Trader Joe’s Favorites

TraderJoes FavesTrader Joe’s, in my opinion, is a very magical place.  While it is simply a grocery store, the quality, prices, customer service, and variety are all top of the line.  Many people rave about the products they find at Trader Joe’s, and I am no different.  I have never picked up something from TJ’s that I didn’t like.  They are pros when it comes to seasonal offerings too.  Bottom line: I love me some Trader Joe’s.

I know that everyone has their own go to favorites, but if you’re like me, you’re always looking for something new to be your next Trader Joe’s love, so here are a few of the products from there that I adore and purchase regularly.

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Yoplait 100 Greek Yogurt NEW Flavors!


Target goers, listen up.  These Weight Watchers endorsed Greek yogurts are now coming out in new favors.  The two that I’ve found are Strawberry Cheesecake and Apple Pie.  Of course, as soon as I saw them I snatched them up and couldn’t wait to get home and try them.

Here’s the verdict:  Straberry cheesecake is pretty good.  Tastes pretty much like you would expect it to.  I tossed some real berries in there and it’s a nice treat.

Now the apple pie…oh the apple pie!  When I put my first spoonful in my mouth, my instant thought was there’s no flavor…it’s just yogurt.  Then, a few seconds later… BOOM!  Apple pie mania in my mouth!  It was absolutely delicious.  To DIE for apple pie flavor in a high protein, 2 Points Plus (100 calorie for non-Weight Watchers readers) and great as breakfast, a snack, or even dessert!  Erik and I were both very pleased with the Apple Pie yogurt.


Target also sells these for $0.99, which is a great price on top of everything else, especially if you have a coupon!  I have not seen these particular flavors available anywhere else, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t out there.  Let me know if you’ve seen them somewhere besides Target.

Creative Kitchen Idea

Chop up an apple, put it in a bowl and sprinkle it with some cinnamon.  Pop it in the microwave for 3 minutes or until the apples bake to as soft as you desire.  Then take the yogurt and put that on top of your baked apples for an “apple pie a la mode” of sorts.  I plan on topping it with an apple cinnamon granola that I have as well. 2 Points Plus with just the yogurt, 7 Points Plus with the granola.

Mmm Mmm apple pie goodness with much less guilt 🙂