My Top 10 Habits for Weight Loss Success


I am a person who can proudly declare that I lost nearly 60 lbs and made it to my goal weight.  It was not an easy task, and it was quite a learning experience, but I did it.  I am also a person who will willingly admit that every single day is a struggle. When I am spot on with my habits,  my weight stays where it should be.  Not only that, but I FEEL great.  On the other hand, when I’m not on track, I end up really not on track..  I still haven’t quite figured out how to mend that imbalance, but here is what I have figured out:

The easiest way for me to stay on track is by following a few simple habits.  On their own they’re all healthy habits to have, but combined they are the power source behind by weight loss success. Read more