Birchbox October 2013


Klorane Shampoo

This is a nourishing shampoo for drier hair types.  Desert dates are apparently a fruit that is really good at reviving brittle, dry, or damaged hair.  They take these dates from Africa and de-pulp and ground them to get all of the moisturizing nutrients out of there.

I have been using it for a few days and it does make the hair feel nice without weighing it down.  I’ve been having lazy hair days so I don’t know what it looks like blow dried, but my hair feels clean and soft and it doesn’t get all tangled when I leave it up in my damp messy bun (my look of the weekend).

Full Size: 6.76 fl oz @ $13.00

Sample Size: 0.8fl oz

Sample Value: $1.54



Liz Earle Cleanser

This is a product that has a cult following and is currently a Birchbox exclusive.  The cleanser contains cocoa butter as well as eucalyptus and rosemary, which are great natural astringents. You rub this cream on your dry skin and then take it off with the lot muslin cloth (see below) for a deep, relaxing clean.  I do love the smell of this cleanser, as the ingredients make it smell very clean and fresh.  This definitely doesn’t strip me of any natural moisture, but I’m not left feeling greasy either.  It’s supposedly a great makeup remover, and while I don’t doubt it, I’ve been using this in the shower in the mornings, so I don’t exactly know.  Perhaps this is worth a splurge sometimes.

Full Size: 3.3oz  @ $21.50

Sample Size: 1fl oz

Sample Value: $6.51

Liz Earle Muslin Cloth

My Birchbox came with one of the cloths that are supposed to be used with the above cleanser.  It reminds me of the thinnest of thin baby washcloths.  After applying the cleanser to dry skin you are supposed to wet the cloth with hot water and use it to gently remove the cleanser. I do a quick once over, then flip the cloth to the other side and move it in circular motions all over my face to get the gentle exfoliation benefits of the muslin.  I will admit, no dry skin patches the last few days and no feeling like I was too harsh on my skin.

Ful Size: 2 cloths @ $6.00

Sample Size: 1 cloth

Sample Value: $3.00


POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer

I love when they put full size products in our boxes!  This month I got a “Flowering Fuchsia” Aqua Lacquer.  It’s a beautiful sheer hot pink color (a few months late for such a perfect summer shade, but that’s alright) that leaves the lips feeling glossy and moisturized.  The feeling lasts for quite some time as well, so that makes reapplication less necessary.  Speaking of application: there’s an interesting rubber tip applicator instead of the typical sponge tip applicator.  It was fun to see something a little different. The best part about this lipgloss beauty: no goopy sticky after feeling.  It feels smooth and clean and totally kissable.

Full Size: 1 tube @ $14.00

Sample Size: Full size product

Sample Value: $14.00


Birchbox Extra: Chapstick Hydration Lock

Added Bonus!  Sometimes Birchbox finds something that isn’t high end, but still something worth making sure their clients discover.  This month we discovered a new edition to the Chapstick family.  This balm promises a full 8 hours of moisture which lessons the need to reapply (because lets me honest, many of us are lip balm hoarders who apply hourly..I know I am) and has vitamin E and CoQ10 ( an antioxidant that protects from free radicals) to make this a pretty fabulous find indeed.  It also tastes good with it’s vanilla creme flavoring.  They also gave members a $1 off coupon good for another one at the drugstore.

Price: $2.99

Total value of this month’s box: $28.04 for a $10 box

Not too shabby, Birchbox! Interested in signing up for your own? CLICK HERE and spend the best $10 a month that a beauty junkie can spend 🙂