A Thought on Forgiveness

Yesterday Erik and I were Skyping with his pastor from Florida for session two of pre-marital counseling.  It started with a discussion on giving and finances, which I’m sure usually takes longer with most couples, but since I’m marrying a finance man I am willing to let him manage our finances when we’re married; easy topic.  Then we started talking about making sure we know each other’s expectations, and after some discussion on that we got on the topic of forgiveness.


We all know that forgiveness is a really important thing for everyone.  At some point every person will have to forgive, and every person will do something for which they will need to be forgiven.  This should not be news to any of us. Pastor said that some of the most difficult words for a person to say are “Will you forgive me?” and I definitely do not disagree.  Those words hold an admittance of being wrong and it is quite likely an acknowledgment (both to the person and yourself) that you realize your wrongness has hurt that person in some way.  This puts us in a very uncomfortable and vulnerable  state, which humans hate. Never the less, it is crucial that we forgive and ask forgiveness.

As Christians, we ask the Lord for forgiveness often, and by his grace he forgives us all of our sins.  Why then is it so hard for humans to forgive other humans??  God has forgiven each and every one of us for something far worse than whatever you are holding against another person right now.  My “ah ha” moment during our session yesterday happened when Pastor called our attention to the words in the Lords prayer that I’ve said hundreds, maybe thousands of times in my life and gave this line a deeper meaning:

…Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us…



Something I have always known but never really thought about.  The Lord will happily, graciously, and mercifully forgive us each and every one of our sins if we ask for it, as we forgive others.  We can not get away with sinning and getting forgiveness from God while refusing to forgive our family, friends, coworkers and whoever else has sinned against us.  That is not fair and that is not Christian.

Forgiveness and grace and things of the like have been things that Erik and I regularly are learning to practice with each other.  Posts like this are not me getting on a soap box and lecturing others to “be more like me” or declare my being better than the rest of you.  Quite the opposite actually.  I post things like this, and will continue to do so (both religious based and not) as almost a public declaration of “I just realized how I could be better and I wanted to put it out to the world to inspire you to do the same.”  When creating a goal, research shows that those who write it down are more likely to succeed, so I am not only writing it down, but putting it out there in front of the eyes of the world wide web.

Anyway, there’s my two cents for the day.  Forgive others as the Lord graciously forgives us.  Be happy 🙂

Happy Monday, friends.