My One Way Ticket on the Struggle Bus

An odd name for a post, I know, but how many of you have felt like that before? You left for your journey(whatever it may be) with an amazing destination in mind, and instead you somehow accidentally purchased a ticket for the struggle bus.  A ticket that offers no refunds and you must complete the journey through to the end.

This might be a little over dramatic (I am a theatre girl, after all), but seriously, this is how I’ve been feeling about life lately.  Like I’m on this bus and I somehow can’t find that button that indicates to the driver that I want to get off at the next stop. Read more

Hello From Japan!

Hello my friends, and happy 2015!

Thank you for being okay with my holiday time hiatus, but now that I’m settled in our little apartment in Japan where my husband will be studying at the local university for a few months, and have internet access, I can get this blog up and running for the new year.

To start it off, how about we talk a little bit about my year thus far?

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