August Round up: The good and the not so good.

Yet another month has come to a close.  How crazy is that?!  It’s officially back to school time, which is actually one of my favorite times of the year.  More on that in a future post.

Let’s talk about August.


The Good

Visiting Home

As you may have seen in my more recent posts, I started August off with a visit to Illinois to get some major wedding planning accomplished. It was a crazy busy weekend full of appointments and decisions, but just being home, seeing the puppies, being able to sing in Praise Team and seeing family (including Erik’s) was wonderful.  You can read all about my trip by clicking Part 1 or Part 2.

Weight Watchers At Work Leader

I’m officially able to be an “at work” Weight Watchers leader now, which basically means I have all of the materials to run WW meetings out of my house…  Over the past week I have gotten SO MUCH stuff sent to me that I have no where to put it.  I have a WW scale of my very own (like the ones in the centers), a bin or two of product and a ton of paperwork.  I’m putting this down as a good thing because if all goes well I may end up with some meetings to actually lead in the near future.  It’s a bit chaotic and I’m stressing about having no place to put this stuff, but at least it is a positive work opportunity.  Today was my last week of finishing out an at work series in North Raleigh.  Big commute, but at least I got to do some work for the company the last few weeks.  Mid September I also gain a meeting at a store near my apartment, which will be nice.

Voice Lessons

This week was my first week of fall term voice lessons at the Chapel Hill School of Musical Arts (CHSMA for short).  I already have 12 students and was asked to open up an extra evening in my schedule, which my boss is pretty sure they can fill up soon.  If WW picks up and I get another lesson or two, I’ll be able to drop Kohls, and hopefully that means no more retail for me EVER.  I am so thankful for the blessing of being able to teach music.  If I can’t get out there and perform for a living, at least I can make money inspiring others to do so. My owners are great, my studio is 5 minutes from my apartment, and my students have been wonderful so far.  What an awesome job to stumble upon when I started looking at the possibility of moving.  God does look out for me 🙂

The Not so Good

Laziness, Stress, and Negativity

Confession time: I’ve been super lazy about tracking, working out, and sort of in general.  Oh sure, I get to the gym almost every day, but the fire I used to have behind my workouts seems to have vanished, which makes them not as good as they used to be.  My coping mechanism for stress tends to be eating (since my love for the workout has seemed to disappear, which used to be my stress relief), which results in me being a bit more forgiving with what goes into my mouth vs. what’s on my tracker.. the result is a slight rise on the scale.  The amount is pretty laughable given how stressed I am by it, only a few lbs, but it’s more than it should be.  Enter the stress and negativity that makes working out a chore and all of the things that turn this into a vicious cycle that seems to have no end and has me feeling miserable.  I’m also stressing about playing housewife when I am in fact not one (not for a few more months anyway) and balancing 3 jobs, the fitness, the housekeeping, the fiancé the spends all of his time at home studying in his room, and this blog, which I love, but don’t have the time to give it what it deserves…oh yeah, and planning a wedding..  The result is this sloppy, stressed out mess of a person currently blogging in between voice lessons.  I already have several ideas on how to use the Back to School mentality to try and keep me from crumbling, starting with a WW Back to Basics challenge that I joined and will tell you about in another post.

That pretty much sums up the bad..  I don’t have any product favorites or anything this month.  Wow, August was a bit lame in the area of trying new things.  Hopefully September will bring more excitement, passion for life, and new things for me to try (and write about).

Happy Back to School season, friends.  How do you celebrate (or not celebrate..)this time of year?