Thinking Out Loud #13

I love using Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud posts as a chance to give you guys a quick rundown of what’s happening in the world of Diva and the Divine.  Happy almost-Friday!


1. We’re still chilling here in Florida.  We’ll probably be here another week or so.  It’s been great enjoying time with my husband’s family and being spoiled rotten (I’m a lucky girl.  Trust me, I realize how blessed I am:-) ). We’ll probably be here another week or so before heading to Chicagoland for a whole new adventure.

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Quest Bar Faceoff


**Please Note: this post is about WW POINTS PLUS, and NOT the new Smart Points, which is what most Weight Watchers are using now. Smart Points post coming soon**

When I started getting really serious about my weight loss and fitness I went on a nutritional mission to get a lot more protein in my diet.  I knew that it would be good for keeping me fuller longer, and it would help out my muscles in the gym, especially since I have CMT and need all the help I can get.  As I looked at protein bar after protein bar I discovered that they all seemed to be geared toward body builder types who required calories with the protein.  On average, the bars I found would range anywhere from 7-10 Points Plus or more!!  For a woman trying to eat a mere 26 Points Plus a day, I thought finding a protein bar that was right for me was impossible.

Then I found Quest Bars! 🙂


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