Countdown to “I Do”- 100 Days!


100 days from today I will be walking down the aisle, saying “I do” and changing my last name by marrying my best friend.  Wow! Time flies when you’re as stressed out as we are right now.

It’s not even entirely wedding stuff that we’re stressed about, but life in general has gotten crazy busy and turned this apartment upside down. That being said, there is still a wedding coming and we still have a lot of little things to finish.

Invitations are out! We can check that bad boy off of our list.  I actually was more stressed about it than I needed to be, but while the process of the job took a significant amount of time, it still wasn’t so bad.  The small tasks like stamping the envelope with one stamp and the RSVP envelope with another, then making sure a registry card and RSVP envelope was in every invite, return address, address, etc etc.  All of the tasks weren’t daunting (except getting guest labels printed..that took the most time), but they added up to quite a few hours of Sex and the City while I did this job alone.  Now that the invites are behind me, I now can get excited ((sarcasm..) about  collecting RSVPs and turning them into seating charts and “who is eating what” lists.  Joy..

We think Erik found a ring he likes.  Since I am not a wife-to-be that is okay with the idea of her businessman, traveling all the time husband not wearing a ring, he’s finally come to terms with this fact and I think we found a great one.  It hasn’t been purchased yet, but hopefully this weekend we can check that one off of our list.  My wedding band was purchased a week or so after we were engaged, since Erik cleverly got an engagement ring that has a band available for its unique shape.

We booked a DJ!! We were given a good deal (again, thanks to my friend and wedding planner Mike) on an amazing company called Okyne MediaLab.  We did a Skype meeting with the owner late one night and he was incredible: very kind, very knowledgeable and made us very excited at the idea of having them at our wedding.  We are given access to online tools where we can not only choose songs for “must play,” “can play,”  and “DON’T play” lists, but we can write out and choose the musical details of every piece of the reception right from our online account.  This is a great tool, as we can also listen to clips of songs, and view suggested lists for various dances like first dance and the father and bride dance.  Erik and I haven’t really gotten the chance to sit and play with it yet (when have we had the time?) but we are really looking forward to using this tool to get our music organized and begin to truly envision our reception.  

I’ve now entered the stage where I’m having mild freak outs about the little details.  I have the dress, but I need undies/shape wear, shoes, and jewelry.  Ahh!  My bridesmaids need shoes and jewelry, but no one is here to come out shopping with me to browse.. AHH!  Do we have a guest book? Do I wait until after my shower to buy one?Little things like that.  On top of the stress of my jobs (which are blessings, don’t get me wrong), playing housewife because nothing would be clean if I didn’t because of my fiancé who is never around because he’s off doing some sort of school/business/networking activity until Heaven knows when every night, and emotionally coping with that situation (seeing how now would be a great time to have friends and family around, and while I do have friends, when preparing for your wedding day you want the people who have known you more than a few months) I’m finding that the littlest stress can sometimes sent me reeling, which sucks.  I never used to be like that.  I’m actually really looking forward to January, not only because of the wedding, but because the wedding will be over and there will be a lot fewer “little things” to turn me into a crazy person.  It’s hard when both of us are so stressed at the same time and we barely have time for one another.

So, 100 days to go!  At the end of October I fly home for my bridal shower and bachelorette party (what can I do when I live so far away from everyone else? Make the most of my time at home), since I’m pretty sure I won’t be back in Illinois until Wedding time!  Other than that, we keep on trucking along with all of the big pieces in place and all of the little pieces looming over my head waiting for me to accomplish them and/or crack under the pressure.

Until tomorrow (for my Friday 5 post), happy almost Friday from your trying-not-to-get-too-stressed Bride 🙂

Countdown to “I Do” – 4 Months

4 Months from today I will wake up laying next to my husband.  Wow.  Typing that feels so strange, and yet so very right.  4 months from yesterday will be the biggest, most exciting day of our lives.  While I sit here and think that it’s still such a long time to wait emotionally (we have been more than halfway tempted to elope several times so far),  I know that realistically it is no time at all.  The checklist of major wedding planning things has gotten a lot smaller, but that has all of the little tedious things still undone.

So far we have accomplished:

  • Flowers
  • Wedding dress
  • Bridesmaids dresses
  • Church and Venue
  • Invites (are printed and on there way to me as I type)
  • Cake
  • Menu/tasting
  • 99% sure on the DJ (just need to officially deposit and book it
  • Mom has a mother of the bride dress
  • Shower/bachelorette dates
  • Groom and Groomsmen attire chosen
  • My wedding ring purchased (just over a week after we got engaged..)
  • 90% on Erik’s wedding ring choice (big step forward)
  • Registries at 3 places
  • Photographer/videographer
  • Salon for getting beautified chosen

I’d say…I hope we’re doing pretty well.   Up until this point I have a been a pretty easy, stress free bride, and I really hope I can manage to stay that way.  Addressing the invitations has been stressing me out a bit, but we are using clear, classing looking labels (don’t judge, all of you “invites should be hand written” people…You have no idea how my handwriting looks..) which makes it easier….until the excel sheet doesn’t import correctly and you are stuck using copy/paste for last names and addresses of around 110 people.  That’s how I spent several hours yesterday, and even then I had about a dozen and a half that printed oddly because I originally tried mail merge first.

Technology is great until it fails you… *sigh*


Now is the time I start thinking about favors and place cards (I think we are using cute coasters, which knocks out two birds with one stone), what jewelry and shoes I’m going to wear (and what I want my girls to wear), bridesmaid gifts, a gift for my soon to be hubby on the big day, and fretting about organizing life when RSVP cards start to come in.  It’s all so much fun and yet I find myself easily overwhelmed as well.  I hope I get some leeway with my stress level because I have no help in Chapel Hill with me.  Erik helps when he can, but it’s more about knowing I have help available when I ask for it, which I know I won’t always have here (as proven by the fact he didn’t get home until after 2am last night..).  Despite all of that, I know that when I get stressed out about any of it, he will take the two seconds he has to give me a hug, a kiss and tell me it’s going to be fine.  If he has more than two seconds and I’m stressing about a task I’m actually doing rather than the thought of something (believe me, my thoughts stress me out 50 times harder than my actual tasks), I know he’ll offer to help when he can.  I’m reminded every day how lucky I am to be marrying this man, and I can’t wait to call him my husband.


While the little tasks are starting to pile up I still have a hard time believing what an easy process this has been so far.  I have an amazing fiancé, connections back home that are helping with everything: (Thank you again, Mike for EVERYTHING.), a friend from church doing invites, my aunt’s best friend doing my centerpieces (don’t worry, she’s a multi million dollar contracted architect and designer..I trust her), my sister’s bff for hooking us up with a great media team, and my mom (and future in-laws) being so wonderful throughout the whole process.

I am such a blessed woman.


4-months to go 🙂