Top Tech for Weight Loss


Top Tech Weight Loss

We live in a world full of technology that can help us in so many ways.  Technology has become  an integral part of my weight loss journey, offering me the tools to help me make smarter choices, work out harder, track my progress, and reach my goals.  Here are my top 5 pieces of tech that I use for success on my weight loss journey.  Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds (or more than a few), eat healthier, or up your fitness game, these pieces of technology can help.

1. Food Scale

This item could quite possibly be the most important piece of tech I use when losing or watching my weight.  Have you ever taken the time to measure your serving of breakfast cereal after you dumped what you wanted into your bowl?  If you did, I can almost guarantee you would find that you over served yourself your Cheerios.  Rather than eating the amount on calories or Points Plus you thought you were eating, it could be that you’re eating 2 times that amount or more. That’s not going to help you succeed in weight loss.

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