The Humbled Hearts Daybook


Today is an entirely different Spotlight on Etsy post.  I stumbled across the Humbled Hearts Daybook when Cori (aka The Reset Girl) happened to mention it in a video.  The mention was quick, as she was just showing what she kept in her extra wide Foxy Fix notebook, but because she said it was a prayer book, I was intrigued and researched more.  It turned out that the book was available on Etsy through Hazel Berry Design, so I reached out to the lovely owner, Jillian, and she offered to send me a book for review.  To say I was excited would be an understatement.

The Humbled Hearts Daybook is a simple, yet brilliant way to guide your prayers to God. It covers a lot of bases, touching on everything from forgiveness, goals and dreams, to giving thanks.  Christian friends, this book will inspire, encourage, and motivate you every step of the way during your quiet time with God.

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A Weekend With Me: Saturday

It was one of those mornings where 8 hours of sleep just didn’t feel like enough.  The snooze alarm and I meet frequently, though only once today.  I had a lot to accomplish today.

Just like yesterday I got up (dragged myself begrudgingly is more like it), made some tea and sat down for some quiet time with my prayer journal and God.  My thoughts today were on the phrase “Love is patient” but not talking about love between Erik and I (though we have had many lessons in that verse), but I thought about it in regards to my relationship with God.  With a task list of many things whirling through my head, it was very easy for me to sit down and have the mindset of this writing time as a task I should speed though, check off and move on.  ..which of course is the completely wrong approach.  It takes effort to sit and focus on a task such as heartfelt prayer; to get all of the “to dos” to quiet down for a second and give me time to spend with the Lord.  Things change when you don’t treat prayer as a chore, but more like having morning coffee with a close friend.  Enjoy the conversation.


Meal time!  Breakfast today was brought to me by Suja juice.  They’re organic, cold pressed juices that are really delicious and super nutritious.  Since juices count as Points I had to account for the nutrition info, despite the fact the only ingredients are organic fruits and veggies, so it cost 4 Points Plus.  I love everything about these juices except the price.  At $8 a bottle at Whole Foods, they’re definitely treated as a special way to spoil myself every so often.  I’d love to try their 3 day cleanse someday, when I actually have that kind of money to spend on something  like yummy juice.


I went on a cleaning rampage making sure things were neat and dusted, including my bedroom (Erik’s room I don’t touch.  That he can deal with on his own..) so my man would have a beautiful apartment to come home to.  I wrote “Happy Sweetest Day” on our dry erase board, grabbed a south beach diet bar (we don’t follow the diet, but the nutritional content is impressive) and was out the door for my last visit to the various cat-filled apartments.  Frank was chatty as always.  He stood on the breakfast bar and started nibbling on my hairline playfully when I was paying more attention to my texts than to him.  He is a pretty awesome kitty.  Then I went to Katie’s to check up on the monsters, and she ended up coming home while I was there.  Kitty-sitting missions accomplished.  Now i am back to no fur babies to love on.  At least I get to go see my 4 dogs in less than a week.  I’m looking forward to some love from them.

I ran out of time to actually go to the gym (which I decided was okay since my ActiveLink sat satisfied at 50% already from my running around) so I went back to the apartment to get ready for my Weight Watchers Innovations event.  It’s the get together where the employees learn what new and exciting things are coming to the program.   While I was in the process of beautifying myself I got emails saying packages had come.  Turns out a package from home (including some Halloween decorations ) and my Bulu Box had arrived.  Expect my Bulu Box post within the next few days.

The receptionist at my Thursday meeting, Sharon, and the leader from today’s meetings were letting me tag along with them so I didn’t have to drive.  We went to an Embassy Suites where we enjoyed a late afternoon lunch and a presentation on whats to come.   Obviously I am not going to say anything about it here…sorry to those who thought I’d tell you. :-p

Check out the menu.  I wish every menu came like this, with the Points Plus values written right there.

IMG_2295 that I look at the pic I’m not entirely sure you can read that..

9 Points for the entire lunch/dinner, and that included dessert!

have I mentioned how nice it is to eat at Weight Watchers functions? 🙂



(there was a salad too, but I forgot to take a pic of it)

After Innovations I came home to find Erik’s stuff, but no Erik.  Apparently he went out for a run which made for an anti-climatic arrival home, but eventually he came back.  We caught up with each other a bit and now he’s unpacking while I write my post.

The rest of the evening is going to be quite eventful: Curled up on the couch in sweats and the arms of my love, watching Pirates of the Caribbean (# 3 I think..) so we can continue to play the Lego version of the movie on Playstation.  See? Eventful! (I hope you can sense the sarcasm).  We’re nerds, we know it, and we aren’t afraid to show it :-p

Have a blessed Saturday evening my friends.  Stay warm, stay safe, and be happy!

A Weekend with Me: Friday

The sun was actually shining when I got out of bed this morning (at 9.  It’s my day off..might as well sleep in after being up til 2) for a change.  Of course, it didn’t last long, but as I went about my day  it came and went.

The best way to start the day is sitting down with a pen, my prayer journal, and God. I find that writing down my prayers gives me more satisfaction sometimes than just saying them.  It helps me to really focus in on what I’m doing and my bonding with God.  He deserves so much more than what I give him, so when I have the time in the morning, I do my best to spend some extra special conversation time with him.  The only journal I’ve ever actually completed was a prayer journal that I started when things started getting serious with Erik.  Look where that got me 🙂  God is so good!  I try to make sure He knows I appreciate Him.

When I have the time I like to catch up on reading some of the blogs I follow and watching some of my favorite Youtubers.  Then I went to visit one of my kitty-sitting jobs, Frank.  He welcomed me with lots of noise.  It was like he was trying to tell me all about his evening.  I couldn’t help but laugh at him.

Meal Time!  Trader Joe’s Fat Free Greek Yogurt in Strawberry.  I have tried the pumpkin and pomegranate yogurt by TJ’s as well, and it is a bit more tart than I’m used to. I will probably be sticking to my Yoplait. TJ’s yogurt was 3 Points Plus.


One of the reasons I watch You Tube is to actually get inspired to do something.  Today’s project was a deep cleaning of all of my makeup brushes.  To get them really, truly clean, it just takes a few household products and a little bit of time.


The creamy stuff in the bowl is a combo of about 2 parts Dawn to 1 part extra virgin olive oil.  I got the antibacterial soap because makeup brushes tend to be a zoo full of bacteria, which can cause acne (one of my big problems), so it’s better to take the little extra precaution.  The olive oil does two things; not only does it help condition the bristles, but the oil actually acts as an amazing makeup remover, especially on foundation and concealer brushes.  Oil cleanses for the face are all the rage right now, and this would be why.  I just dip the dirty brush into the bowl, run a little luke-warm water on it and swirl the brush on my hand.  Then, as I’m running it through the water I squeezed the brushes until the milky color was gone.  They are now sitting on a towel on my counter drying, and they look as clean as the day I got them.  This is the first time I tried the oil/soap combo method, and it will be the one I continue to use.

Snack Break!  1 cup of frozen strawberries, some water and a Weight Watchers Protein Smoothie (chocolate) for a 2 Points Plus snack with a 10g protein kick.  Delicious!


After spending some time with the other kitties (Rosie actually cuddled for a minute today..that only took 5 days.. ), it was cleaning, which included a run to the recycling bin and garbage bin, which are located at opposite ends of the complex.  Today I didn’t mind because it was an extra walk, which means I’m closer to filling up my Active Link (success happened around 7:00pm).

Lunch: Progresso Light cheesy potato with bacon. 5 Points Plus for the entire can


I started reading a new book on the Elliptical today (and no, it isn’t Wicked): Starbucked.  Obviously you can figure out what it’s about, but based on the intro (which was several pages) it sounds like it will be a very business oriented book.  Right off the bat it started talking about how Starbucks started the coffee house revolution and how opening two locations across the street from one another turned out to be an experimental success that explains why it isn’t surprising to find two or 3 locations right by each other.  Sounds like it will be interesting, especially to a Starbucks addict like myself. I am thankful that the library has ebook loans.


Today on LUSH’s website the Christmas tab showed up.  I got all excited, and in honor of Lush and their (unreasonably early) Christmas spirit, I took a bath (which I never do) to use up the last of my Lush bath bombs.  I still had some from two Christmases ago.  Yikes.  I don’t like to stay in the tub long, but it smelled nice and my skin was super soft, which are two things LUSH products are known for.

After one more visit to Frank I will be settling in for an evening of poking at Pinterest, other computer tasks and taking advantage of Netflix.

I did go to Whole Foods to find myself  a dinner, and I have to share this wickedly sinful looking, but not sinful combo I found.



The whole pizza (yes, it has no cheese.  Still delicious) is only 4 Points Plus and (I splurged on Arctic Zero because I wanted to try it) the entire pint of ice cream is only 3 Points Plus.  Pizza and ice cream, 7 Points total.  Go ahead…misbehave a little 😉

That’s all for today, friends.  Tomorrow I have a Weight Watchers event where I learn what changes are coming to the program.  Very exciting stuff (hopefully!)

Sweet dreams!