Weight Loss A-Z

Rules of Weight Loss A-Z

When it comes to weight loss and healthy living, everyone has their own tips and tricks that work for them.  I decided to get a little creative and wanted to come up with something for every letter of the alphabet.  After some thought and creative liberties, here are 26 tips, tricks, or plain old facts of life that I use to find success in my weight loss journey.

A- Attitude

When it comes to losing weight, attitude is everything.  If you come from a negative space about food, fitness, and your body, it’s could be 20 times harder to find the success you’re looking for.  A positive attitude about your body and about the journey you’re on will definitely keep your sprits up and the scale down. 

B- Baby Steps Read more

Suja Juice Cleanse- Day 1

Suja Juice Cleanse


First thing that you’re supposed to do on day 1 is drink some warm lemon water or apple cider vinegar water to help get the body going on the detox process.  I did this at about 7:30am.  When you’re body “needs more” is when you’re supposed to start your first juice for the day.  Since I knew that wouldn’t be for awhile I went to the gym.  By the time I got my act together, worked out and showered, I was definitely ready for something more.

Right around 10:00am is when I opened my first juice for the day, Glow.  It is a very “green” tasting juice, which actually was quite refreshing.  I popped the bottle in my purse and headed to the Ford service center for some routine maintenance on my car.  While I waited over an hour, I read Divergent and slowly made it through my first bottle.  Once the car was finished I headed over to Weight Watchers to pick up the new kit that was released with the release of “Simple Start” for 2014.  Even though I know the program really well, new materials always get me re-motivated, so it’s perfect that I am doing Suja today-Wednesday, Thursday I am supposed to ease back into food, and Friday my Weight Watchers week starts fresh, and I have the new Plan and Track book and other things to kickstart that.  I will be doing a post on the Weight Watchers Member Success Kit in the near future.

I got home and cracked open juice #2, Fuel, just before noon.  You can tell the primary ingredient in this is carrots.  Carrot juice is sweet and tasty.  I was a little worried about turmeric being an ingredient, as I wasn’t entirely sure what it tasted like, but that ended up being just fine.  At this point my tummy is in a slightly confused state of “I think I’m hungry, but there’s food coming in, so actually, maybe I’m not.”

Juice #3, Purify, might actually be my favorite.  It was sweet and fruity as opposed to the vegetable flavored ones from earlier and later.  I finished that one around 3:00 and then had to pack up Fiji, which ended up being refreshing and had just enough of a bite from the ginger, and Green Machine, really tart “green” tasting, (as it was just kale, apples and lemon) to come with me to teach voice lessons.  I was there from 3:45-8:45 and those juices lasted me every last minute of it.  Before I packed up to go home I actually took the last swig of juice #5.

When I got home from work it was just after 9:00pm.  I went to the refrigerator to get my “dessert” (Vanilla Cloud).  Surprisingly, this might be the juice I like the least.  There’s 1/2 a coconut in there and while I like coconut, maybe just not in that capacity.  I will welcome the non produce taste and hopefully finish it up before 10.  I washed my face and got myself all comfortable so I could sit and finish up my juice, this post, make some hot tea, and curl up with Erik.

I felt truly hungry maybe once today.  The rest of the day I haven’t been hungry, but I’ve decided it’s simply the lack of chewing food that has made me uncomfortable.  I am a grazer that munches frequently throughout the day, so to take my mouth from graze mode to no chewing at all makes my body go “umm. excuse me!”  Every time I walked by a box of crackers or a bowl on M&Ms I instinctively went to grab them, but then realized a) you can’t have that, and b) I’m not actually hungry..  It’s a crazy realization how much I turn to food simply out of habit or what the clock says.  This is a good lesson to break that habit.  I’m interested to see how I feel tomorrow.  From what I’ve read day 2 tends to be the hardest.  We shall see.


There will be a blog up on my YouTube channel tomorrow morning following me through today.



Slimmed Down Betty Crocker: Part 2


As you may remember awhile back I posted about how I slimmed down the Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie/Cookie Bars by replacing the butter and eggs in the recipe with unsweetened applesauce (for butter) and Egg Beaters (for eggs).  The result was good, but it was a bit dense and not as fabulous as I would have liked.  I know that with cutting out a bunch of the oil and fat in things will result in some sacrifices in the gooey-ness department, but I was convinced there still had to be a better way.   As you all know by now, I’m slightly obsessed with canned pure pumpkin.  One of my favorite uses is to put it in cake mix and voila, a moist and delicious cake.  That’s when the lightbulb went on:

If I already use pumpkin with cake mix and the result is amazing, why don’t I try using the pumpkin as my butter replacement instead of the unsweetened applesauce?!

Off to the grocery store I went, anxious for take 2 of the Supreme Bar adventure.  I did the exact same thing as before: Follow the directions on the box, but use my substitutions.  THis time I used pumpkin instead of butter and an egg white rather than egg or egg substitute.  The result was fantastic!


First, you can see how much less runny the cookie dough ended up.  With the applesauce, it practically could be poured on top of the brownies.  With the pumpkin the dough actually came out the consistency of cookie dough. Right off the bat I knew I had to be on to something with this.  It baked well and came out looking like it had more moisture than the old one


Can you see the amazing difference?  These were taken in same spot on the stove.  The one on the right is my old way with the applesauce, and the left is with the pumpkin.  Clearly the one on the left looks more decadent (and it was).  As you can see, Erik couldn’t wait to give this a try, and all of the sudden I hear “Baby, this is much better than the first time.”


So the bottom line here is that in baking, canned pure pumpkin is an amazing 0 Point substitute for butter.  Added bonus, you know you’re getting a vegetable in while having your guilt free treat!  4 Points per serving.  Enjoy my friends.

Crunching on Kale


I am not a girl who loves her veggies.  In fact, I basically force myself to eat them because I know they are healthy and the are 0 PointsPlus, so they’re great for bulking up meals at no extra cost to my PointsPlus tracker.  Fruit I will eat all day; veggies, not so much.   That being said, I am a fan of figuring out ways to get those veggies into my belly and actually enjoy them.  I’ve been hearing of kale chips for quite some time, and I decided it was finally time for me to join in the craze and try them myself.

What’s nice about them is you can enjoy them guilt free.  All you’re doing is crisping this really healthy leafy green and adding a bit of salt.  I was skeptical at first, but these babies do crisp up, and so much so that the chip practically dissolved once it hits your mouth.  There is definitely still a green veggie taste to the chips, but they crispy texture and the salt helps me trick my brain into believing I am eating something much more sinful than a bunch of leafy greens (rather than greasy fried potato chips).

All in all the kale chips are a healthy, easy to prepare snack that could help you curb your salt cravings.  I imagine you could use some garlic powder instead of salt to offer a different flavor, but below is the basic recipe.

Ingredients: Kale, olive oil cooking spray, salt.


Preheat the oven to 325 degrees

Take a cookie sheet (I lined mine with foil) and give it a quick spritz with the cooking spray

Wash your kale and just rip it off of the stem into pieces.  The kale does shrink while it’s in the oven, so don’t make them to small.  Put the pieces on your cookie sheet and spritz the kale itself with one quick spray of the olive oil cooking spray (other recipes I’ve seen use amounts of oil that would add PointsPlus to the recipe.  Keep it really light here) and then sprinkle with salt to taste.

Put your pretty greens in the oven for about 15 minutes, adjusting cook time based on desired crispness.

Let cool and enjoy your healthy snack.  Crunch away and be guilt free 🙂