The Friday 5: October 19th, 2013

Welcome to a late night posting of the Friday 5. Technically it’s Friday (12:50am) so it’s legit.  Since I’m enjoying a quiet night in alone (more on that in a second), I figured I’d get a head start on my Friday by getting some work done before bed.  There’s going to be a lot happening here this weekend.

Blogging Weekend

I don’t get to see Erik until Saturday, and since today is my day off, it means I have a chance to get a lot done without interruption or anything, however, “freedom” like this also causes me to be a lot less disciplined about pretty much everything.  I tend to need to be held accountable (kind of why I work at Weight Watchers.  I have to practice what I preach) in order to stay on track.  This weekend, I decided that needs to happen despite the fact no one is “watching” me.  So, here’s the plan: a little “A weekend in the life of the almost-wife of a traveling businessman: having a productive and enjoyable weekend, including a food plan that’s ON plan.  I figure that posting on here holds me super accountable, as all of you see it.  That’s why I’m posting this so early.  There will be another post tonight 🙂


Thursday Night

Technically my alone weekend started Thursday evening, so here is the prologue (I guess?) to the posts to come.  After getting home from a productive day at voice lessons, I went and fulfilled my kitty-sitting obligations and managed to be back in my apartment for the night by about 10:15.  I figured there was no better way to start this weekend than by giving my skin some TLC.  Shown above is everything I used for a mini spa night .  I removed my makeup using the Sephora Tripe Action Cleansing Water and 3 (yes, it took 3) exfoliating cotton pads.  I find they give a deeper clean, in my opinion, than regular pads.  After taking the washcloth and soaking it in hot water to rest over my face (open up those pores a bit), I used one of my new obsessions: LUSH Let the Good Times Roll cleanser to exfoliate (full review coming soon). Now clean, pores open and dead skin gone it was time to apply my mask, Origins Clear Improvement mask for some deep pore cleansing.  After slathering some Fresh Sugar Lip Polish on my lips (they needed some exfoliating TLC too) I made some ginger tea and started to clean the apartment (yeah…at 11:00pm).  Now I’m sitting here with really fresh skin, in a clean looking apartment and will wake up in the morning feeling ready to tackle the day.  While the apartment is picked up, there’s a lot of other things to accomplish.

So, there’s day 1 I guess.  Or a nighttime skin treat regimen.  How ever you want to look at it.


I am Catwoman

I somehow have become the substitute cat-lady of the apartment complex…at least it feels like it this week.  One of the couples Erik and I have grown really close to left town this week and asked if I would kitty sit for their fur-babies, Jasper (fuzzy orange one) and Rosie (the baby)  I of course said yes.  Then I was visited by another MBA student, who was planning on having the cat couple pop in on her cat while she was away this weekend, so since everyone was leaving, I was asked to visit Frank as well.  All week I’ve been checking in on Jasper and Rosie, and I now want to call Rosie the “little terror” as she was a little monster tonight.  I’ve never seen a kitten try to jump on top of a table lamp before.  Even when there is success, it just doesn’t end well…  Despite her insanity, I love being able to cuddle a kitten (the whole two seconds she lets me when I pick her up), and today’s first visit with Frank (aka the Lover) was amusing.  He apparently had a lot to say, and was not content unless I was petting him.  It’s nice to be needed for affection by animals again.  I think Erik has finally given in to the fact that we’ll end up with a dog at some point.  I miss my puppies so much, so the kitty sitting is a nice way to get a little fur fix.


Climb Every Mountain

At least that’s what it felt like we did on Tuesday.  We went to visit one of Erik’s closest friends from college, Amanda, at her parents house about 4 hours away in the mountains.  She is recently engaged and moving to Canada, so we had to take advantage of the fact she was in North Carolina rather than Florida.  To get to her parent’s beautiful house we had to drive my little green machine up hills that made me feel like I was prepping for a roller coaster drop.  They were seriously THAT intense.  (see the view out of the window of the house?  Breathtaking, but scary to get to) On our way back down the mountain to leave, there was one point my car was making a noise that freaked both of us out.  Thankfully Erik was a good (great, amazing, wonderful…the list goes on) fiancé and did the driving so I didn’t have to, which worked out well because I was totally freaked out just being on the passenger side.  Driving those winding roads plummeting down would not have gone well.  Other than the mountain we had a great time nerding out with Amanda and her fiancé by playing a few favorite card games.  Great time, but I definitely learned I’m much more of a city girl.


Munchkin: if you haven’t played it, do it.  It’s really good for a laugh, but be warned: backstabbing WILL happen.  What happens at the Munchkin table gets forgotten when the game ends, or any couple playing will go home angry.  Get ready family; when we visit this winter, the game is coming too!

Chinese Food..

My students love showing me videos that make me lose hope in their generation.  We all thought that one of the worst songs ever written was about our favorite day of the week (to watch “Friday” by Rebecca Black, click here.  Then you’ll understand what I mean..), but alas, that song as been beaten for worst song ever written…

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to show you the beginning of the fall of the children who are supposed to be our future:

Yeah…I know.  -.-

Happy Friday, my friends!

*Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were mine and all opinions are my own*

The Curse of the Black Mold & The Friday 5

The first edition of what I’m going to call my “Friday 5”- 5 thoughts of the week.  Here we go:

The Curse of the Black Mold

Every few days I look in my toilet and see these black streaks that inevitably creep on back despite the toilet’s cleaning a few days before.  The mold here is unlike anything I’ve experienced before.  I actually asked the admin at the music school I work at if this mysterious black toilet ring was normal or if Erik and I were just dirty people and we didn’t realize it.  Thankfully, she explained that for some reason the mold down here likes to take over our world, and she wasn’t kidding.  Every few days I have to wash my cup in the bathroom (you can literally see the curse forming on the bottom), and the once a week I wash the toilet isn’t nearly enough, but any more often feels like a waste of toilet cleaner. And yes, I have one of those toilet tablet things in there too.   I even have to wash the faucets because the mold will actually grow and disrupt water flow in the sink.  Horrifying, disgusting, and now apparently a regular part of my life….



Bauble Bar Buried Baubles

A recent discovery of mine is Bauble Bar’s Buried Baubles.  Pictured above is the necklace I got today for $10 (and free shipping, always free shipping).  I also have a really cute sparkle cuff coming for the same price.. Oh and by the way, the necklace is usually $28 and the cuff was $30.  Yeah, got them both for $10 each.  Thank you Bauble Bar for helping me expand my accessory collection.  They also have a points plan, meaning for every dollar you spend you get a point (yes, you get points for the buried baubles), and 100 points makes $10 off a purchase.  I love loyalty programs.  Visit Bauble Bar, create an account and get your hands on some buried baubles.


Wedding Invitations 


Pictured above is the box of lovely wedding invitations I got in the mail yesterday thanks to a good friend from church back in Des Plaines, Pam, who has known me as long as I can remember.  I now have the daunting task of getting these babies out in the mail.  With most of the envelope labeling done, I just have to add RSVP envelopes and registry cards (custom made, super cute, should be here in a few days) to each one, get postage and send them on their merry way.  Everything else for the wedding has seemed so simple that this task actually makes me go “wow, this is actually happening!”  A stressful task, but I’m super excited to get these invitations out of my apartment and into the hands of our guests.

It’s Pumpkin Season!!!


My favorite part of fall is the world turns into a pumpkin flavored world.  The first pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks is an event celebrated by coffee drinkers everywhere.  Okay..maybe not everywhere, but I know many people make it an event, even if it’s one no one else knows about.  My world turns into a pumpkin heaven.  Pumpkin spice coffee creamer, sweet cinnamon pumpkin shower gel, and pumpkin candles takes the edge off of the fact the world is going to get colder soon.

Which brings me to my #5

Summer in September

The last few days it has either passed 90 degrees or gotten quite  close.  While I know the temperatures are still high in many places, once September rolls around I start to dread the inevitable approach of winter.  Yesterday, as I was discussing how cold it was in my studio (and how that made dressing difficult since it was freezing inside and boiling outside) with one of my students, I asked her mother how long it would be until it actually cooled down enough to be considered fall weather.  Her answer: November! Apparently they’ve had Halloweens that were over 80 degrees down here.  Apparently I have to deal with the warmth sticking around for a while longer, and those of you who know me are well aware that this is a happy thing for me 🙂