Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor



Thanks to Influentser, I recently got my hands on a new razor from Venus to try out before it hits the stores.  I have been loyally using the Schick Intuition razor for around 8 years now, so being asked to try a new razor certainly had me in unfamiliar territory.

The new Venus Embrace Sensitive razor is geared toward women who have sensitive skin.  I never used to consider my skin sensitive, but over the last year or so I have started to believe that I actually have been wrong.  My skin seems to grow more  sensitive as time goes by.  With the skin sensitivity came a dislike for shaving.  Sometimes my legs would develop a red rash after shaving, and lets not even get started on some of the things that go wrong in the bikini area when you shave that sensitive skin..


This razor has 5 blades instead of the typical 4, which already means (at least I’d hope) a closer, more successful shave.  This is a nice, but not unheard of feature.  The layer around the razor has aloe and other moisturizing barriers around it to help keep my sensitive skin happy.  Initially I thought this meant it was going to be like my Intuition razor and have the moisturizing shave soap right around the razor, meaning it was a smooth, soapy glide with no extra shave cream required.  Well, I was wrong.  When I removed the razor from the package, the outside layer felt plasticky, just like the rest of it.  I wondered how that was going to make make my shave any better, but it turns out I was pleasantly surprised.

I hopped in the shower to give my new toy a try.  Like normal, I washed with my shower spongey thing, and then used a sugar scrub on all parts that were going to be shaved.  The time it takes to do this helps the steam plump up the hair follicles and the exfoliation gets the dead gunk away.  Both of these things aid in getting a closer shave.  Then I put some of my shave cream on my legs and let the razor do its job.

The head of the razor is very mobile and flexible (which I’m not used to with my larger Schick razor) and while it was hard for my hands to handle (which is nothing against the hands are just stupid because of my Muscular Dystrophy), it made hugging curves around my knees really easy.  The shave was close and smooth.  My legs approved..  Moving on to other things.

I’m always afraid to try new things on the bikini area because you never know how it’s going to go. The mobility of this razor really aided in moving around all of the curves of that area.  While I felt I couldn’t apply as much pressure as I normally do, the razor still did a great job of getting that close shave.  Everything was smooth and there was no bad skin reaction.  This is huge for me.  Sometimes its a total crap shoot as to if my bikini area will look nice or look like a scary, bumpy disaster area.  This razor didn’t give me any problems!  A major win in my book.

While I loved using this for my bikini and legs, I didn’t like using it under my arms, but again, that’s just because the way my hands function is stupid and I need something larger to grip to get the control necessary to get my underarms properly.  I’m sure with normal hands the shave under the arms would be just as awesome as the shave of the bikini area.


All in all I would say this product is pretty great.  I was doubtful that I would enjoy a razor other than my old, faithful Intuition razor, but Gillette has given me a reason to consider a switch, even if it’s just for the bikini area.  I’m not sure when this bad boy is hitting store shelves, but when it does, you should give it a go if you have sensitive skin issues like me.


Thanks, Influenster, for giving me a nice, close shave :-p