My First Filofax



The planner addict in me is beyond thrilled.  I finally got my hands on a Filofax!  Meet my baby: the purple personal sized Malden.  This beauty is made of leather, has great storage and is just plain old pretty to look at.  The worn in look and feel makes it easy to open and close (which sounds silly, but for my hands little details like ease of snaps and zippers are really important) and it can get loved without too much worry of a little mark on it.

While all of the calendars are for 2015 and I can’t exactly start using it completely as I want to right away, I have managed to obtain some materials to make it so I can use the Filofax now, and start planning for 2015.  This post is just about how I’m getting started with the Filofax.  I’m sure as time goes by I will learn what works best for me and things will change around.  That’s what update posts are for 🙂

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