Welcome October!!!

October 2013
I am so excited that October is here.  Not only does it mean I’m one month closer to becoming Mrs. Erik E., but there is just something so refreshing about October.  Fall is in full swing, the season actually starts to change, your wardrobe changes to warm and cozy things, fall scents and flavors are everywhere, and what’s not to love about Halloween (except that it is quite possibly a Weight Watcher’s worst nightmare..)??  All in all, October is a an awesome time.  This month I tried to create a board that expressed a bit of goal setting for the month as well as a wish list (things to keep my eye on, etc) for the month.  Note that I have them numbered, so I’ll use corresponding numbers below. So, lets jump on into October!

Goals, etc.

1.  First, (and maybe most importantly in by opinion) this month marks a really important anniversary for my all time favorite musical, Wicked.  October 30, 2013 will mark 10 years since the show opened on Broadway!  Considering how much of a Wicked fan I am (my senior recital in college was called “Defying Gravity,” I have a lime green Ford Fiesta, and until I left Illinois, my bedroom was color matched and painted to match the Wicked poster…obsessed much?), this is a fun opportunity for me to celebrate Wicked, AND hope and pray that some fun companies come out with some products honoring this milestone (one that I know of will be mentioned below).  My Wicked challenge for the month is pictured above: I have had that exact book sitting in my collection for maybe 5 years and have yet to complete the reading of Wicked (the second book, “Son of A Witch” is in there too) and that is completely uncalled for.  This month, to honor my beloved musical, I WILL read Wicked in its entirety.

2. My Active Link challenge continues with getting 100% for the week.  Last week I somehow missed the mark by a few percent, and I’m going to have to work my butt off to get it to happen this week too.  There are some days (like today) where I’m running around like a crazy person and feel like I must have made some major progress, and yet, I don’t even complete half of my day by the time I’m wiped out.  It’s also hard when I sit in front of a piano for 5ish hours 3 nights a week.  That basically means if I’m not near 100% by the time I go to work, then odds are I won’t be hitting it.  October is going to be better!

3. Oh pumpkins!  As I’m sure you all know, I’m obsessed with all things pumpkin flavored.  My search for pumpkin and pumpkin spice things will continue this month.  Also involving pumpkins: I’m hoping I can find a few things to decorate the apartment with for cheap.  I know I can buy stuff after Halloween dirt cheap for next year, but what about this year?!  My first year out on my own and no festive decor?  Unacceptable.

4.  I’ve got two fitness goals up there.  I need to start strength training again.  I don’t have access to quality weight machines at my little gym here in the complex, and I haven’t been able to find my 2nd 2lb weight to bust out Jillian’s video.  No more excuses because I went and bought another 2lb weight so I can do some “Ripped in 30” with mismatched weights.  I can really feel (and see) that I haven’t been strength training, and I simply can’t handle it anymore.  I’m a month away from my wedding dress fitting and I’ve got to be in tip top shape.  The photo of the girl means I have a flexibility goal.  That’s another area I’m severely lacking and want to fix.  I just move so much easier when I’m stretched out.

5. No, my goal is not to run around the house with no pants on.. I’m on a mission to find the perfect oversized comfy sweater.  I want it to be thick and warm, and a bit on the sexy side, so I can curl up and keep warm (because soon that will be harder for me with the weather change) and not look like a total schlub while doing it.  The one pictured above would be a great one, but of course Pinterest couldn’t direct me to it.  If you know where I can find something like that, please let me know!!

6.  Little wedding details are starting to be the focus in my wedding planning world now.  I need to make decisions on things like garters (I want a set so Erik can toss one and we can keep one), jewelry and shoes for me and my girls, unity sand sets, guest book and everything in between.  I fly home at the end of the month for my bridal shower/bachelorette party weekend.  The days are flying by and the day for “I do” will be here before we know it.

7. I need to get back the fire for music that I had in college.  It fueled me in every way; mind, body and soul.  With the whirlwind of life not allowing me to perform and music meaning work and not “me time”, that makes it harder for me to keep the fire burning.  I need to get that love back, and I’m pretty determined to do so, but with a schedule that definitely doesn’t allow for rehearsals for a show or group, I’m not exactly sure how..

Wish List

You’ll notice that there are things that look very similar on there.  I went to Lush yesterday because my skin is in major freakout mode, and I know that Lush can help better than anything.   I adore Lush and it is one of my favorite places to splurge.  As I made a few purchases and bonded with the girls in the store, I was also sent home with several generous samples of things to try, and of course after one try I’m dying to add them to my arsenal.  That’s why there are so many black pots up there.

1. LUSH Lovely Jubblies: This is actually a breast firming cream (which I regret not asking for a sample of today) that has gotten rave reviews for what it does, not just to the chest, but to anywhere that needs a little extra help.  I’m also told the smell is to die for and  it even works under your eyes.  I figure, with a wedding around the corner I want to look my best everywhere, so this might be worth a try.

2. Julep’s Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary collector’s set (found on QVC): Not only is it Wicked’s 10th birthday, it’s The Wizard of Oz’s 75th Birthday!  That means WoZ (as we appreciated it when I was in the show) special edition products will be popping up all over as well.  Happy day to a nerd like me.  I’m a nail polish addict, the colors are pretty, so naturally, this is on the list.

3.  LUSH Let the Good Times Roll face cleanser: A polenta based cleanser with cinnamon that smells like ground up shotbread cookies makes this an amazing thing to wash with.  I got this as a sample and love how my face feels.  I believe it’s limited edition, or at least has been labeled “back by popular demand” so since it works with my skin type (will use it a few more days to know for sure).

4. LUSH Imperialis moisturizer:  As we discussed my crazy skin, we talked about how I’ve tried several moisturizers and they just didn’t work for me, so the girls sent me home with a sample of Imperialis.  With calming ingredients like lavender and shea and cocoa butters for moisture, this is supposed to manage my dry and my oily areas.  I will say this, I used it yesterday, and my skin was soft and there was no shine.  My Sephora moisturizer might be taking a back seat if this sample keeps up like that.

5. Teavana Acai Matetini Mate tea: I was a huge Teavana girl for awhile, and after an impulse visit there when Erik dragged me to the mall after church so he could get yet another suit (not gonna lie, I’ve been very jealous of the money he’s been spending on clothes lately.  I know it’s for business school, but still..that wreaks havoc on a girly girl’s heart when she can’t partake), and so I walked into Teavana asking if the rumor I heard about them accepting Starbucks gift cards was true.  It was!  So I bought a mate (aka tea that is as caffeinated as coffee) iced tea and browsed a bit and it kind of rekindled my spark.  Tea is so healthy, so I was inspired.  I learned they had this awesome tea made with super fruits and other awesome tasting things.  I’d love to get my hands on it.  I should probably finish up my other teas first…

6. Deborah Lippman Wicked Anniversary Nail Polish Set: I stumbled upon this thanks to Instagram and flipped out.  Two of my favorite things in one awesomely colored little celebratory package!  There’s not much else to say except I will be adding this beauty to my collection.



Wow..long post.  There you have it friends.  What are your thoughts on October?  Goals? Products you have your eyes on?  I want to know!   Time for a pumpkin spice bagel and some coffee 🙂  Happy October! Be happy 🙂

Doing Nothing

When we think about doing nothing two scenarios come to mind:

1. I’m going to spend Friday night doing nothing, meaning you’ll still do things like be lazy watching TV, maybe have a deliciously guilt filled dessert and basically just enjoy yourself rather than get work done.

2. You consciously do nothing about a situation and just let it be.

Today I want to talk a bout about our second choice.  As you may or may not know, I am a huge Jillian Michaels fan.  She’s one tough trainer with a good heart, and while she is all about the body, losing weight, being healthy and getting fit, she talks a lot about the psychology behind everything.  Every Monday she has a podcast, and the first segment is usually just her talking about whatever has been on her mind and they tend to be my favorite segments of the podcast.  A month or so ago I went to launch the new podcast and saw it was entitled “doing nothing.”  I figured she would be talking about how even she takes a lazy day or tips on being productive while feeling like you’re doing nothing, but no.  It was something much different and much more inspirational.

So with that said, I ask you this question:


What happens when you do nothing?


Now, you’re probably thinking “Come on Brianna, nothing happens when you do nothing!”  Right?  Wrong!!

Scenario 1: You’re over weight.  You’re not comfortable in your own skin, your self confidence is low, and you’ve packed on enough extra pounds for your doctor to regularly tell you it’s effecting your health.

Scenario 2: The really cute guy you see in the coffee house every day or class every week totally has caught your eye.  You two could very well be perfect for each other…if only he knew your name.

Scenario 3: You diagnosed with cancer.  Luckily you caught it early enough where it is treatable.

Scenario 4: Your significant other is starting to feel less in love with you.  Maybe there’s less passion and lovemaking, maybe there’s more tension and anger.  You know that a few minor changes in your habits could really help.

Scenario 5: Currently you’re employed, but not very happy going to work every day.  You know the type of job you’d like to be doing, but it’s just so much effort to change things at this point.


Look at the scenarios.  Again I ask, what will happen if you do nothing?  *lightbulb goes on*

Doing nothing definitely does not mean that things will stay the same, but instead it typically means things will get worse!  If you’re a #1 and do nothing about your weight you will keep living the lifestyle that got you there to begin with.  The results could very well be deadly.  Poor lab results, larger waistlines, and your health declining at a rapid rate.  In #2 and #5 if you do nothing you could very well end up spending the rest of your life regretting the fact you never took a chance.  Living in a world of “what if” is miserable.  Wouldn’t you rather have talked to the guy and been rejected?  Would that kill you?  What would you really have to lose if you did the work to try and get in the career path you actually wanted?  Be careful…you might end up happy.

While #3 is obvious it just further emphasizes the point.  If the cancer is treatable and you decide to not do anything about it, odds are it will kill you.  If you aren’t willing to do anything at home in #4, things won’t stay the same, but over time they will get worse, you both will be miserable and a split will inevitably happen.


Do any of these situations sound good to you?  These are all the results  of doing nothing.  Sure, doing nothing is easy; no extra effort on your part, but think about the results that will come from it.  Now that you’ve thought about it…is it worth it? The answer is almost always going to be NO.

Jillian Michaels’ words are wise and while I just touched on her 15 minute segment going on about this, I hope I got the point across.  Doing nothing will never result in things staying the same.  One for the road:

Scenario #6: paying your bills…what happens when you do nothing then..?

On this Saturday morning I hope you set yourself up to do something.  Make a change, take a risk, and be happy.