First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Bouncy Mask Review

I am a skincare junkie who is constantly on a quest to find the right combination of products that work for my skin. While I feel like once I find the “magic formula” in my day to day products, I will likely keep any changes to a minimum, when it comes to face masks it’s a whole different story.  Face masks are treatments that help enhance your normal skincare routine by offering a dose fo super strength for whatever ails your skin at the time.  While I’m acne prone, I have a collection of masks that not only treat acne, but hydrate, brighten, exfoliate, and energize.  I love trying new masks, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop and settle on just one. 

When I heard about the First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 bouncy mask I was immediately intrigued. Not only did the information I saw about the mask make me want to try it, but the one video I happened to click on (It was on FAB’s Youtube channel) sang the praises of the instant gratification the mask provides. Granted, I’m sure the blogger featured in the video was paid, but I had to try it and see if it was true. Read more

LUSH Rudolph Review



I went to Lush to return a product that was just not working for my skin, so while I was there of course I looked around to pick out some other things.  I headed straight to the fresh face masks and as I was checking out the freshly stocked mini-fridge and discovered a mask with a Christmas theme: Rudolph!  Without hesitation I bought it and couldn’t wait to try it out.

Rudolph is specially formulated to calm winter skin.  The featured ingredients here are cucumber and calamine powder.  Calamine is known for its skin calming properties.  There’s also oatmeal, witch hazel, green tea and lavender oil which are also all skin soothers.   The mask helps calm and moisturize dry and irritated skin, but doesn’t contain so many moisturizing ingredients that it is a risk to acne prone skin like mine.  I love the emphasis on “calming” rather than moisturizing, which tends to be the common trend for winter themed skin care.

Rudolph has a fresh scent that isn’t necessarily the greatest smelling thing (especially when compared to LUSH’s Cupcake mask), but it isn’t unenjoyable by any means.  The mask takes a little bit of effort to smooth onto the skin due to its chunky texture, but it did stay put once I got it on my face and did not crack off in pieces as it started to dry.  You aren’t supposed to let this mask dry completely before washing it off anyway.

I liked how smooth and calm my skin looked after the mask.  There was no tightness or dryness, and no overly moisturized feeling either.  It was just slightly cooled, smooth and pleasantly clean feeling.  Rudolph is a nice treat for any Lush fan for this time of year.  I imagine any skin type would get some sort of benefit from this red nosed, limited edition treat.


This was the first time Erik has ever seen me in a crazy face mask (I tend to do them while he’s at school).  Of course he took a picture..