Fitness for Nerds

Fitness for Nerds


The title might make you laugh, but I’m dead serious about it.  My husband (MBA student and nerd in his own right) came into the bedroom one day while listening to his usual Wall Street Journal podcast and told me I had to listen to something.  Turns out it was a news story on the growing fitness trend that gears itself toward self proclaimed “geeks” and “nerds.”  At first, I chuckled, but then quickly decided that this new genre was totally on to something, so I decided to poke around a little bit.

Think about the stereotypical nerd.  You’re probably picturing someone glued to the computer or xbox, going on hour number 5 or 6 of their latest play of World of Warcraft or working their way through the newest game release.  There they sit with soda and snacks strewn across the desk or coffee table because they won’t leave the screen to go grab a healthy meal.  They stop only to watch Star Trek or Game of Thrones and they go to Comic Con or any other “Con” geared towards geeks dressed in full costume and making references and spouting quotes that only fellow geeks and nerds would understand.  They probably also work jobs that have them sitting in front of screens focused on the task at hand and perhaps not really moving for hours on end.

Am I right?

Now, before haters start hating here, let me make a little disclaimer.  I myself, am a nerd. I am married to an even bigger nerd, and I honestly mean that in a good way.  My husband is incredibly smart, tech savvy, silly, hardworking and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When we started our long distance relationship, we would go on dates by hanging out on World of Warcraft together.  🙂

Now, picture the typical fitness buff.  These two images are kind of on opposite ends on the spectrum, right?  No more!  Introducing the latest fitness phenomenon: Fitness for Nerds!

While poking around online a bit, I discovered several instances where fitness routines were geared toward this specific type of person.  I discovered several places online that cater to this type of fitness and a few other things as well.

I stumbled across this website and was most excited to find the one page workout plans they have drawn out.  Similar to those on Pinterest and in magazines, there are images of the moves for that specific workout along with reps.  However, the titles are what draw the attention of the nerdier crowd.  Rather than “flat abs” or “life that butt,” I found workouts inspired by many things; Dauntless, Batman, Lara Croft, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Wolverine, just to name a few of them.  If you’re into any of the themes that they have a workout for, wouldn’t you be more inclined to get up and do them?  They also have challenges, blog posts, and fitness motivation.  Check them out for some awesome and free fitness fun!

It’s an entire academy that allows you to basically turn yourself into a video game character and “level up you life.”  Intriguing, right?  I think so too.  All of the things you do to improve your health and fitness earn you experience points and you can level up within the academy by going on quests.  Steve Kamb (the founder) was really thinking!  For a one time enrollment fee of $99 you get lifetime access to the fitness routines, nutrition guides, and all of the other fun things the academy has to offer.  When I googled this subject I didn’t realize I’d actually stumble upon a place like this.

Gamification of Fitness

Let’s be honest, it isn’t just us nerds that have fallen for the gamification of our health and fitness routine.  Fitbit, ActiveLink and all of those other activity monitors help us set goals and track them.  Say it’s 10 pm and you look at your FitBit and realize you have 400 steps until that bar goes green (on the app) and you have reached your goal for the day.  If you’re anything like me you will walk around the house or even run in place to make sure the job gets done before the activity monitor resets to 0 at midnight.  I have done this so many times I’ve lost count.  We all want to make the mark and hit 100%.  We all want to win! Turning fitness into a competition and into a game helps many people, myself included, reach their health and fitness goals.  There are books on gamification across many business and lifestyle platforms.  Fitness for nerds takes it to the next level and gives people the option to compete and level up, or just be surrounded with a style that fits in to their lifestyle, whether it’s a fitness class geared toward sword fighting or getting in shape for comic con, or just a workout routine inspired by your favorite comic book characters.

I just wanted to give this genre of fitness a bit of a shoutout, as I love the idea of making fitness something relatable to a type that is not commonly known for their fitness levels.  I found articles on the Wall Street Journal  and The Economist on this topic, and there is so much more to be found if you’re interested in looking.  I was just curious about this topic and wanted to mention a little something about it.  Do know know anything about “fitness for nerds?” I’d love to hear your thoughts below 🙂