contact with that made me think “pretty” rather than “scary.” The application is smooth, the color is pigmented, and it blends really nicely with the other colors, making it more wearable (in my opinion)

Nashville-  A beautiful grey toned purple.  This color is a little powdery, but it still applies smooth with a strong pigmentation.  I love this shade as a day time smokey eye or a nice pop of subtle color.  My green eyes interact well with purple toned colors, and this one is not overwhelming making it nice for day or night.



Dolly-  A deep, cool-toned, semi-matte brown.  Application is pretty smooth and it’s highly pigmented.  It’s a great crease color for smokey looks, or for day time it’s nice to use this to line your upper lids.

Rhinestone- A plum purple with silver frost and a little bit of glitter.  Pigmentation is a bit splotchy (as you can see in the photo) and the formula is a little too powdery, making fallout a risk and when applied the color starts to fade, requiring several layers for a deeper coverage.  It’s a pretty color, but definitely one of the least smooth in the palette.

Bluebird- A cool, deep navy blue.  This is the most difficult one to work with, as the shadow is chunky and the particles are rather large.  It looks as though there is some blue glitter in here, but that could also be the powdery pieces of shimmer.  Color payout is good, but it’s harder to apply and to blend.  My least favorite in the palette, but still a pretty color.


All in all, I love this palette! On most days I am a neutral shade eye shadow wearer and this palette allows me to stay on the neutral spectrum and feel a little bit more adventurous.  Because the shades are generally lighter, I recommend using a primer to ensure you get the most wear out of the shadows.  The Too Faced Country Palette is an Ulta exclusive, but can also be found on the Too Faced website,  and is $36.  The palette launched back on June 1, 2014 along with the Rock ‘N Roll Palette.


I am a huge fan of the Too Faced brand, especially when it comes to eyeshadows.  Thank you to the lovely people at Too Faced for sending me this product so I could have the chance to try it and write about it.  All opinions are my own.


Sephora Favorites Superstars

Sephora faves

Every year around the holiday shopping season Sephora releases some pretty awesome gift sets.  This year, after doing a bit of research on the value of the products (and taking advantage of the 20% VIB sale that is happening this weekend) I decided to wish myself a happy birthday and spend the money on the Superstars set.


In a nutshell: this set is AWESOME!  The retail price is $75, so with the discount I paid $60 for the entire set.  If you can’t already tell by the picture, the value of the Superstars set is a lot more than what I paid for it.  It’s a lot more than what someone without the VIB discount would pay for it.  I’m going to go ahead and break it down for you.


Working from left to right:

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil (15ml/0.50 fl oz): Value: $14.00

I have heard a lot about this “miracle” product.  This is a pressed oil that is quite rare and can be used for many things:hair, cuticles, rough spots and face.  As a very acne-prone person, I’m always afraid to try oils on my skin, but as I’ve been doing research I have found people saying it’s actually great for acne prone skin.  I’ll report on it once I have made up my mind.  The giant 4oz bottle of this stuff retails at $96, so I am glad I get to try this out for such a great value.  Sephora does sell this size as well, so if you wanted to try it out, you can pick it up without breaking the bank.

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream (15ml/0.50 fl oz) FULL SIZE: Value: $30.00

Yes, this is our first of several full size products found in this kit.  I have actually gone through a tub of this already and I loved it, so the fact that for 1/2 of what I paid for the kit I’d be getting my eye cream that I planned on repurchasing for full price anyway was a huge selling point for me.  It is proven to brighten and de-puff those pesky under eye circles, and with ingredients like ginseng and caffeine (anyone who knows me knows I thrive off of caffeine) this was an amazing thing to get in this box.  Learn more here.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray (50ml/ 1.7 fl oz): Value: $15.00

I already had this product in my arsenal but truth be told I can’t decide how much I actually like it.  That being said, knowing I got my hands on another mini version of this surf spray (which can be purchased in that size) was nice because I don’t hate it, I just don’t think paying that much for a spray is necessary, so any way I can cut the cost and still have it works for me.  It’s a texturizing spray for the days you want that be achy, undone look.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Rollerball (10ml/0.33oz): Value: $29.00

Yeah, $29 for the rollerball.  I discovered this fragrance a year or so ago and I absolutely went crazy for it.  The problem was the price tag: $80 for 1 oz!  Thus, I had to morn the loss of probably never owning it and find something a tad more reasonable.  With notes of Sambac Jasmine, Centifolia Rose, Cattleya Orchid, Ballerina Freesia, and Patchouli, this scent makes me feel sultry and sexy, although I asked Erik what he thought just now and he likes what I currently wear (Marc Jacobs Lola) better.  I guess that means I don’t have to worry about spending the money on a new supply of this, and will enjoy my rollerball while it lasts.

Running Total Value: $88.00  *see? ALREADY the kit has been paid for*


Urban Decay Eyeshadow duo in Sin and Mushroom (1.5g/0,05oz) FULL SIZE: $18.00

I LOVE Urban Decay Eyeshadows.  Technically this is a half size of two of their front runners, but the two combined equals one full eyeshadow.  These colors are exceptional looking when used together, and Sin is one of my all time favorites.

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel (2.5ml/0.085 fl oz: Value: $6.60

This highly ranked brow brand brings us a gel that keeps those hairs in place all day.  Full size is 0.28 oz for $22

Too Faced Better than False Lashes Lash Extension System base and topcoat (9 ml/.30 oz) and Flexistretch Nylon Fibers (.8g/0.02 oz) FULL SIZE: Value: $35.00

This is a crazy little system.  The big gold tube is the black mascara base and topcoat and the white tube has these little fibers attached to a mascara wand.  First you apply a black layer, then a layer of these white fibers (which looks wacky), then you go over the fiber layer with another layer of the black.  I would say there for sure was a bit of extra va-va-voom in my lashes, but nothing as dramatic as in the photo they provide.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner (.5ml/0.016 fl oz)FULL SIZE: Value: $20

Stila’s trusted waterproof liquid eyeliner with easy application comes full size in the Superstar set.  I guess I should learn how to apply liquid eyeliner..

Running Total Value: $167.60!


Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream in Light(30ml/1 fl oz)FULL SIZE: Value: $39.00

Over the summer I was a huge BB cream fan, and still am on days I don’t want to do a full foundation face.  I somehow got a sample of this BB cream and remember absolutely loving it.  The coverage was quite generous for a BB cream, my skin felt silky smooth, and it had some pretty fabulous staying power.  Thank you, Sephora for the full size BB cream in your awesome set!

Deborah Lippman Nail Color in Cleopatra in New York (15ml/0.50 fl oz)FULL SIZE: Value: $19.00

Again, a brand I’ve been dying to try but just not been able to justify paying the price, and now I can 🙂  The glitter shades run a bit pricier than their non-glitters, so the nail color in my set was of higher value than I thought.

NARS Blush/Bronzer duo in Orgasm/Laguna (5g/0/17 oz): Value: $24.00

This is the mini version (which you can purchase without a kit) of the ever popular duo in NARS’s best selling shades.  I have the Orgasm blush (one of my all time faves) and have gone through two full sizes of the Laguna bronzer.  I always like getting mini versions of my favorites.

NARS Lipstick in Dolce Vita (3.4g/ 0.12oz)FULL SIZE: Value: $26.00

The price is a bit steep for a lipstick, but having owned several NARS products before, and knowing this is a very popular shade, this is a thrilling edition to the set.


Not too shabby at all!  Many of these products would have been difficult to justify spending retail price on by themselves, but for $75 you can get ALL of these amazing products to try for yourself. With a value like that, there’s no excuse not to give some of your guilty pleasures a try, when they all come in this one box!  Check out your local Sephora to see if they have it in stock, as I was online a few minutes ago only to discover it’s no longer available, at least not right now.  I have also found it on Amazon for for slightly higher price, but still nowhere near as much as it’s value.  Check it out if you want a chance to get your hands on it before it’s gone!  I give this set an A+!

*Disclaimer: I purchased this set with my own money and all opinions are my own*