Thinking Out Loud #15


I haven’t done a Thinking Out Loud post since October, but I felt one was due. 

  1. I’ve been suffering from some major blogger burnout lately, and between that and life getting in the way (vacation and weddings are a positive thing, but still mess up my routines), it’s been a hot minute since I’ve published anything.  Do you ever suffer from burnout? What do you do to cope?IMG_2547
  2. Vacation not only feels like it messes with routines, but boy does it mess with my diet too!  At the end of the day, the key to living a healthy lifestyle is balance, right?  Some days, I did a great job, like when I started my day with my favorite green juice from a local breakfast place in Florida. It’s very similar to this juice, which is available online.  I get green juice every time I visit. It’s refreshing in the Florida heat, and it makes me feel like I’m doing something healthy for myself while on vacation.13566910_10154373500542755_7470224330840985296_n
  3. And then there’s the day that I started off with Cinnabon… Delicious? Absolutely!  Worth the 36 Smart Points?? (Yes..I said 36..aka more than my entire day) Not at all. That was just for the “center of the roll” treat.  Not even an entire bun.

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Thinking Out Loud #13

I love using Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud posts as a chance to give you guys a quick rundown of what’s happening in the world of Diva and the Divine.  Happy almost-Friday!


1. We’re still chilling here in Florida.  We’ll probably be here another week or so.  It’s been great enjoying time with my husband’s family and being spoiled rotten (I’m a lucky girl.  Trust me, I realize how blessed I am:-) ). We’ll probably be here another week or so before heading to Chicagoland for a whole new adventure.

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Thinking Out Loud #12

I haven’t done a thinking out loud post in quite some time, and since I really felt the need to publish a little something on here today, I figured this would be the perfect time to do it.  Happy Thursday!


1. My husband graduated with his MBA from UNC this past weekend.  Before all of the pomp and circumstance, we spent a few days on the beach with fellow UNC business friends.  What a great way to spend our final time together.


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Thinking Out Loud #9

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done a thinking out loud post, so i’ve decided to get back on that bandwagon. It might not be weekly, but thanks to Amanda at Running With Spoons, there’s always a place to come and share the randomness of my life and my week with everyone 🙂


1. First and foremost: Welcome to Autumn!   I’m SO excited for it to be cooling down (or at least it’s supposed to be). It’s time for sweater weather, cosy slippers, hot lattes and cups of tea, fall fragrances, the release of holiday collections in the beauty world, and of course pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!  I used to think that summer was my favorite season, but this year I’ve decided I don’t like all of that heat all the time.  I basically wanted a reprieve from the Chicago snows, but in North Carolina, it’s not nearly as shocking of a winter, so summer got old.  My ideal is where sweaters and hot beverages are comfortable and acceptable.  Autumn is my new favorite for sure.



2. On the subject of pumpkin spice: have you seen my recipe for the easiest pumpkin spice muffins ever?  They’re super tasty and made with real pumpkin (no eggs or oil) so they’re healthy too!  Win-win.


3. Or how about some Pumpkin Spice oatmeal?  So tasty and easy and only 3 Points Plus.  Come back tomorrow for this recipe.


4. I don’t think I shared with a Thursday post why I was gone so long.  My husband and I finally took our honeymoon in August even though we got married in January.  It was a long awaited (and desperately needed) vacation that was quite an adventure. 12 night cruise along the Mediterranean.  Lots of food, making new friends and climbing ruins.  Yes. climbing ruins.


5. For someone with Muscular Dystrophy, I never thought that climbing ruins would be something I could do, and yet I conquered the Acropolis (omg SO many steps), Ephesus, Delos, and Pompeii all in the matter of a few days of one another.  I was exhausted and broken, but it was seriously one of the biggest non-scale victories of my life. That pic is me doing a victory pose up on the rocks in front of the Parthenon


6.  Random, but worth sharing: this was the perfect Monday night sunset this week.  Cotton candy pink patches and so much beauty.


7. Something that isn’t so nice about the evenings recently: bugs!  On Sunday I was at a cookout with friends, and despite the several layers of bug spray I applied, I ended up with 8 bug bites.  8!!  A few of the bugs got fancy and decided to give me a little line pattern..

8. iOS 8- has anyone else updated?  I feel like it has make my iPhone 5s slower and LESS functional rather than more so.  How annoying.  Thoughts?




9. How are you all celebrating fall?  What are some of your favorite traditions and things about the season?  I love when its appropriate to curl up in yoga pants and a hoodie, put on cozy slippers, light a fall scented candle and sip hot tea.  Perfection.


10. I started writing this post yesterday afternoon, and last night my amazing husband brought home beautiful fall colored flowers because he knows how into this season I am.  I love little surprises like that.  I now have a whole fall themed end table happening.  Makes the homemaker in me very happy 🙂

That’s all I’ve got for today.  What are you thinking out loud about lately?

Thinking Out Loud #8


1.  The Tony Awards were this past Sunday.  As a theatre nerd, it’s one of my favorite Sunday evenings of the year.  While I found the opening to be incredibly disappointing (Hopping??  I understand it was in reference to a movie, but really??)  the rest of the performances were awesome.  My 3 favorites were Idina Menzel (shocker, right?), Sutton Foster in Violet and Neil Patrick Harris in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  Oh my GOSH he was outstanding.  I was watching an interview with him while at the gym and learned that despite gay stereo types, he has NOT ever worn women’s clothing, so this role was an entirely new experience on so many levels.  In my opinion, he rocked that skirt and those heels.


2.  I can officially say RIP to my Easter candy stash.  I finally ate my last chocolate covered Peep, which was my favorite Easter candy discovery this year.  I found that Peeps were one of the most Weight Watchers friendly Easter candies, so I stocked up.  Until next year, my delicious friends…


3. Going with food pics for a minute, I was eating a berry Oreo (I like them, Erik did not) and I pulled one out of the package that had a little malfunction while being sandwiched.  The side of the cookie with the design happened to be face down.  I was quite amused by this, but when I removed the cookie I was even more amused to see this fun little imprint on the cream.


4.  While I was off on my random hour long drive to go and get a TSA pre check screening (something that means I don’t have to take off my shoes at security? Don’t mind if I do..) I drove by the outlet malls.  Of course, I came home with these.  My name is Brianna and I am a home fragrance addict…  Currently burning is the Surfs Up limited edition summer scent.

5. Okay, so you all know this grumpy little cutie, right?  The poor dwarf kitty known as Grumpy Cat.  I didn’t realize that she had merchandise now..  Like…LOTS of it.




crazy right?


6.  Of course, I had to participated in some of the grumpiness.  Although it is kind of difficult to master that grumpy little face.


7. While I was out running errands the other day, I got confirmation that I have excellent taste in which car is popular.  The lime green beauty closest to me is my car.  I happened to end up in a parking lot with two other Ford Fiestas, both lime green as well.   It was probably the brightest parking lot in the entire Triangle.


8.  In an effort to stay hydrated I picked up this cute pitcher for $5 at Target.  It holds a gallon of water and my goal has been to drink an entire pitcher every day.  This week, I have in fact been successful 🙂  It’s been really hot here, so hydration is top on my priority list.


9.  I got a new toy yesterday!  I’m super excited to learn how to play with this little beauty, both for blog photos, videos and (the whole reason I got it) to take stellar photos on our honeymoon in August.  My inlaws suggested getting it early so I had time to learn all of the settings and whatnot.  I just might have to

Erin Condren Main

10.  In honor of 2015 Erin Condren Life Planner release day, which is today, I thought I’d give it a little shoutout AND remind you that if you sign up through this link, you’ll get a $10 off email (new customers only, I believe) good for your purchase.  I got my first Life Planner as a birthday gift last year and I’m in love with it.  Despite the technological age we’re in, there’s something wonderful about a stunningly beautiful and personalized planner.  I did an entire post on my EC Life Planner back when I got it.  While I’m not quite as crazy obsessed, I still love spending quality time with it and planning out my week.  They’re a tad pricy, but they’re completely worth it.  This year they made some pretty awesome changes too.

Thinking Out Loud #7



1.  Despite any lack of motivation that I’ve been having lately (which has been quite a bit, let me tell you) I always manage to find the motivation to sit down and write for my weekly link up post.  There is something easy about Thinking Out Loud Thursdays because there is really no limit on what I can say.  I can ramble on about whatever and people will actually take the time to look at it because it just might be more interesting than what is in this month’s Birchbox.  Shoutout to Amanda over at Running with Spoons for coming up with such a lovely way for bloggers to relate with the randomness in their lives.


2.  Erik left for Atlanta on Saturday, and it’s been quite the mood killer for me.  I have a list a mile long of things to do to keep me busy, and during the day I don’t mind being alone, but sitting at home with nothing but the computer and Hulu Plus to keep me company after work really stinks.  I don’t like going to bed alone either.  Being alone at night makes me very aware of every sound that happens outside or every little movement that might be a bug because I don’t have my hero of a husband around to protect me should something happen.  The good news is that he seems to be having a great time so far, and when we actually get to talk for a few minutes, I get filled in on what he’s learning (he’s currently at a special training session in Texas learning a bunch of exciting things this week) and who he’s gotten the chance to talk to and network with.  He assures me that he talks about me often, so even if I’m not talking TO him, I’m on his mind. Last night he flat out admitted how excited he was about the company, and he sounded so happy that it’s really hard me to completely hate the situation.  This is a great opportunity for him, and we are both so blessed that he has it.


3.  Both Thursday and Friday last week were date nights for us, just so we could get out of our routine and be together.  One night we decided to go in search of a good brownie (which is Erik’s weakness.  shhh. don’t tell.) and we walked in to Ben and Jerry’s.  The brownie sundaes we were able to get were delightful!  I got mine topped with a salted caramel ice cream Mmmm..  We rolled ourselves around Frankin Street after that dessert.  Date night with hubby > caring what the Points Plus Values are.  It was a special occasion 🙂


4.  We finished LOST!!  I’m really not sure how I feel about it.  That’s all I’m going to say…


5. My sister likes to send me pictures of our dogs since I miss them so much, especially now that I don’t have anyone or anything to cuddle with in the evening.  This is Rudy and he’s awesome.  I was bored the night I got this photo…



6. So this happened….. 🙂


7. Thanks to our best friends in Chapel Hill, Katie and Nate, I had something to do on Memorial Day.  We had a little grilling session with burgers and canned strawberry margaritas.  While I was at Target I decided to get the fixings for the ultimate summer cookout dessert: S’mores.  They might be one of my all time favorite things.  Sadly, it’s 7 Points Plus for one and 13 (aka half of my day!) for 2.   Worth it!


8.  Apparently Disney does strawberries now? Found these at Target and they were the only option.


9.  One of my other summer favorites: Skinny iced vanilla latte from Starbucks.  For 2 Points for a grande, it is my perfect afternoon slump pick me up.  #addicted….

10  My students have their end of the year recital on Sunday.  I have officially survived an entire year in Chapel Hill.  It’s hard to believe so much has happened in the last year.   More on that in a later post, but I am so excited to see what the next year in Chapel Hill brings!

Happy Thursday.  What are you thinking out loud about today??


Thinking Out Loud #5


1.  That photo above  pretty much describes how I feel at this very moment.


2. I got my new passport, complete with my married name AND correct spelling of my first name.  When I went to get a new passport the first time they somehow managed to spell my first name wrong.  Now, my ridiculously long new last name I would totally understand, but no…they somehow managed to spell Brianna wrong.  Thankfully submitting it for correction is free and the turnaround time was fast enough that I didn’t have to worry about getting it in time for my honeymoon in August.  Thank goodness for that.

3. T-minus 9 days until hubby leaves for his internship.  The house is a mess of bins and random shopping trips as he decides what new clothes and shoes he needs.  For my husband, this is a daunting and time consuming decision.  With plans this weekend that will make the next 3 days fly by, I get sadder by the day that he’ll be leaving. At least it’s for a really good reason.


4. Fun Fact:  That is what a watermelon that has been infused with vodka for 24 hours looks like.  We literally cut a whole the size of the vodka bottle top in the melon, inserted the bottle and tipped it upside dow for 24 hours.  80% of that bottle was drained into the watermelon.  That was the food we brought to the several barbecues we went to this past weekend.  People were thankful 😉

Popsugar Must Have Box

5.  I treated myself to my very first Popusgar Must Have Box this month.  This is a subscription box on steroids!  I love that they are like little gifts to yourself every month.  Are there any subscriptions that you subscribe to?  They’ve kind of become my thing.

Hi I'm Skinny

6. One of the products in that Popusgar box that I’ve become obsessed with are these “Hi I’m skinny sticks.”  They are the most delicious low-cal, chip -like treat I’ve found so far.  3 Points Plus for a 34 stick serving!  I’m in love and am probably going to order their giant variety pack online so I can try them all.  Like I said…obsessed!


7. I’ve officially started a new type of series on my blog called “Diva and the Dystrophy.”  It’s a place where I can talk about all things related to the muscle disorder I have, CMT.  Because of my desire to do this I managed to find a group on Facebook that is a bunch of people with CMT who are also fitness people like me.  You know that moment when you feel like you’ve found someone (or a group) that makes you feel like you’re not alone?  I do now 🙂

8.  Have you guys ever heard of this shoe brand called “Tieks?”  They’re supposedly these amazingly comfortable ballet flats.  They’re crazy expensive, but with my feet (again, see the Muscular Dystrophy thing), I struggle to find shoes that are fashionable that I can actually walk in.  Do you have any suggestions for brands of shoes to try that aren’t gym shoes?

9.  My student showed up to her voice lesson wearing a “Keep calm and defy gravity” shirt.  For those of you that don’t know, I have an obsession with the musical Wicked.  I went online (she apparently found it at Hot Topic of all places) to find this shirt and discovered that they have a whole line of them from musicals!  That made this music theatre nerd’s day.

10.  It’s almost Friday!  I hope you all had a wonderful week 🙂

Thinking Out Loud- Vol 4.



1.  Erik is currently headed to his last day of school! I remember the excitement of the last day of school, and while this one isn’t even my last day, it means both of us survived the chaos that is the first year of being in an MBA program.  Go us!  Last night as we were laying in bed trying to fall asleep I made an excited comment about the last day of school, and he was sweet enough to thank me for coming with him for the experience.  Little moments like that make me happy.   For those of you that don’t know, our entire relationship was long distance (I was in Chicago while he was in Florida) and when he found out he was going to be moving to Chapel Hill and he decided to move us forward and take me with.  Then he ended up flying up to Chicago and proposing a week before the move!  While that’s a story for another day, today we celebrate surviving MBA first-year hell.

What’s really funny as just as I had the first two sentences of this written down, Erik walked up to me with a pout on his face and whined “It’s the last day of school….” at me with a sad look on his face.  Once a school nerd, always a school nerd.  lol 🙂


2. I need to take a spot of this post to give a shoutout to a friend of mine, Brooke Birmingham, the blogger behindBrooke: Not On A Diet.    She has had amazing success with Weight Watchers and has been getting some publicity thanks to her story.  Well, her most recent opportunity actually ended up turning into a much bigger one.  She was going to do an interview for Shape Magazine online, but when they didn’t want to take the “after” photo she sent of herself in a bikini top, she declined going through with the interview.  This is a woman who is proud of who she is and has worked hard for her amazing body.  She’s got an amazing heard and a solid head on her shoulders.  Want to know more about my friend Brooke? Check out why she refused to put a shirt on for Shape, and is now on Good Morning America (today!) because of it!  You are an inspiration, my friend.




3. While I feel like I have barely had time to think about my blog this week (okay…lots of thinking, but not a lot of time for doing) I did at least get one perfect little hour long session to write in on Monday.  I parked outside of a Starbucks on a perfect day.  Partly cloudy, 70 degrees and the lightest breeze.  With the cafe music pouring out of the outdoor speakers I sat relaxed and content as I worked on my May Goals post.  Of course, the icing on top of this perfect little blogging cake was the iced coffee and chocolate chip cookie that served as my afternoon pick me up before I went to teach.  I love little moments like that.  I really should strive to create them for myself more often.  What are your little moments of perfect contentment and productivity?



4. Monday was Cinco de Mayo!  Did you celebrate?  While I was out on errands, I ran into this little set at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I texted my husband and said I’d be bringing this lovely sugar free, 0 Points Plus margarita mixers home and it was his job to get the tequila.  We each drank one and watched LOST.  I know, we party like crazy people…



5.  I am so pleased with my beautiful new baby!  This is my Erin Condren address book.  They recently had a sale on the new and improved address books (now with tabs) and I quickly went and snagged one for myself.  I am a huge fan of the Erin Condren brand.  I love how all of her stuff is so bright, colorful and personalized just how you want it.  The customer service at Erin Condren is wonderful too.  Some of you might know that I’m a little obsessed (okay, a LOT obsessed) with my Erin Condren Life Planner, and rightfully so.  Erin Condren products are not only beautiful, but totally functional.  As a woman striving to get organized and balance the roles of music teacher, blogger, housewife and Weight Watcher, it was imperative that I started with something that will keep me motivated to be organized.  Well, Erin Condren products all do that for me.  The address book was just too cute to pass up.  Now I’m on the hunt for quality multi colored erasable pens to accompany my beautiful book.  Check out Erin Condren’s awesome lineup of fun and functional products.  If you use my link and sign up with your email, you’ll get a $10 coupon to help you with your first order (and I do too, which means more Erin Condren products for me to review 🙂 ).  So what are you waiting for?  You KNOW you need something from there.  Seriously…you’ll find something.  It’s a soul sucking experience and I am a victim.


6.  I find a lot of joy in spring and summer nail colors.  It’s always so fun for me to sport just a classic baby pink or a mint green during the summer months.  Currently I have on Zoya “Dot” on and Zoya “Monet” iridescent glitter on my bling finger.  I don’t know if it’s just me, but I get super happy looking at my freshly painted nails.  Am I the only one that gets regularly excited by this?


7.  Random fact I learned this week: Green Skittles are actually no longer lime flavored, but green apple flavored.  Apparently I really missed the news flash on that.  A student brought in a big tin of Skittles for me and as we were munching we were talking about the flavors and when I was talking about hating lime flavors her response was “Umm, green hasn’t been lime in at least a year..”  That just shows you how often I eat Skittles.  Mind blown.


8. Because Erik is leaving in a few weeks for the summer he and I have already started the planning process behind our honeymoon cruise that is coming up in August.  Yesterday I went to the Container Store (aka one of my favorite places ever) and found this awesome carry on bag for our flight to Italy and home from Spain. The purple roller is from Macys, and is equally as awesome, but I needed something that would prevent me from having to ask Erik to get the purple bag down from the overhead bin every time I needed something.   I’m super excited about it.  What are your tips, tricks, and favorite products for packing.  We’re going on a 12 night cruise.  Since packing is one of my least favorite things ever anything that makes it easier and more enjoyable is always welcome.

9.  Have you ever been in desperate need of a lazy day?  Like, a sleep in until 10 (or whenever) then lazily curl up and read books or watch movies until it’s time to go back to bed day?  I think my body needs one of those, but my mind won’t let me do it.  I have this severe disappointment with myself if I sleep in too late or don’t log activity on my Fitbit and ActiveLink or do something productive.  Maybe if I try and balance the two?  Take a leisurely midday walk and have my reading be productive reading?  How do you do your lazy days?

10.  Mother’s day is Sunday!  Are you ready?

Spring has Sprung: April Goals and Thinking Out Loud


1. It looks like spring has finally sprung here in Chapel Hill, although here it feels a bit more like we went to summer right away.  Either way, the sun is shining and I no longer seem to freeze when I go outside.  Happy day to those of us living in the south.  I’m not entirely sure about my friends and family back in Illinois after what seemed to be a pretty epic snowpocalypse (they got somewhere around 5 1/2 feet of snow), but I do know it’s a lot colder there than it is here.  I’ll try to bring some of the heat with me when I visit, I promise.

2. Speaking of when I visit, Erik and I will be making a trip back to the scene of our “I Do’s” in two weeks to spend Easter weekend with my family.  I know I’m much more excited about this than he is because I get to go do what I’ve always done on Easter weekends: spend an incredibly absurd amount of time singing at church 🙂 I was sent all of the music for the Sunday morning Easter services (yes, more than one) to practice in advance…which I probably should do at some point.. and I still get to sing my Broadway show tune at the Easter Vigil service on Saturday night.  That’s a long one, as it’s a two part service, but it’s quite enjoyable.  I’ve managed to get our awesome music ministers through the years to let me sing “Stranger to the Rain” from Children of Eden after the reading about Noah and the flood.  It’s my annual Broadway meets church moment.  I’m a nerd…I know.  Anyway, I’m quite excited to be going home, seeing my family and my puppies (I miss having a dog so much), and being able to celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection the way I have every other year.  I’m glad Erik will have the opportunity to experience my Easter weekend traditions as well.

3.  I’m in that awkward stage where I can’t decide if I’m getting sick or if the pollen count is starting to rise (now that we don’t freeze over nightly) and I’m in for my major pollen allergy problem.  I have been warned that in this area there will literally be layers of pollen on the ground, on cars….everywhere!  As someone who is quite allergic to most things in nature (grass, trees, pollen, mold, etc), I am trying to figure out how to survive this yellow covered doom that will inevitably occur.  I’ve had some congestion issues the last two days and at this point I don’t know what the cause is.  We shall see.  Perhaps my time of being on Benadryl during the day (I tend to take it to help me sleep at night) is drawing near…or maybe a few doses of Emergen-c and I’ll be good as new.


4. A major positive about the weather getting nicer: I get to spend time outside.  I am physically incapable of running for more than a few steps, but I love going for walks. This was taken on my walk yesterday.  If I drive over to the closest grocery store shopping area there are amazing walking paths, so when I went to pick up a few things yesterday (research for an upcoming post.  Get excited!), I decided to go on a half an hour walk first. Having the weather be nice definitely encourages me to get out and move more which is something I definitely need.

5. Is anyone else amused by listening to the birds outside?  I have caught myself actually enjoying listening to the calls and responses of the birds outside (currently happening as I type).  There’s one really chatty birdie who hangs out in a tree near my windows, and he always seems to be striking up conversation.  The other day I was listening to him chat up another bird with the same birdcall, and when the other bird stopped answering, the bird near me kept calling and waiting..and I actually felt bad for him because his friend left.   Again…I’m a major dork..


6. This is a picture of my latest failed attempt at macaroons.  *sigh*  I’ve been using a recipe that I found from a YouTube chef, Byron Talbottand I have not been able to get the batter to the right consistency once..this was attempt #4…Last time it was so thick I couldn’t pipe it through the bag, and this time it was too runny.  I noticed that Byron’s recipes have both measurements (cups/tbsp) and weight (g) for each ingredient, and I also noticed that the two don’t always perfectly match up.  I’m not entirely sure where in this process I’m failing, but once I run out of my $12 bag of almond flour (I know, insane…) I think I’m going to give it a rest for awhile.. Do you have any suggestions on how to make French Macaroons?  I might just stick to the Trader Joe’s box I can get for $5 (for 12 cookies).  Still pricy, but they’re not $2 a cookie, which is normal price and at least I know they taste good.


7. Ok guys, new iPhone game for you.  For those of you who want an addicting challenge, grab your phone and download “2048.”  Erik had me try it and I can’t stop playing.  Basically you get these tiles, and you slide them in one direction at a time.  When two tiles of the same number merge, they will double (2 blocks with the number 2 meeting turns into a single 4 block, two 4’s make 8, 8 is 16, etc) and the goal is to get to the block that equals 2048.  First, this was a competition between Erik and I to see who could score higher, but the other day he sent me a picture with the “You Did It!” screenshot showing he actually won and got to the last tile..  of course he did *sigh*  I’ve made it as far as having one tile of 1024 on the screen, but not much further.  You will be addicted.  Download at your own risk.  It’s awesome.

IMG_45818.  One of my favorite Easter candy finds this year.  This bad boy will be showing up in at least 2 more posts that I have planned.  I am not usually a huge fan of the chocolate covered marshmallow treats that come out this time of year.  My mom always buys the Fannie May marshmallow eggs and LOVES them, and while they’re okay, personally I want to spend my Points on their cream eggs. mouth is watering just thinking about that vanilla creme goodness.  These Peeps ones, however, I can’t get enough of.  They’re at Target and oh so good.  Peeps has come out with some pretty epic stuff this year.  More on that later. What is your favorite Easter treat??


9.  I made the mistake of discovering that mixing pumpkin with cake mix (my method for making cake and cupcakes when I bake) and putting it in the microwave actually works.  Why is this a mistake, you ask? Because in order to get a big old piece (you know, because you need a big piece..) of cake I end up using 2 servings of cake mix (because I have zero self control apparently..) and that ends up being around 8-9 Points before you add in the delicious melty chocolate chips… shame on me!  It’s SO FREAKING GOOD!! and while I give myself props for not making it with eggs and oil and such, the reality is the carbs in the mix still add up quick.  I should have never tried it because now I can’t stop.  Most delicious (quick-ish) dessert I’ve come up with yet.  Hubby loves it too.  This is why I need to walk more.. Try at your own risk.

April goals

10. And lastly, here are some goals I’m setting for April!  Gotta have goals!

  • Active Link (by Weight Watchers) not only tracks the percentage of your goal that you meet daily, but it also keeps track of your success weekly.  While some days I don’t quite make it to my goal, I want every week to say 100%, even if I slack one day.  It just means I work that much harder the next.  This means I will have burned 35 Points Plus values in a week.
  • I’m trying to read more.  The plan is “The Fault in Our Stars” and probably a blogging book.  At least two books will be read…hopefully more.
  • The plan (Weight Watchers) works when I track.  I’m having a killer week because I’m actually putting forth the effort.  It’s amazing how something works better when you do what you’re supposed to with it…duh, I know..
  • I signed up for Blog School and the first mod goes live next week.  I really want to work hard at getting my little place on the internet a place that others want to come to.  I really enjoy writing when I get inspired to share information with others, and I want to put the work in to make my little place a special one.  Thanks to all of you who already read my posts.  I’m hoping I will make your experience here even better.
  • 90 Miles according to my Fit Bit.  Self explanatory.



That’s all I’ve got for thinking out loud today.  Happy April, friends.  I hope spring shows up where you are soon 🙂