Food Find: Panera Bread Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl



Major food find here my friends!

Meet the Panera Bread Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl with Roasted Turkey!

Breakfast at Panera will never be a guilty pleasure again, just pure, guilt free pleasure.

This huge bowl starts with a generous serving of warmed fresh spinach with some roasted red peppers tossed in there.  Hello, flavor!  Then you get two servings of their egg whites as well as a nice serving of antibiotic free turkey.  All of this is topped with a pinch of pepper and a delicious basil pesto.

Pair this bad boy with a quality cup off coffee and even the worst mornings will have a little more sunshine.  Delicious, healthy, power food heavy sunshine 🙂

I checked the Points Plus on here and checked again because I didn’t believe what I was seeing.  With only 4.5g of fat, and only 5g carbs, 1 g fiber and 28g of protein (bam! Protein power baby!) this breakfast clocks in at only 4 Points Plus! read that right. 4 Points for this generously sized breakfast at a fast food (ish..I don’t know if Panera is considered “fast” food or somewhere in between) restaurant.


It’s delicious, filling, healthy and an amazing food find!