September 2018 Goals

A new month means a new set of goals! While I am pumped for September and everything it means (fall, cooler weather, pumpkin spice, and other fall flavors, etc), it also means that we’re entering the last third of the year. This time of year is always crunch time, as I tend to realize just how many of my goals for the year I have yet to achieve. This realization is always a depressing one, but rather than dwell on it, I’m going to move forward and use my focus to make these last 4 months of the year the most productive ones of 2018.

Looking Back at August

Before we talk about the month ahead, I always like to look back at the previous month and reflect on how I did achieving the goals I set for myself.

Vlogust: 31 videos in 31 days was a lofty goal, and while I didn’t actually succeed (people who upload daily are crazy!), I did upload a whopping 22 videos in 31 days. That’s still almost twice my normal amount.

Declutter: I did end up decluttering my makeup collection (with several videos for your viewing pleasure on my channel), my clothing, and I started on my office. 

2 blog posts per week: Yeah… I published 4 posts all month. Whoops…

Get back on track: In general, August was a great month for this. I went back to tracking Points Plus, rekindled my spark for working out, and have in general been feeling pretty good about all things health and weight loss related. Basically, I’m using August as the month that springboards me into September and hopefully a month full of success. 

September Goals

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September 2017 Goals

Happy September! I’m so excited September is here, as it means the start of all of my favorite things.  Kids are back in school (I don’t have kids, but when I run errands it means there will be less of them running around the shops!), it’s the start of sweater weather, Leaves candles are easily available at Bath and Body Works, and pumpkin spice is popping up everywhere.  It’s basically my little slice of heaven. 
Even though I am no longer affected by back to school season, I still really enjoy the fresh start behind it, and I feel the need to take full advantage of the spirit of the season.  I really want to get better at setting (and publicly declaring) monthly goals for accountability purposes.  Here’s what I’m working on this month. 
Break my weight loss wall:  As you well know, I have been stuck going up and down the same 4 lbs for what seems like ages now, and I haven’t been able to get lower than 166lbs.  This month is it. It’s the time that I bust through the wall and start showing the scale who’s boss. Bonus, as of this morning I am only 2lbs away from succeeding. Bring it ON!

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September 2016 Goals

September is here!  It’s the end of summer and the start of the fall season which means cooler weather, sweatshirts, and pumpkin spice everything. While I’m sad to see summer go (I know we technically have until the end of the month), I’m excited for the fall season to begin. 

First lets check in on how I did on my August goals:

Break through my weight loss plateau: Sadly this was a no go.  While I’m close, and haven’t gained above the plateau, I technically I still haven’t busted through it. We’ll be adding this to the list of September’s goals.

Establish a better nighttime routine: I’ve gotten really good at getting ready for bed and even getting in bed at a reasonable hour, so I’ll consider this a win, but of course things like routines are always changing and improving.  Even though I’ve gotten good at the routine, that doesn’t mean my body cooperates and lets me sleep… that’s a whole different situation.

Read 3 books: I finished 2.  Not too shabby.

Start blogging daily: I’d say I’m 80% there.  I don’t post daily (not yet anyway), but I sat down and did something for the blog or channel most days.  Still working on this one. 

September Goals

Break through my weight loss plateau

Rolling this one over from last month. It’s pretty self explanatory.

Read 2 books

Because clearly 3 was a little too ambitious. Granted, if I applied myself to a little more reading and a little less evening tv or poking at a game, I could do it, but still…baby steps.

Find and buy a standing desk

I don’t necessarily want a whole new desk, but I want a computer stand or something that I can put on top of my desk or a table that allows me to stand for a bit while I work.  I told my husband this, and he’s 100% on board because he wants one too.  It’s really difficult to be a blogger who should be sitting at a computer working and someone trying to lose weight who should be active and moving all the time, so this would be a great happy medium.

Establish an official work schedule

I am very good at procrastination.  When I don’t have anywhere that I need to be at a certain time, it’s very easy for me to get distracted by social media, or a youtube video, or whatever, mainly because it ultimately doesn’t effect me much…except it really does. This month I want to work on my daily schedule, and establish more of a routine in my work, working out, and housewifing duties day to day.  If I know that I have to have my butt in the chair to work by 10am (workout done, showered, etc), then I have to figure out what has to happen to get me there.  This has been an ongoing battle, but back to school season really helps me put a fresh label on things, so September means its time to buckle down.  

Put out my video on my CMT story

Fun fact: September is CMT awareness month. While I’ve talked about it on my blog, I have only mentioned and briefly described it on my channel, and I really feel compelled to dedicate a whole video to my life experience with the disease, as well as talking a little bit about what life is actually like with CMT.  It’s a video where I will literally expose my weaknesses and show people what’s normally well hidden on camera, but as the biggest disease that no one knows about (1 in 2500 people have it), I feel like this video needs to happen. 

Make a pumpkin cake

It’s September.  It’s time to whip out the canned pumpkin and make a yummy, moist pumpkin cake.  Don’t worry, this will happen closer to the end of the month when fall actually starts. 


What are some of your goals for September?  Do you feel like September is a fresh start month (kind of like new years) like I do? 

The Curse of the Black Mold & The Friday 5

The first edition of what I’m going to call my “Friday 5”- 5 thoughts of the week.  Here we go:

The Curse of the Black Mold

Every few days I look in my toilet and see these black streaks that inevitably creep on back despite the toilet’s cleaning a few days before.  The mold here is unlike anything I’ve experienced before.  I actually asked the admin at the music school I work at if this mysterious black toilet ring was normal or if Erik and I were just dirty people and we didn’t realize it.  Thankfully, she explained that for some reason the mold down here likes to take over our world, and she wasn’t kidding.  Every few days I have to wash my cup in the bathroom (you can literally see the curse forming on the bottom), and the once a week I wash the toilet isn’t nearly enough, but any more often feels like a waste of toilet cleaner. And yes, I have one of those toilet tablet things in there too.   I even have to wash the faucets because the mold will actually grow and disrupt water flow in the sink.  Horrifying, disgusting, and now apparently a regular part of my life….



Bauble Bar Buried Baubles

A recent discovery of mine is Bauble Bar’s Buried Baubles.  Pictured above is the necklace I got today for $10 (and free shipping, always free shipping).  I also have a really cute sparkle cuff coming for the same price.. Oh and by the way, the necklace is usually $28 and the cuff was $30.  Yeah, got them both for $10 each.  Thank you Bauble Bar for helping me expand my accessory collection.  They also have a points plan, meaning for every dollar you spend you get a point (yes, you get points for the buried baubles), and 100 points makes $10 off a purchase.  I love loyalty programs.  Visit Bauble Bar, create an account and get your hands on some buried baubles.


Wedding Invitations 


Pictured above is the box of lovely wedding invitations I got in the mail yesterday thanks to a good friend from church back in Des Plaines, Pam, who has known me as long as I can remember.  I now have the daunting task of getting these babies out in the mail.  With most of the envelope labeling done, I just have to add RSVP envelopes and registry cards (custom made, super cute, should be here in a few days) to each one, get postage and send them on their merry way.  Everything else for the wedding has seemed so simple that this task actually makes me go “wow, this is actually happening!”  A stressful task, but I’m super excited to get these invitations out of my apartment and into the hands of our guests.

It’s Pumpkin Season!!!


My favorite part of fall is the world turns into a pumpkin flavored world.  The first pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks is an event celebrated by coffee drinkers everywhere.  Okay..maybe not everywhere, but I know many people make it an event, even if it’s one no one else knows about.  My world turns into a pumpkin heaven.  Pumpkin spice coffee creamer, sweet cinnamon pumpkin shower gel, and pumpkin candles takes the edge off of the fact the world is going to get colder soon.

Which brings me to my #5

Summer in September

The last few days it has either passed 90 degrees or gotten quite  close.  While I know the temperatures are still high in many places, once September rolls around I start to dread the inevitable approach of winter.  Yesterday, as I was discussing how cold it was in my studio (and how that made dressing difficult since it was freezing inside and boiling outside) with one of my students, I asked her mother how long it would be until it actually cooled down enough to be considered fall weather.  Her answer: November! Apparently they’ve had Halloweens that were over 80 degrees down here.  Apparently I have to deal with the warmth sticking around for a while longer, and those of you who know me are well aware that this is a happy thing for me 🙂

September: Back to the Basics


(The basics are beautiful)


I love back to school season.  It’s a time to get organized and start fresh, even if you aren’t a student.  I like to take this time to take on a new challenge, buy myself some “it’s a new year” presents (like a few outfits, a really discounted subscription to Bulu Box (seriously, check it out.  It’s like Birchbox, which I’m also in LOVE with, but for health and fitness) and my very first Bauble Bar purchase, again, on discount), and, in theory, buckle down to make it the best year yet,  My self-dicipline is severly lacking in many areas, so that is going to be a big focus of mine during September.

Going hand in hand with my self-dicipline improvement comes a challenge that I’m participating in all month to get one area of my life back on the right track, and that would be my Weight Watchers lifestyle.  As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been lazy lately, and that’s taking a toll.  Thankfully, one of the women I follow on Instagram, Brooke, is a fellow blogger and Weight Watcher.  She has lost over 170lbs on the program and is super motivational.  **You can visit her blog here.  **  Brooke wrote a post about a September challenge with the goal of getting us Weight Watchers “Back to Basics.”  I think it’s brilliant and couldn’t wait to join the group.  Now there’s a Facebook group of over 200 people ready to go with this challenge.  I love how social media has the ability to bring people from all over together so they can share common interests, goals, and support one another.

The basic idea is this; When you first sign up for Weight Watchers, usually you jump right in and get sucked into this new world of tracking, PointsPlus, and changing your lifestyle.  The goal of this challenge is to get that fire that we started WW with burning again.  Every week of the month there is going to be a new focus, so I will be blogging about those, but lets talk about what the curriculum of Back to Basics means to me.:

Tracking- In my opinion, this is the most important part of being successful on the WW program (Sorry to those of you on the simply filling plan).  When tracking is done correctly, meaning you stay within your PointsPlus budget (weeklies and activity points included), the plan is successful.  There’s no way around that.  Sure, there is the occasional week where you do everything perfectly and there’s still a gain, but that’s just your body testing you (or PMS or random bloating..all of those little details we have n control over), but rest assured if you behave just as well the next week you will not be disappointed.  Tracking involves quite a bit of work sometimes, but it becomes second nature after awhile.  I have to get back to measuring out proper portions and writing down every single thing that goes in my mouth.  If I can get my self-dicipline back in tracking and staying in budget, then 90% of my battle is won.

ActiveLink Challenge- When you’re on maintenance (I plan on writing a post on maintenance in the future) you’re supposed to earn 6 PointsPlus a day (to counteract the 6 PointsPlus you get to add to your target, no doubt..again, more on that later).  My current ActiveLink goal is 100%=5 PointsPlus earned.  Most days I’m good about getting close to my target, as 5 PP is quite ambitious for a daily goal, but I want to get to 100%.  My approach to getting 100% is not going to be daily (although that will probably happen by default), but weekly.  Active Link tracks your whole week and tells you what your % of achieving 100% is.  FOr example, I worked at Kohls two days this week, so I brought home 120% one day and 110% another, so when I had an 86% day after that, my week achievement was still around 108%.  So, Active Link Challenge: 100% of my weekly goal achieved, which should buy me 35PP as a cushion, minimum.

Good Health Guidelines- In our little WW tracker there are these boxes that you check to make sure you’re getting your good health guidelines: Water, fruits and veggies, vitamins, activity, healthy oils, and dairy.  There used to be one for lean meat as well, which I still try and count.  Usually when you’re making good choices these things just check themselves off, but I want to start focusing on them to the best of my ability.  Lets get the GHGs done first, and then see what kind of points I have left to mess with for the day.

Self-Dicipline: As I’ve mentioned, this has been a bit out of control lately.  I’ve been a lazy, unmotivated, queen of procrastination and it’s taking it’s toll.  When it comes to food, I’ve gotten good at being able to to justify “oh, its only one more piece of chocolate or one more cookie” and have seemed to have lost my power against the kitchen.  I used to be able to say “no” and walk away!  Well, it’s time for me to come back hard and be dictator over the food once again!  It’s not only the food I’m after here, as I could use the discipline in many other areas of life, and I will be working on those too, but for the sake of the back to WW basics, we’ll stick with me reclaiming my throne as queen of the kitchen.  Any suggestions here would be amazing.  Please feel free to comment below.

So there are my basics for this September challenge.  Now, you don’t have to be a member of Weight Watchers to get something out of this challenge as well.  Are there certain areas in your life (or in your kitchen) that could really use the “first day of school” mentality?  Thought so..   Whatever your personal challenge, join us.  This challenge is about getting healthy again, getting back on track (or getting on track to begin with).  You can look into sites like SparkPeople for a free health tracking website.  There are quite a few out there.  If you are on Twitter or Instagram we will be using the hashtag #wwbtb to track activity in this challenge.  Don’t forget to join the Facebook group which has a ton of supportive Weight Watchers friends who discovered one another via Instagram and blogs.  It’s a pretty cool thing, so if you want to join me this September, get back to basics.


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Let’s let back to school season get us back to basics and back to success.