September: Back to the Basics


(The basics are beautiful)


I love back to school season.  It’s a time to get organized and start fresh, even if you aren’t a student.  I like to take this time to take on a new challenge, buy myself some “it’s a new year” presents (like a few outfits, a really discounted subscription to Bulu Box (seriously, check it out.  It’s like Birchbox, which I’m also in LOVE with, but for health and fitness) and my very first Bauble Bar purchase, again, on discount), and, in theory, buckle down to make it the best year yet,  My self-dicipline is severly lacking in many areas, so that is going to be a big focus of mine during September.

Going hand in hand with my self-dicipline improvement comes a challenge that I’m participating in all month to get one area of my life back on the right track, and that would be my Weight Watchers lifestyle.  As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been lazy lately, and that’s taking a toll.  Thankfully, one of the women I follow on Instagram, Brooke, is a fellow blogger and Weight Watcher.  She has lost over 170lbs on the program and is super motivational.  **You can visit her blog here.  **  Brooke wrote a post about a September challenge with the goal of getting us Weight Watchers “Back to Basics.”  I think it’s brilliant and couldn’t wait to join the group.  Now there’s a Facebook group of over 200 people ready to go with this challenge.  I love how social media has the ability to bring people from all over together so they can share common interests, goals, and support one another.

The basic idea is this; When you first sign up for Weight Watchers, usually you jump right in and get sucked into this new world of tracking, PointsPlus, and changing your lifestyle.  The goal of this challenge is to get that fire that we started WW with burning again.  Every week of the month there is going to be a new focus, so I will be blogging about those, but lets talk about what the curriculum of Back to Basics means to me.:

Tracking- In my opinion, this is the most important part of being successful on the WW program (Sorry to those of you on the simply filling plan).  When tracking is done correctly, meaning you stay within your PointsPlus budget (weeklies and activity points included), the plan is successful.  There’s no way around that.  Sure, there is the occasional week where you do everything perfectly and there’s still a gain, but that’s just your body testing you (or PMS or random bloating..all of those little details we have n control over), but rest assured if you behave just as well the next week you will not be disappointed.  Tracking involves quite a bit of work sometimes, but it becomes second nature after awhile.  I have to get back to measuring out proper portions and writing down every single thing that goes in my mouth.  If I can get my self-dicipline back in tracking and staying in budget, then 90% of my battle is won.

ActiveLink Challenge- When you’re on maintenance (I plan on writing a post on maintenance in the future) you’re supposed to earn 6 PointsPlus a day (to counteract the 6 PointsPlus you get to add to your target, no doubt..again, more on that later).  My current ActiveLink goal is 100%=5 PointsPlus earned.  Most days I’m good about getting close to my target, as 5 PP is quite ambitious for a daily goal, but I want to get to 100%.  My approach to getting 100% is not going to be daily (although that will probably happen by default), but weekly.  Active Link tracks your whole week and tells you what your % of achieving 100% is.  FOr example, I worked at Kohls two days this week, so I brought home 120% one day and 110% another, so when I had an 86% day after that, my week achievement was still around 108%.  So, Active Link Challenge: 100% of my weekly goal achieved, which should buy me 35PP as a cushion, minimum.

Good Health Guidelines- In our little WW tracker there are these boxes that you check to make sure you’re getting your good health guidelines: Water, fruits and veggies, vitamins, activity, healthy oils, and dairy.  There used to be one for lean meat as well, which I still try and count.  Usually when you’re making good choices these things just check themselves off, but I want to start focusing on them to the best of my ability.  Lets get the GHGs done first, and then see what kind of points I have left to mess with for the day.

Self-Dicipline: As I’ve mentioned, this has been a bit out of control lately.  I’ve been a lazy, unmotivated, queen of procrastination and it’s taking it’s toll.  When it comes to food, I’ve gotten good at being able to to justify “oh, its only one more piece of chocolate or one more cookie” and have seemed to have lost my power against the kitchen.  I used to be able to say “no” and walk away!  Well, it’s time for me to come back hard and be dictator over the food once again!  It’s not only the food I’m after here, as I could use the discipline in many other areas of life, and I will be working on those too, but for the sake of the back to WW basics, we’ll stick with me reclaiming my throne as queen of the kitchen.  Any suggestions here would be amazing.  Please feel free to comment below.

So there are my basics for this September challenge.  Now, you don’t have to be a member of Weight Watchers to get something out of this challenge as well.  Are there certain areas in your life (or in your kitchen) that could really use the “first day of school” mentality?  Thought so..   Whatever your personal challenge, join us.  This challenge is about getting healthy again, getting back on track (or getting on track to begin with).  You can look into sites like SparkPeople for a free health tracking website.  There are quite a few out there.  If you are on Twitter or Instagram we will be using the hashtag #wwbtb to track activity in this challenge.  Don’t forget to join the Facebook group which has a ton of supportive Weight Watchers friends who discovered one another via Instagram and blogs.  It’s a pretty cool thing, so if you want to join me this September, get back to basics.


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Let’s let back to school season get us back to basics and back to success.

July Fitness Challenge: Results

Well July is passed and so is my fitness challenge of the month: 50 miles.  I tracked every time I used the elliptical or walked with the intention of exercise (meaning grocery shopping trips and such didn’t count) and my end result//


*drum roll*

52.65 miles!   Mission accomplished.

I know I could have upped the goal a bit but I wanted to start off with a goal I could reach.  August is going to bring a whole mess of goals for me because there are so many little things I want to work on.  Fear not, a fitness goal that you can join me in will for sure be one of them.


I hope you had an amazing month!