Countdown to “I Do” – 4 Months

4 Months from today I will wake up laying next to my husband.  Wow.  Typing that feels so strange, and yet so very right.  4 months from yesterday will be the biggest, most exciting day of our lives.  While I sit here and think that it’s still such a long time to wait emotionally (we have been more than halfway tempted to elope several times so far),  I know that realistically it is no time at all.  The checklist of major wedding planning things has gotten a lot smaller, but that has all of the little tedious things still undone.

So far we have accomplished:

  • Flowers
  • Wedding dress
  • Bridesmaids dresses
  • Church and Venue
  • Invites (are printed and on there way to me as I type)
  • Cake
  • Menu/tasting
  • 99% sure on the DJ (just need to officially deposit and book it
  • Mom has a mother of the bride dress
  • Shower/bachelorette dates
  • Groom and Groomsmen attire chosen
  • My wedding ring purchased (just over a week after we got engaged..)
  • 90% on Erik’s wedding ring choice (big step forward)
  • Registries at 3 places
  • Photographer/videographer
  • Salon for getting beautified chosen

I’d say…I hope we’re doing pretty well.   Up until this point I have a been a pretty easy, stress free bride, and I really hope I can manage to stay that way.  Addressing the invitations has been stressing me out a bit, but we are using clear, classing looking labels (don’t judge, all of you “invites should be hand written” people…You have no idea how my handwriting looks..) which makes it easier….until the excel sheet doesn’t import correctly and you are stuck using copy/paste for last names and addresses of around 110 people.  That’s how I spent several hours yesterday, and even then I had about a dozen and a half that printed oddly because I originally tried mail merge first.

Technology is great until it fails you… *sigh*


Now is the time I start thinking about favors and place cards (I think we are using cute coasters, which knocks out two birds with one stone), what jewelry and shoes I’m going to wear (and what I want my girls to wear), bridesmaid gifts, a gift for my soon to be hubby on the big day, and fretting about organizing life when RSVP cards start to come in.  It’s all so much fun and yet I find myself easily overwhelmed as well.  I hope I get some leeway with my stress level because I have no help in Chapel Hill with me.  Erik helps when he can, but it’s more about knowing I have help available when I ask for it, which I know I won’t always have here (as proven by the fact he didn’t get home until after 2am last night..).  Despite all of that, I know that when I get stressed out about any of it, he will take the two seconds he has to give me a hug, a kiss and tell me it’s going to be fine.  If he has more than two seconds and I’m stressing about a task I’m actually doing rather than the thought of something (believe me, my thoughts stress me out 50 times harder than my actual tasks), I know he’ll offer to help when he can.  I’m reminded every day how lucky I am to be marrying this man, and I can’t wait to call him my husband.


While the little tasks are starting to pile up I still have a hard time believing what an easy process this has been so far.  I have an amazing fiancé, connections back home that are helping with everything: (Thank you again, Mike for EVERYTHING.), a friend from church doing invites, my aunt’s best friend doing my centerpieces (don’t worry, she’s a multi million dollar contracted architect and designer..I trust her), my sister’s bff for hooking us up with a great media team, and my mom (and future in-laws) being so wonderful throughout the whole process.

I am such a blessed woman.


4-months to go 🙂

The Next Chapter Pt 2: North Carolina

Well, after being here just over a month I figured I probably should finish up our moving story.  Sorry it’s been so delayed.

Part 2: The journey to Chapel Hill

After our fabulous evening in Florida, Erik and I were up early (The goal was to leave around 6:30 or so) and getting ready to head out the door.  The house was silent, as his mom was still sleeping and his dad had left to go to work for an all day surgery.  As we’re getting our acts together we keep hearing thunder booming in the distance.  Of COURSE it plans on raining on the day we’re driving 12 or so hours to our new home.  I didn’t think much about it until Erik’s phone rings and it’s his father”

There are tornadoes and a storm heading up from the south.  I suggest you get on the road now and try to beat it.


So we hurried to get the last of our things together: water bottles full, snack bag full of granola and protein bar type things, one last check to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind, and we hopped in the U-haul and pulled out of the driveway…just in time for the heavier rains to start.  Perfect..

I will say this, I was so glad Erik was driving.  After my whole almost-died-learned-my-car-could-float experience (which happened a week or so before I went to Florida to meet Erik in person 2 years ago) I still am wary of driving in the rain.  I would have been terrified to be driving this downpour in the U-haul.

We got on the highway, and then it was simply time to pass the time.  Right away we cracked open the “Do You Know Your Bride/Groom” books.  Since Erik was driving, I had to fill them out for both of us, so I did a handful of questions in mine, told him my answers and we would discuss, then I’d read him his questions and keep a poker face on so he could answer freely.  Then we’d discuss his answers about me.  Many of the questions were silly little things like “does your bride prefer ice cream in a cone or cup?” but it was a lot of fun being able to sit and discuss these little quirks and preferences that we have.  Thank you Milan for getting us these books.  It was literally six hours into the drive before we finished them.  That’s half the drive! Epic win!

In case you were wondering, yes, it was raining the entire time thus far.

We’ve also been doing an engaged couple’s devotional (we started before we actually got engaged.  I really should have seen that whole ring thing coming..) so we talked through an entry of that as well.  It was a long, generally uneventful car ride.  I was really impressed with, despite the fact we’d talk on and off all day, every day, we kept the conversation going for almost the entire ride.  We also listened to a podcast (part of one at least) and listened and sung our way through “The Producers.”  We did make one stop at a rest stop once we crossed the state line, so I do in fact have photos of my first time stepping foot in North Carolina.

We arrived at our apartment complex around 9:00pm (if I recall correctly. This is the downfall to me waiting a month to write this..).   After stashing our U-haul at the apartment, my mom came to take us to their hotel.  After a day of snacking on fiber enchanced granola bars and things of the like, we were pretty desperate for some real food.  Turns out that by 10:30pm on a Thursday Chapel Hill is pretty shut down.  My mom ended up taking us to a pizza place called Brixx.  This will end up being a place we visit several more times between our first visit and today.  Good pizza, and great prices (BOGO!) after certain hours.  2 whole pizzas and a beer or two cost a whole $15 that night.  Not bad for our first dinner in our new home town.  After dinner it wasn’t long before we busted out the pull-out sofa bed in my parent’s hotel room and crashed for the night.  The next day would be my first day moving into an apartment of my very own 🙂

My (Our) New Place

Let me start by explaining that headline.  Long story short, Erik got us this apartment before he proposed with the intention of this place being OUR apartment after we got married.  In the meantime, it is “my” place with the understanding that he’s basically there all the time except sleeping hours when he goes to the bedroom he’s renting in a another building of our complex. That being said, it really is our place, even now.

After a fabulous breakfast at the hotel (I’m a sucker for good breakfast food), Erik and I headed over to the apartment to get our keys.  While we were trying to be right on time and arrive at 9:00am, we got there only to read a sign that said the office didn’t open until 10… just our luck.  We at least discovered that our U-haul and his BMW on the trailer behind it had in fact survived the night.  Finally we could get into the office, only to have a bunch of random little paperwork things go wrong.  I met the slightly more stressed side of Erik (we’ve met before, but rarely in person) and while I played the slightly calmer one, we eventually got our hands on the keys to our place.

Walking in to my first “big girl” apartment was awesome.  I had dreamed about an apartment of my own for years and finally, thanks to my wonderful fiancé, without whom I would be nowhere close to this reality, I had it.  As unpacking happened at one point he looked at me, grabbed my face and said “Seeing this smile on your face makes it all worth it.”  Being reminded of how much I’m loved warms my heart 🙂

We hired movers to help us get everything out of the truck because it would take 5 times as long to do the work ourselves.  Not to mention the best way to obtain my belongings was to empty the U-haul, bring the U-haul and the movers to where my stuff was, have the movers unload my stuff from one truck to another, and then bring the U-haul back.  It actually wasn’t a complicated as it sounds.

Oh…did I mention this entire day was also taking place in the rain.  That stupid tropical storm followed us all the way to North Carolina.

Fast forward:  All of the boxes are in the apartment, Erik’s parents finally arrived, managing to fly (his dad owns and flies his own little plane) safely in the horrid weather and off we go to spend a few days unpacking the chaos before Erik’s first summer course happens on Monday.

Over the next few days, with the awesome help of both sets of parents we managed to turn the chaos of boxes stacked high into an unpacked apartment that definitely felt like a home.  Thanks to our parents for all of their help and hard work with that.  Since moving in, Erik and I have really felt at home in this place.  Even if he does leave at night, he tends to be back not long after I wake up in the morning.  It has been an amazing month and a half of actually seeing Erik every day in person.  No webcam, no constant need to text…it’s glorious.  No, we haven’t killed each other yet, Yes, we are still in love and engaged.  🙂

I think a Part 3 will be in order just to mention some of the things we’ve been up to, including some of the places we visited that first weekend with our parents.  Erik’s parents lived down here as well for a bit so his dad took us to see some of the local sites.  Part 3 coming soon.

Stay tuned…